Meezer Rule Wednesday

thundering-herds-of-elephants-in-the-white-house.jpgMy Meezer Rule this week is: Act confidently and you will be rewarded.

Here I am with my photo already on the wall of the White House. I had hoped not to announce this but Sassy, Karl, Emil, Mrs. Oz, Opus and Roscoe, Ruis, Socks, Scylla and Charbdis found it on the trip through the White House with the Taylor Cats. Ah well, I am outted.

I plan to change the photo when I am inaugurated to something with me in a dark blue dress rather than a blazer. I think it looks a bit on the masculine side don’t you think?

I have to admit, this was a badly needed boost to my campaign, what after that speech that Mr. Obama gave the other day and another today. He already draws more crowds than I do. I am rather miffed. I am the only rock star candidate!

At any rate, thanks to Momo for the wonderful graphics.

We’d also like to acknowledge and offer our appreciation to all the efforts of the cats and their humans at the Cat Blogosphere and the Cat Friends helping Friends and their efforts. While we are sorry that such a wonderful effort has to end (at least for the moment) we do understand why this has had to happen.  We offer our thanks and applause for all that you have done.  In fact, that’s another Meezer Rule–go thank ML and Mom Robyn for all their hard work!


  1. Wow, I always knew there was an elephant in the room!

  2. That’s a very nice picture of you on the wall at the White House. I hope it chases all those elephants out. I think you look good in your blazer, but a dress would look more feminine.

  3. The elephants part also my very curious and interesting part~~ Hahaha~~~

    I am so happy to see your photo hanging in White house~! Hahaha~~ Cat finally rule the white house, too.

  4. I think a new photo of you would be a great idea, something that isn’t so buisness- y!

  5. That is a fabulous rule, Chey. We think you would look very elegant in a lovely blue dress.

  6. We had so much fun with you and the gang! Thank you for visiting, please come back anytime.

    Chey, When you get elected…and you will…can we come and place thundering herds of elephants with you???

  7. We are sadden by the CATS helping cats ending too. Although we too understand.

    Hellllll Miss Gemini!

  8. I think you should wear that red Versace dress you wore to your party for the picture… love the elephants!

  9. I’ve been in the white house, and I think your photo will liven up the place a bit. Though may I suggest a Kennedy-like “thinking” pose for your painting. That’s usually the most noticed. 🙂

  10. We fanked the CB moms. They’s grate. I like that photo, but yes, you could use sumfing more feminine since beans can’t always tell if a cat is Mr. or Ms. Purrsident.

    My boy’s bisitin Wash DC wif the granbeans, but they didn’t notice our furiends playin Thunderin Herd of Elefants in the White Howse.

  11. Your picture looks great up there!

    Thanks for the comments about the ferals. If they weren’t so spooky, we would think they belong to someone. Meowm does feed them good….she gives them Friskies wet and dry food. Plus she gets a bag of dry Friskies for the neighbor lady cause she feeds too….and maybe some come to her porch that don’t come to ours.

  12. It was interesting to see your photo already hung in the White House during the Ireland tour group’s arrival yesterday. You are optimistic, aren’t you?

    Thanks for the news of the Cat Blogospher fundraising. We hadn’t read that yet.

  13. The White House is much improved with your picture hanging on the wall, Chey.

    Mindy & Moe

  14. Wow, Chey. We’re SO impressed. When you play Thundering Herd of Elephants, you really play Thundering Herd of Elephants!

  15. While I am not a fashion expert, what about a nice pantsuit like Hillary or Cindy McCain wear? Very professional, businesslike and you won’t need pantyhose.

  16. Hey Chey, great to see your pic up there in the WH! Love your elephant supporters too:) xxx

  17. Chey,
    I haz a qwestion: IZ you willin’ to be Obama’z Vice Prezzydent? Da gurl bean runnin’ iz not sure. Mebbe Obama would be your Vice Prezzydent? Its a tough call fur us cats. Mebbe you should ask da Mr Elly-pants if he would like to run.
    PS: I haz invented a new award dat will be unveiled later dis week, & da firstee person it will go to iz Robyn fur all her work!
    Dr Tweety

  18. I would not worry about the crowd size Obama draws, all us cats are behind you, we is just not allowed to go out alone. We will all votes for you though! CHEY 08!!! (not CHEYNEY).

  19. We agree that somethin less severe would be good fer yer official painting! Blue would highlight yer eyes an show off yer furs…

  20. You have our vote! Didn’t you say free treats for all kitties?????

  21. I think you look great in anything, Chey. But have to say that a dark blue dress will beautiful match with your eye color.

  22. You’ll take that Obama with no effort, Chey! You are a CAT so he does not stand a chance!!!

  23. Elephants in the White House?!!!!
    Well,that explains the last 8 years!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
    Purrs Mickey

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