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Tabby Tuesday

cheysplace-2.jpgLook at the lovely graphic Zoolatry made for ME! ME–Gemini! It was Momma’s favoritest ever. She loves the way I am peeking over the edge.


Anyway, the kitchen is almost done. We have tile but it will be sealed tomorrow and then I think on Wednesday we will have a sink. Momma is so happy about that.

She has been really lazy and kind of depressed lately. Business has been so slow she did not even make enough to pay the rent last month and this month she made enough to pay the rent, but not the phone. And so she is sad about that. She is making a little bit creating a help desk for another site but that is just getting started so she is not that busy.

Ann at Zoolatry made her feel good though ’cause we got an award that we need to find a place for on the blog too. But you know, when you are not busy but are just lazy, things don’t always get done…

Meezer Monday

img_3586a.jpgFrom the Cat Post Intelligencer:

Critters for Total World Domination Presidential Candidate, Cheysuli has been accused of padding her resume. Cheysuli states that she was a breeder queen for the first two and half years of her life, when in actuality for the first six months of her life she was a kitten, meaning she was a breeder queen only for two years after she left kittenhood.

“If you can’t trust her to get the details right, then how can you trust her to get running the country right? Being president is a detailed oriented job,” stated one critic.

“Actually,” a source from the Cat Fancier’s Association, stated that Cheysuli was technically correct. “She was bred as kitten to be a show kitten. Upon breaking her tail at about two months, it was obvious she would never be a show cat. However, her breeder chose not to spay her but instead to breed her. Therefore, Cheysuli was raised to be a queen and nothing else. We see no particular exaggeration in her claims.”

Critics argue this is one in an ongoing series of questionable statements and associations by Cheysuli.

Sunday Guest Star

26108012.jpgI have to admit most comments were on the woman’s book and as I am so not into that book, well they were not as intriguing as they could have been. I should monitor the subjects better. In fact, that book, if it looked good, wasn’t. It ended up being a sort of sales pitch for the author’s subliminal tapes. The sad thing is, is that everything he said up to the point where the last two chapters were just a bunch of testimonials to the effectiveness of the tapes had the Woman interested. However, the last two chapters really irritated her.

But I allow her to digress. Our most intriguing comment today was from Eric and Flynn who said:

That is a lovely pikchur Chey. Mum sez it reminds her of a painting she likes of three horses heads. She can’t amember what it’s called. Mebbe the Three Champions or sumfing like that. We told her she’s silly cuz efurryone knows your not a horse.

They are right. I am not a horse. Nor do I have three heads. However, horses are magnificent creatures of great majesty as am I, so perhaps that was the confusion…?! And of course, brilliant as I am, I perhaps astound her with my intelligence making her believe I have three heads.

So there you have it. Eric and Flynn–and again a lovely kudos to Zoolatry for it is does remind them of a famous painting, then it is their doing!

Photo Hunt High

img_2846a.jpgThis weeks photo hunt is high. I don’t have any good photos of me up high, but the Woman did take a nice photo of Mt. Si. The little treed area is close to the place where the hiking trail summits the small mountain in North Bend, WA.

This is a lovely hike about half an hour outside of Seattle. This was taken in January when there was snow down to the floor of the Snoqualmie Valley. I don’ t think there were many hikers that day. This is one of the “highest” photos we could find!

Feature Friday

cheysplace-1.jpgMickey tagged me for the book meme:

Here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book.

2. Open to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people and post a comment to Mickey once you have posted it.

My human is reading: Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor (actually the closest book was a book on HTML but we did that one about a year ago!).

Page 123 sentences 5 to8 say:

“The book entitled Be the Hero of Your Own Game, suggests that we are usually good at encouraging others but then tell ourselves all the reasons why we cannot succeed. What if we believed that we were created with every good possibility in our hands to be teh very best of ourselves, to use our unique talents and abilities in ways that might astound many, to have happiness,peace, balance, and harmony in every day in everything we do. What if our Father in Heaven looked upon us with the love and blessings that human parents have when they behold their newborn child and with His all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing best offered all that He had to us?”

Yeah, so she like had to go and read a long winded guy. Sigh. I tag the long suffering Yao-lin, Sanjee, and Zevo Calamari.


Feature Friday means that the most intriguing comment will be featured as Sunday’s Guest Star.  And a big Thank you to Zoolatry for the graphic!

Thankful Thursday

img_3713a.jpgWe have many things to be thankful for. Last Thursday I got a lovely package from Latte and Chase in the mail. I got some lovely toys for being the second (by seconds) to guess the correct answer in Chase’s contest. Latte sent me a lovely note. I have to admit, Georgia has been all over the toys.

First, Georgia was grabbing at the old feather toy that Latte sent me (it still had some feathers on it, so I had to destroy it). However, Georgia had to play with it first. Then she had to play with the pink ball that they sent. Since then, I have whapped it all over the house and now I have hidden it.

Here is Georgia on our new floors. We choose bamboo flooring. We did get engineered wood so it would be as hard as mahogany on the “janka ball” scale. But we got it from a company that has high enough standards on low VOCs that they can sell their products in Germany.

Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_3721a.jpgThe Meezer Rule for today is to: Guard Your Territory. Here I am guarding my new kitchen territory. As you can see there are some rather unoriginal cabinets in oak (chosen by the human male) and then this Bast-awful wall here. Actually it’s starting to grow on them. Both colors looked nice with the tile but together they set off exactly the wrong colors for the tile to blend in, so the wall is plain in the kitchen now. We’ll see how long it takes  the woman to make the rest of the wall plain (probably in red red wine, as it looks so nice on Georgia). The Male, with his usual lack of taste likes it as it is.

