Meezer Rule Wednesday: Sing

img_3506a.jpgToday’s Meezer Rule: If people start trying to encroach on your territory, do what you do best: SING.
From the Cat Post Intelligencer:

In a blatant attempt to catch presidential front runner, Cheysuli, Barak Obama was seen dancing on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Rather than attempt to out dance the Senator, Cheysuli yowled “When Cats Take Over the World” as a guest on American Idol. Simon Cowell was speechless.

“I’ve never heard him so stunned,” said fellow judge Paula Abdul.

The standing ovation as she finished went on for nearly an hour. This is one candidate that people are sure not to forget. Idol producers offered ear plugs and hearing checks for those in the front row while she yowled. Several reported complete hearing loss, however they continued to smile, they were so thrilled by meeting the candidate.

“I think we have just seen a new way to be blown away by the Winds of Cheynge,” said one pleased supporter.

Cheysuli has risen even farther in the polls and holds a commanding lead against both major party front runners. The human front runners are understandably upset about being upstaged by a cat, even a Siamese.

“I’m not sure it’s Constitutional to have the Prime Minister of Italy running for the US Presidency,” stated Barak Obama. Cheysuli however is convinced that it’s fine.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” stated one Clinton supporter. “She is already ruling one country. She should let someone else rule this one.”

“Cheysuli does not understand that Al-queada is in Iraq, not Italy,” commented Republican Candidate John McCain.

“I’m not worried about running against Cheysuli no matter who she thinks she is,” said Ralph Nadar who recently announced that he would be entering the election. “Of course, I might have had a chance if I could have been her vice president.”


  1. “encore encore”. yoo must hafe a beyootiful yowl Chey.

  2. I “sing” loudly when Michico is out of my territory (like she closed the door and take shower). Is that wierd? Honestly she should in my charge in everywhere, can’t leave my eyesight.

  3. Encore is right! Maybe someday you could teleport over here and sing for Mom. Jemima and I are part Meezer but our voices are quiet. Mom said she really misses the Meezer voices of the Ones Who Came Before. Ruckus sings a lot but it is not quite the same!

  4. Don’t listen to them Chey, they’re only jealous of your beauty, intelligence and singing ability!

  5. Is there nothing you can’t do???

  6. Bravo! Bravo! I think you should sing at your inauguration!

  7. We all know that Meezers are excellent singers, so it’s no surprise you could win American Idle paws down.


    There is no doubt in my mind that you are the best candidate, Chey.

  9. Chey, I can’t believe Simon was speechless! Wonderful! We need a purresident wif musical skills.

  10. But we want to know if McCain knows that al Qaeda is in Iraq?

    Great yowling, Chey!

    Whoot whoot!

    Luf, Us

  11. Yes! When Cats Rule the World! Go get ’em Chey!

  12. Chey, when you sing, I would stand up and raise a lighter to you. Except I am Not Allowed to play with fire.

  13. Ah I wish I could have heard your singing! Great job Chey!

  14. Singing is always good!
    You rock, girl!
    Mrs. OZ

  15. It was wonderful to the Prime Minister of Italy at Jan’s birthday bash at the Funny Farm. So good to see our dear leader (and friend) there!

    And before we forget, a happy birthday to you as well Chey! When is (or was) the big day?

    Opus and Roscoe
    your faithful servants

  16. And thanks for the vote!

  17. Was there a Mosh Pit? Simon, speachless? Your singing must’ve just blown him away!

    Mom wishes to report that after dispensing poopy bum advice yesterday, she came home to a poopy bum on Grayson. While she’s sure it was merely coincidence, and she escaped the bitey and the paw of death, she will refrain from giving advice in the future. 😉

  18. Wahoo! I am getting my voter’s registration card mailed to me soon.

  19. Simon speechless?!!!!!!
    Oh boy!! You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Chey, you just keep dazzling them all!

  21. You sing, Chey? Do you dance too?

    We’re singing and dancing at Rusty & Samaritan’s surprise birthday party. And the neighbors are waving. Come by when you get a break from ruling Italy.

  22. Me never new yous were such a singers an dat you had American Idol connections! Whens you is presendent can you gets me on da show? Me wants to be a fa-mouse singer. Maybe we do a duet?

  23. I must say that I am quite the singer (aka yowler) anytime that I have found a mousie! And believe me, it’s hard to sing with a mousie in your mouth!

    Purrrrrrrs, China Cat

  24. “Winds of Cheynge” 🙂

    I like that!

  25. Do you know Mr Obama doesn’t even have a cat?!

  26. Yes, you are most capable of driving Cheynge in this country. We can do better, and we will!

    Just be careful what you do — you don’t want to leave your campaign open to charges that you’re only going to give America the same old song and dance…

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