Meezer Monday

img_3554a.jpgFrom the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Presidential Candidate Cheysuli fired back at Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton today. Adds responding to the Clinton camps own advertisements about who would answer be better equipped to answer a 3 AM call were turned on their heads.

“The phone rings at 3 AM. Your children are sleeping. Adult humans are sleeping. Meezers are playing Thundering Herd of Elephants.

Who do you want answering the phone at 3 AM?

A sleeping human or a very awake Cheysuli?

Cheysuli: nocturnal for those nocturnal phone calls.”

Responding to accusations that she doesn’t have enough experience, Cheysuli is also quoted as saying, “I have enough experience not to sleep with a certain Former President, much less marry him, don’t I?”


  1. Stoopid humans, kitties don’t sleep at 3 am of course we’z more suited to answering da phone. Da prollem is dem beans dat is rude enuff to call at 3 am should haf der pillows pooped on.

  2. We don’t see anything wrong with making calls around 3 am cause we’re usually prowling around looking for things to do. If we call around that time, we sure prefer to talk to you Chey.

    Mindy & Moe

  3. We don’t sleep at 3 am for sure. I was checking and running and jumping everywhere play with many things.
    If you want to come, I would love to call you for sure~~

  4. Ooooooooo,good comeback Chey!!!!
    I agree with you in that I do not want to listen to a sleepy bean who does not know where they are at 3AM when the phone rings!

    Purrs Mickey

  5. You are having your trials in this presidential race. We hope they will be straightened out soon. Has your woman paid the credit card bill yet? You need to prompt her. It could ruin your credit if she doesn’t and we all know how important good credit is to a president. Presidents don’t carry money on them, so someone else would have to pay (advance the cash) for your imported nip on walkabouts around the white house – unless you have bad credit and no one trusts you.

  6. I agree!


  7. Good one, Chey!

  8. rosieandcheeto says:

    chey-asleep or awake, yer owr front runnur!

  9. You go girl, er, Mom!

  10. Chey, Ramses has a picture of me and the kittens on his bloggy and I’ll try and blog tomorrow between kittens feedings! šŸ™‚

  11. I am definitely voting for you Chey! I am sure that you would very gladly lead an army of bunny-kicking lions and tigers to get Bin Laden!

  12. Way to go Chey!

  13. Oh oh, yore kwote maded Mommy laff so hard she felled outta the chare. I gotsta go pik her up.

  14. Look at those gorgeous blue eyes…..I get so lost when I gaze upon you.

  15. Wunderful answers, you have our votes.

    By the way, that is our garage in the snow contest picher, not the house.

    We are with you on the flooding issue. We don’t want things to melt too fast.


  16. I KNEW there was something missing on my Virginia primary ballot, it was YOU! Damn, should’ve wrote you in.

    Just stopping by to say hi after a long absence

  17. Chey, you have experience AND good judgment!

  18. Good points, Chey! I fink we’s diurnal, meanin actif day an night. Who best to play thunderin herd of elefants in the White House?

  19. I know my mommy is awake at 3 AM . . . because that is when Ivy wakes her up by whapping the blinds. I don’t think Hillary is lucky enough to have a kitty alarm clock, though, so she wouldn’t be up to answer that emergency call.

  20. hehehe, your last quote is a good jab!!

    thanks for stopping over to see my new fur-sister!

  21. Oooh, Meezer Zingers! Let the games begin!

  22. mwaaaahahah chey that is fantastic. What a brilliant response! You do indeed have fabulous sense! hehe x

  23. 3 AM is party time. FAZ

  24. 3p is the BESTEST time to play thundering herds of elephants!! Or it is also when I bust a move doing the uterus dance depending upon my mood…

  25. You meow it Honey!

  26. 3am is our PEAK time – silly humans for not realising this!

    ise FINALLY done the MeMe you nominated me for too šŸ™‚


  27. Now that is the response America has been waiting for!

    Viva Chey
    Pooses for Peace

  28. Excellent and very truthful response!
    I adore honest beings. Of course we are up!

    Please ignore Hitlery’s idea of Obamessiah as her VP… This is all just wrong! You have nothing to worry about with her. She is laughable!

  29. GREAT post, Chey! And thank you for participating in my very first Carnival of the Cats yesterday. No major public event would be successful without an appearance by Cheysuli … our next Purresident!!


  30. You have all the experience you need, Chey!

  31. Chey, thanks for letting me know abowt the problem with Mr Echo’s werd varryfikayshun. It werked okay the ferst time I left comments, but then I tested it later and it woodn’t take whut I put in. So I let Mr Echo know!

  32. I think perhaps it’s another meezer who’s twying to get thwough to you at 3am.

  33. Do you now whut a travesty is? Da fact that only ONE candidate has a cat (and it’s John McCain – whutever). Anyhoo – Hilary and Obama do NOT have cats! Pfffft!

  34. excellent rebuttal Chey!

  35. Nice stairs….we wish we had that to get on mom’s bed which is really high!

  36. That’s just good common sense, Chey. Just be prepared, because that monster woman might change the time of that phone call from 3 A.M. to 3 P.M. Are you awake at 3 P.M.?

  37. We don’t like it when people come over and start making lots of noise. We usually go upstairs where they can’t see us.

  38. Well duh! Who is awake at 3 am? Beings or cats?

    We can imagine the Bein conversation: “Wha? Me, You sure I’m President? Really? OK, so you’re going to do what?”

    “I this “Funny Francine” from College?. Are you sure? OK, let me get some coffee…

    As to opposed to Chey’s conversation: “Hello, President Chey here, ya wanna fight? A threat? Ya gotta be kidding. I will lay down so many claws on you ya won’t know what parts AREN’T bleedin! Forget it? Good Idea!”

    Slight difference. MOL! Go Chey!

  39. America needs a nocturnal president! Vote for Chey! (I can’t. I’m Australian.)

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