Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_1682b.JPGThe Meezer Rule for today is that if you need help, Ask for it.

As my human has no clue how to ask for it, I will.  I am after all a very vocal cat (which is why I went into politics. I just could not stop talking).

Georgia is getting senile enough that sometimes she does not go to the litter box. She just goes wherever she is and that can be some very strange places.  Has anyone had a cat who is this out of it that does that?  Was there anything you did, other than locking them in the bathroom (which does not seem very pleasant)? Any suggestions would be very welcome so that we don’t have to live in a litter box!


  1. Oh dear… that doesn’t sound good.

  2. Chey,
    Dis iz distressin’ to be sure…da giant livin’room kitty box, where all da tingz are fair game.
    Senior kitteez are speshul needz cats..we haxz been through so many & we still haz no good ad-vice. Da dadee sez to justee put da litter boxee close by…REAL CLOSE by. But in da meantime, dere may not be much ground gained. Da momee & dadee here haz givfun up! Dey jsutee lets us haz accydents & den dey cleanz ’em up. Which, I guess bringz me to da point I wants to make: It iz what it iz what it iz.
    But we can eye-dental-fly.

  3. That is distressin’. Our cat who did that suffered from FIV. It was our beloved furriend Jetta. We hope that she does not suffer from that. We will think about dis some more and get back to you.

  4. This can be very distressing. For every bean and kitty.

    First, we think it’s important to rule out any medical issues. Then ask the vet’s advice.

  5. Georgia has a brain tumor which is why she is getting senile. The question is, has anyone out there had any luck getting a senile cat to be more careful with the litter box.

    Dr. Tweety’s experience suggests there isn’t that much hope. We can live with her missing the litter box, it’s the just going wherever that is frustrating, particularly as there are litter boxes that are fairly close to wherever she could be and it’s the one with the lowest sides that she ignored in favor of the carpet the other day.

  6. Both Gramma Trixe and Grampa Norton did this. It is distressing, but the best thing that mommy coud do was to get some Nature’s Miracle and a Spot Bot to clean the carpets. The Nature’s Miracle did a good job of removing the smell so that neither of them was going in the same place alot. Also, Feliway may help. Mommy got the one that plugs into the wall. It helped Grampa Norton some. She also got puppy trainig pads and put them down. Oh, and the last thing was to go to the pet store and purchase a metal puppy “play pen” thing. She put puppy pads in the bottom, and a fluffy quilt on top, a litterbox and food and water. She put them in there when they were having bad days. She set it up in the bedroom so that they would be near her at night. We could get in an visit, but they were a little too feeble to climb or jump out. She did not use this very often, but it was handy at times. Caring for an older cat is hard and sad and frustrating all at the same time. Hang in there MrsChey’sMom. We’re all here for you!

  7. Thank you Meezers. I suspect that you would have some thoughts–if there was anything that could be done besides live with it!

    Momma is feeling a little better because Georgia did get in the litter box once today and got in and hung her behind out once (at least we know she is TRYING)!

  8. are you sure that she’s senile and not blind? believe me, we never knew Norton was blind until the v-e-t told us because he was so good at getting around (fortunately the v-e-t caught it within days and he got his sight back with the help of blood pressure meds) with Trixie, well, WE knew, but mommy thought she was senile too. Then she figured out that she just could not see.

  9. We have worried about that. I think there is some sight impaction–her eyes do not dilate evenly any more. However, she is very good at catching a white shoelace that is her favorite toy, so she is not completely blind!

  10. Would it help to have several litter boxes, one in each room she spends her main time in? And to take her to it regularly? Maybe she also has arthritis, or is forgetful about where to box is if she doesn’t see or smell it nearby.

    Poor Georgia. It is not fun getting so old, is it?

  11. We don’t have any advice to give you. The ones who came before were 20 when they were helped over the bridge, but until the last week, they were still using the litter box just fine. We wish you luck as you figure out what works best for you.

