Meezer Rule Wednesday

From the Cat Post Intelligencer

Presidential Candidate Cheysuli is being investigated as part of a ring of counterfeiting cats. Money has been circulated that looks suspiciously like the US dollar but if you look closely, rather than in “God We Trust,” the note  says “In Chey We Trust.”

The US Treasury, the FBI are encouraging people to come forward if they have been passed these counterfeit bills. Agents heading the investigation are hampered by the fact that this is getting no publicity largely because of the Eliot Spitzer scandal.


Meezer Rule Wednesday: If you are going to be accused of a major crime be sure that the Governor of New York is involved in a Prostitution Scandal so that no one pays any attention to you.

Corollary to This Week’s Meezer Rule: At home, if you are going to be accused of a major crime that may set back your Human, walk close to Georgia so that she falls into the freshly painted bright red wall and your human must break off her accusing looks and give the other cat a sponge bath.


  1. Ooh, I like your counterfeited bill. It’s much prettier than the real money. You have very good distractions to keep the heat off you.

  2. Aren’t you lucky that the governor of New York is a scuz bucket? We hope Georgia is okay. You didn’t push her over did you just so she would provide a distraction? We know you would never really do that.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  3. In Chey We Trust~!
    What a great words!!!!!

    In Chey We Trust!!

  4. UUPS, this is too tediculous. The governor of New York is very scurrilous. Hope you are safe.

  5. In Chey we trust!! So Chey, are you going to be the next governor of NY? We understand that the Lt. Governor is legally blind, so he probably will not notice.

    poor Georgia.

  6. It purrfectly good currency from Bank of Catatonia. And who is this God person anyway? Not trustworthy at all. Would rather trust Chey. I think this is just another smear case against you.

  7. Those are excellent rules, Chey!

  8. Great rules Chey…we hope Georgia is OK.

    Purrs to Miss Gemini

  9. Chey, you are so wise.

  10. Queen Snickers says:

    Poor Georgia, maybe she wanted to be a ginger cat for a while?

  11. Yes, the Governor was all over the news this morning, and we have to ask, is this kind of stuff actually news? We have to wait forever for the weather so we can know whether to take our nap on the patio or in the house. It can be very annoying sometimes.

  12. Thank goodness for the Governor or you would be pursued by the paparazzi!

  13. I see nothing wrong here.

  14. Poor Georgia! That must not have been very fun at all. I like red though, cool color! Chase says to tell me you’re all very smart and fast so he’s sending you guys a package too. Obviously we have your info :).

  15. How much trouble can you get in? I mean really, the dollar isn’t really worth much anyway. Next time, make euros! Hehehehehehe!

    Our next adventure is going to be a fun one. There is a total of some 15 cats and dogs who signed up to go. We spent a lot of time (as did our friends) on the photo shop! One of these days, you guys will have to join us!

    Opus and Roscoe

  16. That is a wonderful rule, Chey – such perfect timing! x

  17. I like the new look for the money. When you are president please make it official.

    Sending healing purrs to your home.

  18. You look purrrrrfect on the new one million dollar bill!

    This is a great rule! Good to know.
    I hope Georgia endured the suffering. Caesar did that once on his own. Mom went nuts and gave him a full bath. He cried a lot but wasn’t mad with mommie because he loved her so

  19. eXcellent! I didn’t hear this at all, just about the NY gov. What a dork. Mommy sayz that his wife should cut the crotches out of his pants to show exactly who he is.

    Hey, you got me to thinking…why can’t we cats have our own money. After I broke that bowl of mommy’s and she ordered one to be made as similar as possible (it is hand done by a local artist) daddy said “that cat owes us money”. She said “Oh honey, look at him… he is $80 worth of cute right there.” Why aren’t we earning cuteness monies? You know how exhausting it is being cute & stunning so much.

  20. Hahahahah – I am sure the M-cat Club will accept the money!
    Don’t forget to check out our blog during the next 5 days – we are on a St.Patrick’s Day adventure in Ireland!!!
    Karl, Emil and Mrs. OZ

  21. Sounds like you’ve got all these rules down pat. Also, it’s a good thing Cats don’t actually need money, though it is useful for bribing humans.

  22. Poofers and red paint, you’ve got real interesting issues at your house, Chey. Where do you stand on the issue of cats and crime? Should a cat be considered a suspect by reason of proximity to the scene? Or should evidence be a factor as well? Don’t you think all cats deserve to be tried by a jury of their peers?

    In Chey We Trust!

  23. Chey love your new bill 🙂 even if it caused a scandal. Eliot would have been better off neutered.

  24. Excellent rules!!!!!!
    In Chey I trust! Heeheehee
    Thank heaven for stoopid Governors 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  25. Red paint?? That sounds like trouble.

    I think all former-President’s heads should be replaced with your image, Chey. You are much better looking!

  26. Well, if not the Gov. of NY involved in a sex scandal, a US Senator or some other high-ranking politician is usually good for a decent 2 week media feeding frenzy about once a year…

    Sorry about poor Georgia’s collision with the red red wine wall!

    Luf, Us

  27. Chey, as your advisor, I think you must immediately call a press conference and disavow any knowledge of this alleged counterfeit money. Obviously this is a plot by your opponents to undermine your campaign!


  28. You were so lucky your story broke at the same time as another scandal. We hadn’t heard a peep about yours in the news. Smart move, timing it like that.

    And we’re sure the group of cats & dogs that played Thundering Herd and made the Leaning Tower fall down are grateful for your intervention so they’re not on Italy’s most wanted list.

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