Meezer Monday


There are days when you just have to be a cat…

Wow! Wasn’t that one great Carnival of the Cats?! I am so excited about it as that’s about as popular as I have been in a long time. You know, Mr. Obama keeps making those speeches and such and he gets all the press. I can’t wait to debate him. My dulcet tones will no doubt silence him!

It was so great working with all those new people that I’m just all atwitter and can’t help but bounce around here! Hey, come back here. You, yes I am talking to you!

I get so tired of not being recognized. I think that is why I am an equal opportunity insulter. I mean, if no one is going to listen to me, I might as well speak my mind. Now where is my food? Where are my feather toys? Where are my servants? I was made to be served!


  1. What – or – WHO are you thwappin’?

  2. dun worry buddy, we come here to play with you, sometimes toys & servants arent so hillarious to play with;) juzt keep on hanging there….we are trying to be teleported ASAP…..

    btw, on next leisure time, you may drop by at ours to have fun with!

  3. You were definitely made to be served, Chey! 🙂

  4. Chey, EVERY day is a great day to be you!

  5. Chey, everyone knows who you are by now. And it’s always a great day to be a Cat, especially in the blogosphere!

  6. Chey, everyone does know who you are – they’re just afraid of your vast intelligence!

  7. Chey, that photo shows off your lovely tummy very well. Makes me wish I could give you a tummy rub — that is, if you like tummy rubs.

    Whether you do or not, you have my vote.

  8. You always had my vote, Chey. You had it at hello!!

    I can’t believe you are unknown to some people. Those are the ones who aren’t worth bothering with anyway. x

  9. I am your loyal servant!!

  10. I love the sounds of you Meezers. Loud and demanding, but soothing, in a way. 🙂 You and Obama would make a good debate. 🙂

  11. That’s right Chey efurryday is a great day to be you….especially since you live with Gemini!

    Purrs to my babykitty Gemini…

  12. Chey, I like how you can make your whiskers poke forward like that.

  13. Chey, that is a great action shot!

  14. We were catching up on your weekend posts and saw the acupuncture one. Momma hopes (green paper permitting) to include it in her post surgery treatment of her illness instead of all those nasty medicines she took last time. ~Queen Snickers

  15. awh, that looks FUN! What are you swatting?
    Yes, cats were made to be served!

  16. Odd that you haven’t been invited to debate Clinton or Obama. Oh wait, you’re probably saving yourself for the real debates, right? You know, the ones between McCain and whomever wins on the other side.

    I see not much is happening with your opponents Cato, Doc Holiday or Skittles. They must have realized they didn’t stand a chance.


  17. What an adorable piktur of you ~ what is it you are trying to get hold of?
    Fanks for hosting a wonderful blog carnival 🙂

  18. Chey,
    we thinks u r very funny and clever.

    Tanya & Chanel

  19. You’re one of the best Chey. You deserve all the recognition you can get.

  20. Yes, Chey you tell them! The service is not as good these days as it used to be.

  21. I am reaalllly looking forward to you debating O-BAM!-a.
    You will clobber him!

    I am of the firm belief that, if you want something… just ask for it!

  22. I see the weekend had gotten you all wound up, 😉
    It’s good to see you have fun 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  23. We too are dying to know what are you swatting at?

  24. That is a great photo of you Chey!

  25. Chey, that is a beautiful picture of you. You look like you are having so much fun. Sometimes you just need to “let your hair down” so to speak. Have fun playing.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  26. The wurld needs more meezers like you. You gots my vote, I raise my paw for you!


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