    We really like the picture of all three of you together, and that is a very good rule.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  12. Maybe Georgia is blind? Does she walk around the house much or just stay put?

    I am not sure what you could do for this situation. I will research it for you and see what i come up with.

    You are all angels to take such good care of her. Sending healing purrs,
    zevo’s pet human

  13. Can’t help you on that one, but poor Georgia! Have you talked to your vet about this?

  14. That is a good rule, Chey. Sorry to hear that Georgia isn’t using the litterbox. Sadly, we don’t have any suggestions. As always, Georgia has our prayers and purrs.

  15. I think that the Meezers said it all. Bless her heart and yours. Chey, please tell your Mom that she’s wonderful for taking such good care of Georgia.
    AND, we are happy that Georgia enjoys a good shoelace romp!

  16. One of Pixie’s medicines is Lasix, which is a diuretic and makes her drink and potty a lot. Pixie sometimes goes on the tiles just outside of the litter box. If my Mommie takes Pixie and puts her inside the box about every 4-6 hours, then Pixie will go potty as soon as she is placed in the box and no accidents!

  17. That sounds difficult and we don’t have any advice but we’ll purr for you to find a solution.

  18. Sorry we don’t have any words of wisdom, but we hope that you guys all find a solution.

    We haven’t heard how you did on Super Tuesday (American news is slow getting to Italy).

    If it didn’t go well, just know that Italy is still looking for a Prime Minister, mafia expericence a plus but not a must!

    opus and roscoe
    ps. Can we put your badge on our blog as a show of support?

  19. One time Ninna peed on mom in bed!

    But she hasn’t done that lately. We don’t really have any ideas, but we’ll purr, too!

  20. Oh dear…that doesn’t sound too good for the west of you! But poor Georgia…I guess all of you have to just put up with it.

  21. Oh my that is so very very sad, I wish i could offer some sound advice. but I have little experience with this. sorry xxx

  22. Oh and I was feeling frustrated with my 18 year old Kali who must have a pristine litter box and will only use the clay clumping litter. Have you tried using Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter. Kali prefers that. My kitten, Jake, smells the herb because he puts holes in the bag. Also Catpaper isn’t quite as absorbent as the puppy training pads, but it does the trick. One side has a plastic backing and the other side is like paper similar to the bibs my dental hygienist puts around my neck. I think it’s less expensive than the training pads. cat section has a review. (Actually the above mentioned litter is reviewed there also.) I wish you all the best luck. If Kali ever gets to that point, I can only imagine how frustrated I’d be. Hang in there. Scritches to Georgia.

  23. Oh poor Georgia she is probably just getting old and incontinence is a thing many old ones haf to deal wif, ‘beans and critters. We thinks the puppy pads may help if you can line an area for just her with them and then put her bed and stuff there so she can be comfy yet easy to help clean up at night and when you are gone. Poor girl, gettin’ old can sure stink. ~

  24. Unfortunately, I do not have any advice for you, but I hope you find a good solution soon.

  25. I can only offer purrs & headbutts. There do seem to be some other useful tips here though.Purrs Mickey

  26. Poor Georgia! I bet she’s embarrassed. That’s a wonnerful pictor of you three! The firstest cat was an indoor-outdoor kitty, so when he was nearing the end and couldn’t get outside fast enough, they gave him a litterbox, but he’d nefur used one an always missed.
    Our purrayers are wif you all!
    (Vote for Chey)

  27. Oh, Chey, I am so sorry to hear about the bathroom problems with Georgia. We had the same thing happen with Samantha, the Cat Who Came Before. I wish that I had a solution here… However, after the big Super Tuesday, I am still voting for you!!!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  28. My fur brother, Kitty, has several litterboxes (2 per floor) in his house to minimize the risk of peeing on furniture, rugs, etc.

  29. We do not have any suggestions for you or Georgia, but we hope the problem resolves itself. Maybe you can spray something with an odor not pleasant to kitties.

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