I also guard my property in that I made quite the big stink when I found that my passport documents had also been accessed without authorization. Fortunately as the Prime Catminister of Italy, I travel on my Italian passport. Therefore, they weren’t able to use my extensive travels to Cuba and Venezuela, (where I go to see my dear, dear friends who are not allowed in the United States) against me.

I actually was shot at getting out of a plane on one of my travels. The DEA has this on tape. Fortunately, it’s not a very good likeness as apparently the DEA thought the plane I was on was a drug running plane.  I was coming into the US from Venezuela.  My bodyguards got me away before we were arrested.   This proves, however, that I, unlike Hillary, really have been fired upon.

And you all were wondering why I needed so many bodyguards!  Remember, whatever it takes: Guard your Territory!

Tabby Tuesday

img_3514a.jpgWell this week has been very stressful. I did not get locked up yet, but there is a strange person in our house and he is putting stuff up on our cabinets. I liked the cabinets the way they were because I could leap into them but now he is covering them all up and I can’t get in so easily. That does not seem very fair.

Also, he is someone I do not know. I do not like people I do not know in my house. That is not okay. At least I am not locked in the room. Georgia was for a short time. She has a tendency to wander out and walk in front of people and not realize where they are any more. Momma says she is a bit senile.

Meezer Monday


There are days when you just have to be a cat…

Wow! Wasn’t that one great Carnival of the Cats?! I am so excited about it as that’s about as popular as I have been in a long time. You know, Mr. Obama keeps making those speeches and such and he gets all the press. I can’t wait to debate him. My dulcet tones will no doubt silence him!

It was so great working with all those new people that I’m just all atwitter and can’t help but bounce around here! Hey, come back here. You, yes I am talking to you!

I get so tired of not being recognized. I think that is why I am an equal opportunity insulter. I mean, if no one is going to listen to me, I might as well speak my mind. Now where is my food? Where are my feather toys? Where are my servants? I was made to be served!

Carnival of the Cats!

daisy5.jpgWelcome to the Carnival of the Cats!

I promised that the cat who would start us off would be our Sunday Guest Star! And that would be Daisy Mae Maus who had one of the smartest comments.

She said:

Chey … You ARE the best candidate for the job. I don’t know why the three humans runnin’ against you don’t just save some money an’ cede the presidency to you outright. It would make so much more sense.
Registered voter: Feline Party,

And isn’t she right? No one can argue with her logic! You and the Feline Americans Go Daisy Mae Maus!

Now for all those other cats who are participating in the Carnival!!!!

We have Denali, and we are wondering if she learned from her experience. Apparently she likes to check out what’s on the stove–nothing wrong with that but it looks as if her whiskers got a little singed.

And Chica and Pumuckl are over in the kitchen. Chica likes to help out with the cooking–perhaps she knows her human needs a snoopervisor?

Simon is back and he wants to be let in!

The House of Chaos has a new stray hanging out, which they have christened Brass Balls (umm yeah, he has them!)

Hakuna is taking it easy.

Aloysius is waiting for spring. What’s Nowruz–go over there and find out.

Hey, Ted has found the perfect box!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Watermark

Mycah may look like she’s on drugs but she’s just on meds for hyperthyroidism.

It’s Abby’s turn to wish everyone a Happy Easter (and Happy Easter to you too Abby!)

It’s Purrsday Night March Madness over at the Texas Oasis. Looks like some humans weren’t home to blog…

Miles is finding a good way to stay warm.

It’s Miss Lizzie Bennet’s turn to be the Friday Cat Blogger at It’s All Good.

Ailurolover is an obscure figure in Hassidic history. You may wish to go read about (and check out Her Ladyship and Missy while you are at it.)

KT Cat says Go Away!

Oh look what Chance’s Mom brought home…

Ruse is showing off the new toy over at Momma Grace and Company.

Mr. Grr has killed his first Straw Man. I might need him on the campaign trail…

Eric and Flynn like each other so much, they are sharing their temptations.

Check out the world of opposites with Cubby and Kosmo

And what’s up with cats in the news? Well we are healthy for humans among other things.

And Sophia does what cats love to do: hide in plain site!

BREAKING NEWS! Artsy Catsy CEO Rocky meets with Senator Hillary Clinton in an urgent summit to discuss Cheysuli’s campaign. (and I cannot believe she made you take off your Cheysuli shirt!)

Check out Gandalf and Grayson’s Wild Goose Chase!

Missy is testing the waters so to speak…

The LOL Cat Bible is throin the bad doodz out.

Check out the cute little girl with Easter eggs.

Check out Luna relaxing!

Artsy Catsy has some floral greeting cards to help out Lilly Lu and Moki. A wonderful annonymous benefactor is going to match every dollar they raise to help these two cats.

Happy Easter from the Hotties!

Rascal is having fun this Sunday!

Puddy found some Easter Eggs!

It might be a holiday, but Snow and Forest are still taking it easy.

There is spring at Parker’s house–but only inside (and oh what have they done to poor Diamond Dog?)

There is striped sunlight over at Strange Ranger’s!

Meowsa Caturday at Mind of Mog!

And someone is enjoying a good roll in the dirt!

There is sun here for a Mancat Monday!

Here is a cat who tells it like it is (almost as a directly as I do!)

I’m seeing a number of cats in the sun, like this one and I am getting jealous!

If you haven’t met Pancho, you must do so!

Happy Easter from the Bengal Brats.

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