Meezer Monday

img_3586a.jpgFrom the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Critters for Total World Domination Presidential Candidate, Cheysuli has been accused of padding her resume. Cheysuli states that she was a breeder queen for the first two and half years of her life, when in actuality for the first six months of her life she was a kitten, meaning she was a breeder queen only for two years after she left kittenhood.

“If you can’t trust her to get the details right, then how can you trust her to get running the country right? Being president is a detailed oriented job,” stated one critic.

“Actually,” a source from the Cat Fancier’s Association, stated that Cheysuli was technically correct. “She was bred as kitten to be a show kitten. Upon breaking her tail at about two months, it was obvious she would never be a show cat. However, her breeder chose not to spay her but instead to breed her. Therefore, Cheysuli was raised to be a queen and nothing else. We see no particular exaggeration in her claims.”

Critics argue this is one in an ongoing series of questionable statements and associations by Cheysuli.


  1. Ah, it’s tough to be in the public eye, isn’t it, Chey? You’re always under a microscope.

  2. Peas, nitty gritty little details! Even if they can argue this point Chey is still the best candidate for the job! None of the other candidates can lick their own butts…I don’t fink. And I do not trust a candidate who cannot lick his or her own butt. It is a very important task.

  3. Chey, you are the candidate for the job.

  4. Its obvious they don’t understand living in a cattery at all!


  5. Hee hee at Cecil’s comment.
    And Chey is tha best fur tha job.

  6. Dear Chey,
    you are very hardily at this position~!!!!

  7. Wow, the press sure can be nit-picky, can’t they, Chey. They obviously don’t understand cats at all.

  8. It is so hard for them to understand that some cats like you and I are destined to be queens from birth! It is hard for the masses to understand the intricacies of royal breeding… I however understand you fully and appreciate your great worth!


  9. At least you didn’t claim to invent the innernets!

  10. You broke your tail?!

  11. we agree with Cecil, never trust anybody not limber enough to lick themselves in the private personal area.

  12. You can always trust the press to twist your words to show you in a bad light Chey. Any cat or Bean wiv any sense can unnerstand eggsakkly what wuz meant.
    Cecil hit the nail right on the head wiv his comment.

  13. Well at least you didn’t make up a story about being shot at in Bosnia!

    Viva Chey!

  14. Oh I have missed so many of your posties because of the new stinky thing in blizzie’s room

    I adore the graphic of you made by zoolatry!! it is Superb!!

    I can not imagine anyone else but YOU suited for this job!

  15. Ah…and while you were taking to the CFA, you didn’t happen to find out if you were the 9th cousin, twice removed of Brad Pitts’ Cat, did you?

  16. You looks like a queen to me! *amn those critics!


  17. Breaking your tail put you off in a new direction, as…….our candidate; and former queens are still royal.

    Mindy & Moe

  18. Ah! What do critics know anyway?

  19. I think they got you confused with Hillary. *nods*
    And you’re definitely the best.
    your bud Pepi

  20. technicalities can be so messy. i think they are just picking on you because they fear the rise of the kitties…

  21. They are just trying to sling some mud at you, Chey. Do not let them get to you.

    ps: Did you really break your tail when you were a baby?

  22. When will all of these false accusations stop?

  23. When will mud slinging stop???

    How in the world did you break you tail when you were just a tiny kitten?

  24. Oh Cheysuli they are clutching at straws aren’t they! Stupid critics, they aren’t worth the paper they print on.

    Besides, it was obvious you were a queen from birth! x

  25. As Pooh has informed me, sitting in sunbeams takes care of all cat problems, even those in search of world domination, so it looks like you have everything covered.

  26. Pick, pick, pick…say, we din’t think of dat, I bet dem other candidates haf dirty butts cuz dey can’t clean dem like Cecil sed.

  27. Now that Kukka’s back, maybe she could get you a few minutes on Oprah so you can set the record straight.

  28. That’s nit picking and I am sure you have no nits!

  29. You still have our vote!

  30. Hey Chey, you definitely have my vote (or, being that I’m half Siamese, atleast half my vote!).

  31. An a Queen she rightfully is!

  32. yoo look very relaxed and/or annoyed!

  33. When seeking world domination, it is often necessary to undergo intense scrutiny…after which, take a nap!

  34. Sigh, what to do with the Press…

  35. I am very very thankful that even though its 10:30pm I am able to visit you at some point today. You are SOOO totally beautiful today. I was never able to be a show kitty, I don’t think I would have liked it.

  36. Editorial, “The Daily Skeeter” –

    Title: Petty Campaign Hare-Splitting

    “We observe that some candidates are engaging in splitting rabbits about their opponents claims. We consider this rabbitous and hill-hare-ious trivia!

    That Chey was not fertile in her first 6 or so first months is to be assumed! It is like a Bein sayinj “I have always been a (whatever political party) member and suggesting they really didnt know that until they were like, 5 years old!

    We consider this sort of picky dogsense unworthy of serious opponents and wish that they would stop it immediately.

    The attack-dogs of the Sens Clinton, McCain and Obama campaigns should know better than to attack a serious candidate like Cheysuli for what she could not do the first few months of her life.

    We say “deal with the issues”, and let Cheysuli’s stands on the serious issues of the campaign take center stage!

    For this reason of unjusitified attacks on Cheysulki, and fr her forthright stands on the more important subjects of the campaign, we hereby endorse Cheysuli for President.

    Um… “of the United States…

  37. Those guys are just jealous ‘cuz you’re so pretty an’ smart. They need to get a grip, right?

    Way to stay above the fray, Chey (Hey! That rhymes! I’m a rapper!)

    Wanna-Meezer an’ feline voter

  38. Bummer that your mum doesn’t have enough work to do. Is she going to help with the campaign?

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