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cheys-inaugural.jpgFrom the AP

How Will Presidential Candidate Chey Hussein Suli take the presidential oath of office? It is well known that she follows Bast rather than Christianity. Will she refuse to take the oath of office on a Bible if elected or will she choose some other more pagan oath?

“I believe we swear on the Bible because it is something sacred,” stated the Presidential Candidate. “I believe the Bible is a sacred book. I just choose to follow Bast. This does not meant that I don’t believe that the Bible is sacred.”

Evangelicals are offended by the statements made by Cheysuli and call for Bast, her personal spiritual adviser to step down.

“Bast is not the sort of Christian advisor one ought to have,” stated one critic.

Cheysuli stated that she supports Bast as her spiritual adviser and Bast will not be stepping down. “I’d rather talk about the issues than the non issue of Bast,” came a statement from the Cheysuli campaign.


Special thanks to Zoolatry for her great artwork, no matter what the critic have done with it! :).


  1. Dearest Chey,

    I support you decision to follow a different religion other than Christianity, and I believe religion should not play a part in how one votes.

    At the same time, the photo in your post does make me wonder. I guess it’s from Zoolatry? I like Maggy and Zoey, but I’m not sure from the post.

    It appears that you are bathing yourself (ahem) in front of our capitol with our men and women in uniform in attendance.

    I’m not making any judgment calls, yet I wonder what you are trying to say here.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  2. Wowww..Chey!
    You are the deepest thinking cat that I have ever seen!!!

  3. That will make a furry good photo op!

    Erin Go Bragh!

    Air In Yer Bra!

  4. Skittles,

    It appears to me that you are offended by this photo. I am merely raising my paw for my inauguration, swearing in as my religion sees fit. I can see nothing wrong with that.

    In fact, I would hope the troops applaud as I will be bringing them home.

  5. Chey – as always, you make us wonder about the human propensity for causing dissent. We see nothing wrong with Bast being your spiritual advisor, and wonder why anyone would. After all, Nancy Reagan had a psychic advisor.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  6. Whoa… I’m doing campaigning for you Chey in my Catsophere magazine. Check it out 😛

  7. I see nothing wrong with your having Bast as your spiritual advisor. Christianity is not the only religion, after all. I love the picture Zoolatry made for you. Raising your left paw for the oath might make some folks a tad tetchy, though.

  8. Chey, humans can be very silly. Of course Bast is your spiritual advisor, and people should respect that. It should be a non-issue.

  9. A-Ha! We knew it was a political statement! 😉

    Either you are much larger than we thought, or the US Capital is much, much smaller.

  10. Religion and polotics should not mix, so it’s no big deal. I see you are keeping politics clean for the people in a transparent way. This is good!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Love, Perfectly O’Parker

  11. I do so wonder why more beans aren’t followers of Bast…

  12. Bast step down? reee-dic-you-luss. how can a diety step down? they don’t even haf FEETS!!

  13. I always thought that you were to raise your right hand. I am not sure about the left back paw, ha, ha, ha.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, hope you are having some fun with it.

  14. When yoo gets a’lected, we’s gettin MOmmy to drive us up there to see yoo do that rite there. hehehe
    Happy St Pat’s day 🙂
    Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

  15. I will also be there for your swearing in!

  16. That picture made me snort out my nose. Ha! Chey, you’ll fit right in in DC.

    Happy St. Pats, by the way. Do cats like Green beer? Corned beef? 🙂

  17. You should refuse to take oath on the bible as it violates the seperation of church and state article in constitution. Instead, ask to be sworn in on a copy of the Wall Street Journal. That is what I would do.

  18. Momma learned something today … she had no idea what Bast was. Thank goodness for Google. See, you are never to old to learn, even if you are as old as momma … hee hee! Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  19. Do not let religion sway the Presidential race! (Although, we are very very sad over the words by Rev. Jeremiah Wright)
    You still have my vote, Chey!

  20. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  21. Miss Gemini

    would you like to be my ‘date’ on the Black Furball cruize for Capt’n Jack purrday?


  22. You tell ’em, Chey!

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  23. “Chey Hussein Suli” … HAHAHAHA!
    Personally, if I were elected president, I would take my oath on a bag of Tempations, because I worship Temptations.

    Happy St. Pat’s!
    & the o’kitty staff

  24. As long as you are a fair and just leader, I do not think it should make any difference that Bast is your spiritual advisor.

  25. We support your support of your spiritual advisor Bast.

    Also, we are wondering if the upraised paw is a familiar Bein gesture aimed at yer critics?

  26. Hmm…is that like the middle claw?? Don’t forget, if your butt is itchy you could always drag it down the Mall.

  27. I think it is important that the humans and cats in this country finally understand that we is all different and that is ok. We do not need to follow any certain religion or be any certain color or stripes.

  28. We should seperate religion from politics, is it possible?

  29. Excuse us, but that is you licking your butt. You are not taking the oath of office there. We can tell the front end from the back end of a cat without glasses.

  30. Under the US Constitution, there is no state religion, and there is in fact no requirement that any office holder even profess a religion. Your preference for Bast is understandable–and shared by many of us felines–but it’s totally irrelevant to your ability to govern. Humans, at least those here in the USA, seem to have confused faith with character; it’s as if they think that just believing is a substitute for actually doing something to help. We know better, and I will urge my humans to vote accordingly. Unfortunately, as of yet, cats don’t have the vote!

  31. Wow! Working at the jet propulsion lab @ cit must have been amazing! (did you learn about astronomy from him?)
    very cool!

  32. Hmmm we’re wiv JFF on this one. Duzn’t look much like raising yer paw to take the oath to us, more like giving the paw.
    Anyway we can’t see anyfing wrong wiv following Bast, it’s a free choice.

  33. You go Chey!! Everyone of us can have our own beliefs! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and your Family!!
    Your FL furiends,

  34. Tsk, all this getting upset over how Chey will take the oath. A cat is never more open and honest than when licking itself. If People would do this, politics would be far less hypocritical, IMNSHO.

  35. Bwhahahah! Dat’s da best campaign photo we seen yet. We like to see da candidates takin’ care of bizness. Plus stick to yur religious guns. We cats were revered as gods centuries ago and we had spiritual advisors then. What would any prezident be wifout dare advisors?

  36. Happy St Patrick’s Day!


    Purrs Mickey

  38. I’m with you Chey. You’re doing a great job combating the apparent smear campaign the bean candidates are throwing your way.
    Georgia, I love your hiding spot! Open drawers are fun too!

  39. Chey,

    If you wanna channel da ghostee of da Christ-mass past, I do notz care. If you wanna haz da Bass-t be your logo on a pair o’ jeanz, I will nots be offended. You are a free spirit. & dere iz no tyin’ a free spirit down.
    You “go gurl.”

  40. We are a little late getting by, but we wanted to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and thank you for helping out with that tower thing.

  41. Happy St Patrick’s day..and I likes your photo.. meow…

  42. Great post and LOVE the photo!! 🙂

    But unfortunately as foreigner I can not vote for you. Hmm, maybe I can move to the US soon…

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