Photo Hunt PARTY!!!!

cheyparty.jpgOkay, I am so happy that Photo Hunt choose today for a party. It is, after all, my birthday. At any rate, we are having a bash in Italy. Everyone gather round. I will be opening presents. I love my ham farm. That is just to die for!

I have gotten a ton of catnip, so anyone who wants to share, can. I don’t really react to it myself. However, I enjoy watching Gemini get all silly and then I chase her!

I have a genie who can grant me wishes, which I think is a fantastic gift! Team Tabby has gotten me tickets to CATS! I hope it’s the CCSI version!

I am so happy with all these great gifts! What friends!

Are you all enjoying the crab and salmon cakes? Can I get anyone else a niptini? Do to work circumstances beyond my control (ahem), the human will not have a chatzy room for my party.

BREAKING NEWS!!! I just realized that I share a birthday with Strayer!  Go over and tell her we’d love to have her join us!!!!


  1. Hi Chey! Just in time for your big day I arrived back from the RV in the OHSU parking lot! I really would love to have a crab cake and one for mommy too please or three or four please:)
    Happy birthday to you and I loved your answers to the meme too! hee hee made me laugh. Parker is funny, she gotted lost in Austria somewhere:) funny!

  2. wow! you have a very nice picture and I love the way you put consistency of the picture,it is very flexible…indeed you have a great post! keep it up!!!

    here’s mine:
    Happy Weekend!

  3. Count us in on wishing you a happy birthday, Chey!


  4. Oh man, i hope they don’t notice those scratches from Bendrix’s ceiling walk…I told him to be more careful. Jeez.

  5. Happy birthday from Diamond. Sorry I haven’t visited for so long.

  6. Happy Birthday

  7. BINKIES! We are here – Hoppy Birthday!

    I hope you have the best,most fun birthday ever!!! Here’s to a great year too!!!!
    Purrs mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  9. Happy birthday….Lay back and enjoy yur day…..


  10. I’m a bit late but still wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday, Chey!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  11. Hi Chey! I hope that you had the happiest birthday ever! (Sorry I’m late…)

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  12. Happy Birthday Chey! Have a great day!



  13. He, he, he you guys sure know how to party. Have a great birthday. FAZ

  14. Happy Birthday. I hope you had a fun party. Great take on the theme.

  15. Hello Chey darling, sorry I’m late but I hope you had a really bodacious purrthday. Are there any crab and fish cakes left? To make up for my being late, here is a beautiful diamond and sapphire collar which you can wear when you enter the White House:) xxx

  16. P.S. Thanks for introducing me to Zevo Calamari and Boo. They rock! 🙂 xxx

  17. Happy Happy Purrthday Chey, yoo deserfe it.

  18. Wow,what a great coincidence!! Happy Birthday!!

  19. Our dear Chey, However did we miss giving you Happy Birthday wishes? It appears you had a rather large crowd come by. We hope it was a good day for you.

  20. I’m late! Oh dear.
    Happy belated birthday just the same.

  21. Good griefus Chey,

    I yam so sorry I missed your birfday. I hopes dat I can nakes up fur dis by cookin’ you at leastee 13 chix-henz.
    Dis will of course, require dat I order more than 27. Hmmmm. Doez dat total come to 40 chix-henz?

    -Dr T

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