Meezer Monday

Well Diamond Emerald Eyes got me cash for my birthday. Now normally this isn’t a great gift. She points out it can be so impersonal, but it’s actually the first treasury run of dual US/Italian cash that I plan to use when I become president.

Doesn’t it just make you want more?

Don’t you just want to work really hard for even more of it?

As I got so much, I will be sending a batch to the Meezers as they are in need. And after that I will fund my campaign!


  1. Wow, we’ve never meet anyone with their own money before!

  2. Wow, that will be a collector’s item for sure!

  3. This is very good idea~!
    I want to collect it as well.

  4. Oh that’s so cool having your picture on green papers! 🙂

  5. I like Chey money!
    It’s much prettier than our normal green papers!

  6. How do we get some of that money? (^_^)

  7. Oh, that’s great money! I like the: “In Chey we trust”!

  8. make me some!!! – Miles

  9. New issue from Bank of Catatonia. Very good stuff!

  10. That is the most attractive money I have ever seen!

  11. Woohoo!! We’re Squillionares!!!! I’ll try not to burn through all of the cash on nip and fev-vers. I’ll try….

  12. Maybe we can hook up a printing press and churn out tons of those green papers!

  13. Will you be making coins, too? I’d like to add some to my coin collection that I keep…under the couch!

  14. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! That is German for Happy birthday!

  15. PaperChey! That is very cool. You probably have so much of it that you won’t even want change. No need for different denominations. Keep the Chey Change!

  16. Wow you must be famous! Only famous important people are on money!

  17. That’s sweet of you to think of helping the Meezer’s first. We’re sure they won’t have a bit of trouble spending your new currency. You look quite stately on the bill, Mr. Chey Washington.

  18. Hey, we think ya could buy a whole pantry full of Temptations an Nip with that green paper. The Big Thing tole us a million is “a lot”.

  19. Queen Snickers says:

    Cool, can we get that at the bank yet?

  20. I would like green papers with your pic on it 😉 Looks way cooler that a bean on it!
    Purrs Mickey

  21. Keep those furry trousers real short , less likely to get klingons.

  22. Cool cat money .

  23. That is the coolest thing!

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