Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_0559a.jpgMeezer Rule Wednesday: Applying for Your Own Credit Card is good, but paying people to talk to you is boring.

People suggested I apply for credit cards instead of selling Gemini’s fur. And guess what?! I got my first one. I tried to dial the number to activate it but my paws were a bit large and so I kept getting some woman who wanted to chat (for only .95 cents a minute) but I couldn’t talk to her because I hadn’t activated my card.

Finally I got the number right. Now I can go out and charge all of my campaign expenses to the card! There is no need for the Woman to go out and loan me 5 million dollars.

Oh are you all set for my birthday bash on March 1?! Get your passports ready. I think the prime minister of Italy is going to have a bash to remember!


  1. oooOOOooo Italia! We are so there.

  2. Oh how exciting! We Ballicai can’t wait for your Birthday Bash!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  3. I will be there!!!
    It’s your Birthday Bash~! I have to be there!

  4. Fantastic, Chey! I’m set – I’m set for the birthday bash!

  5. I’ll definitely be there for your birthday bash. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    You mean you have a credit of $5 million dollars on your credit card. Wow, I am impressed!

  6. Sounds like you had as much trouble as the woman did yesterday! Can’t wait for your birthday!

  7. Ooh a credit card? I don’t have one of those… Maybe I should get one too?! Who pays the bill when it comes in? Iffen I have to I fink I’ll stick to letting Mummy buy everything I want! 😉

  8. A Birthday Bash in Italy!
    Woo Hoo, I’m gonna’ go find my passport!

  9. Terrific rule, Chey!

    Sadly, we won’t be able to make your birthday party. 🙁 Our humans will be in Egypt then, and we’ll be sharing a deluxe room in a luxury cat hotel, that sadly doesn’t come equipped with a computer.

  10. Oooh, a party! We can’t wait for your birthday!

  11. cool – with a credit card you can charter a plane!

  12. Oh gosh, wif a credit card yoo can reely haf a huge purrthday bash! Woo! We can’t wait!

  13. Ooooo…credit card! I want one of those. But I don’t want to have to pay it back either.

  14. We would love to go to Italy! Bella Italia! Mom’s friend’s Pomeranian has her own credit card, so why not you Chey?

  15. Yeah a trip to Italy!! I will have to plan something special and romantic…hmmm….

  16. Now that you have a credit card, the sky is the limit! I cannot wait for your birthday bash.

  17. Italy? Is the party going to be in Italy…oh Miss Gemini it’s going to be romantica!


  18. Looking forward eagerly to your birthday bash! I have a birthday coming up in March, too. That makes us both Pisces. Hope you have lots of tuna & ham for your birthday dinner.

  19. a birthday and a credit card! what a great week for you. i can’t wait for saturday!

  20. I like that picture of you. it is very creative and almost looks 3D.

    I am very glad you do not have to borrow 5 Million dollars. I am also quite jealous that you have your own credit card. I am not allowed to have one.

    Spend wisely!

  21. I believe Gemini won an aCATemy Award? For CCSI? I was under the impression all involved with CCSI got one from Skeezix……
    So -congratulations!

  22. oh chey – the birthday bash of the century indeed! I can’t wait! Also, the credit card really is the best idea ever. With all the expenses it might be an idea to move house before the bill comes through. Or just hand it over to the human to worry about? x

  23. A passport? I have a pawport…is that the same thing?

    Concat on getting that credit card. Meowm says be careful though, those things can be trouble!

  24. Cool. Your very own ultra Gold/Platinum CHARGE IT card! Did that lady talk funny that you kept calling?

    Luf, Us

    PAR-TAY!!! Ham Pizza???

  25. A birthday party – great!! We are jealous – you have your own credit card…..must be on account of your birthday?

    Mindy & Moe

  26. Come to our blog, we gave you an award!

    Mindy & Moe

  27. Queen Snickers says:

    OOooo your birthday!! Momma is having a guest this weekend but I will try to sneak on!!

  28. You gotta be careful with those .95 a minutes ladies..they’ll rack up your credit card in no time flat and your mom’ll STILL have to go out and get you a loan.

    Italia! Bella Dolce!

  29. Wow i want a credit card!

    I wanna charge it with lots and lots of cubies 🙂

  30. March 1st! Yay super wonderful.
    Italy sounds fabbie fun!!!

    This is a lovely picture of you.
    Purple is your color

  31. Oh Nooooo…!! This is what I mean. With all those surgeries my typist gets I am now missing a party. Friday 29th she gets the 3rd, she cannot help me for i-dont-how-long. I am so sorry Chey… I wish you a GREAT WONDERFUL FANTASTIC party!!!

    Headbutts and birthday nosekisses,

  32. Oh goodness, I didn’t realize your purrthday was on March 1. Thankfully I have an extra day to get ready.

  33. Hmph, it’s a leap year and you have to wait an extra day before your birthday party. Ah well, just one more day for preparations… see you then!

  34. oooo nws we needs to get us a credit card each. we nefur fowt of that afore.

  35. Congratulations on your credit card. You can have quite a bash on your birthday.

  36. WE are soooo looking forward to this party. Don’t worry about bringing anything formal to wear… Donatella and Diamiani will provide all that for you!

    ciao ciao

  37. We’re so pleased you have your own credit card and won’t need $5 million all at once. The interest on such a loan could cause your human to discontinue your nip and food forever.

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