Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_3121a.jpgAfter hearing the following , my Meezer rule is: Don’t Let Anyone Search Out Your Relatives, Lest you find you have Weird Ones

Overheard on Countdown with Keith Olbermann:

“Journalists looking into Cheysuli’s ancestors have discovered that she shares relatives with Rush Limbaugh. Apparently there was a scandal involving a female of her ancestral line and that of Limbaugh’s maternal grandfather’s line.

It would make the very liberal Critters for Total World Domination Candidate a 77th cousin to the right wing pundit.

And Barak Obama thought being related to Dick Cheney was embarrassing…”


  1. I think I would hide if I found that out…

  2. I like the rule today.
    It’s very true to Michico.

  3. The Big Thing says he voted fer you Chey at the “primarry”!!! After hafin to also vote fer a Bean…

  4. Wow, Chey. That is a little scary. We’ll have to research our pedigrees to make sure no one can find anything strange in our family trees. Of course, we aren’t running for office, so it’s unlikely anyone cares. 😉

  5. sometimes inquiring minds dig up dangerous dirt!

    ben fuzz

  6. Now that is highly embarrassing. I think the weirder relative must have been the one in Limbaugh’s line, though.

  7. That would be enough for me to crawl under a rock – a big rock!

  8. Limbaugh could never pass for a Meezer. You have nothing to worry about Chey.

  9. HORRORS! Our fur stands on end at the thought. Our tails are raised high. This cannot be. T’is major genealogy gaff for sure.

  10. How embarrassing Chey! Are you sure there is not some mistake, or maybe some-one is spreading rumours to put a slur on your name.

  11. Yep, I can definitely agree to searching out your relatives rule! Good one!

  12. Oh Chey…we diddant knoo…

    Purrs for Chey

  13. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! holy crap Chey – lets try and keep this from the general public.

  14. I suggest you deny that one!!!!!!!!


  15. 77th cousin huh? Isn’t that a lot like a total stranger???
    I won’t tell anyway tho.
    your bud Pepi

  16. Glad I’m a moggy! There’s no way you could trace my family background for all I know all my siblings had a different father!

  17. I think we all have a few skeletons in your closet. Maybe you should seal the reporters up into the one that’s under renovation at your house and then you could have a few more skeletons them most?

  18. Oh Chey…I have no idea who these people are apart from Dick Cheney (first name is kind of apt I assume?) and Mr Obama but he is one of the good guys right? 😉

  19. This could cause quite a scandal!

  20. Oh no, Chey, anybody but Rush Limbombast!! I think we’d better all get together and scratch that limb of your family tree into sawdust!!!


  21. Oh dear, how did they find out!?

  22. Oh no, Chey . . . how HORRIBLE!

  23. I had to go under the bed and think about this….

    I am sending lots of purrs your way cuz that is AWFUL!!!!!!

  24. that IS a worry, Chey but I am sure they got their research completely wrong. You are related to the royal family – like me! x

  25. This can be compromising to the campaign – just deny it!

  26. Well, at least ya don’t look like him!

  27. Hehehe, Catzee’s gots it right! We all haf weerd relatifs, even dem dat is digging fur dirt!

  28. He may have been searching your family tree,but his relatives are still swinging in theirs 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  29. Oh, that must not have been a fun day when you found out. We hope you can find some other, better relatives in your family tree.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  30. Never believe anything a journalist says. That’s my motto.

  31. How could that be? I just don’t believe it!

  32. Wishin ya a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope ya are having fun. Stop over to Momo kittie’s place for the love cruise

  33. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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