Weekend Cat Blogging (with The Sunday Guest Star)

dscf0274.JPGWelcome to weekend cat blogging. Our Guest Star today is Parker. After, all Parker reminds us:

Hillary is just peeved that you are waaaaay more photogenic than she is.

And you know what? You are absolutely right Parker! We start out today’s Weekend Cat Blogging with Parker’s Weekend Cat blogging post!

Maxx is new around the blogosphere. Go say hello and check out why his people have cheap blinds!

Puddy is showing off her favorite toy!

The Hotties are getting ready for the weekend!

Diva Kitty is showing off a meme and a snooze!

Kate has some advice on good ideas and bad ideas.

Middy the Praying Cat was adopted. Check out the video.

Aloysius is trying to make the snow go away.

Samantha and Tigger are so ready for the weekend!

This week’s LOL CatBible reading is for the baptism of our lord.

Some cats get all the gifts!

Pansy shows us how to make a life poster.

Meet Catty over at CorgiFeathers

Meet the cousin of Fridolin and Maruschka,

Kitikata-san gets to see a chicken!

Catsynth offers some photos from their pet sitter!

Oh dear! There’s a Rocky impersonator! Check THIS out!

Kamikaze is cuddling! Check out that cute face!

Spring feelings for Lisa!

Read about Gypsy’s Gotcha Day and find out more about Tasha!

Dragonheart and Merlin are taking it easy today.

The Bengal Brats are also napping!

Meet Charlie, who is doing some guest cat blogging!

Mina is showing off her favorite places to nap! Alas, our French is not good enough to tell you what Oliver is doing! Go see for yourself!

China Cat and Willow are waiting for treats!

And good thoughts, prayers, purrs, meditation, whatever it is you do, Mao and Annie are missing! Please remember them this weekend!


  1. We stopped by to catch up on some of the news. We think you might want to check the link to Annie’s blog. It is broken – missing the h of http://.

    Thanks for the news.

    jans funny farm

  2. Hi! Thanks for hosting this weekend. Here’s Kamikaze being all snuggly cute: http://igot2shoes.blogspot.com/2008/01/wcb-137-poor-little-buttercup.html

  3. Parker iz a furry good choice. He iz one hip dude…at leastee I tink so.
    We iz worried abouts all da missin’ cats too. I do not know why dey are gone, but I will certainly purr all night tonight & I tink evfun da mad Burr-mann iz gonna go out on a re-cognizant mission & looks fur dem.

  4. Parker’s quote was spot on!

    Please let Gemini know I gave her an award. Not to slight you, but I think you know I consider you a wonderful adopted mom!


  5. Iam sorry but you forgot my link I asked already Friday and it was probably Thursday night for you. That’s always the trouble with the time difference because now for me it’s already Sunday noon, lol and you are still sleeping. Could you please add me then ?

  6. Well, it’s Gypsy’s turn today to post his Gotcha Day story on Story Sunday:


    Tasha did get to post the 7 Weird Things Meme on Friday:


    We did like Parker’s comment about Hilary – she didn’t stand a chance – after all, who’s more photogenic than a cat! An excellent choice as guest star.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  7. Hooray! But I speak the truth!

  8. Parker does speak the truth!

  9. Great guest star choice, Chey! 🙂

    Our post for Weekend Cat Blogging is here: http://dragonheartsdomain.blogspot.com/2008/01/easy-like-sunday-morning.html

    Thanks for hosting this week! 🙂

  10. you’ve got some great updaties there!

  11. Cheysuli and Gemini,
    Thanks for hosting, youve done as always an awesome job!


  12. Hi there! Thanks for hosting! Here’s a Friday Cat Blogging featuring a new acquaintance as Guest Cat:


  13. Merci à toi d’héberger nos chats, voici le lien :
    Bonne soirée, bises

  14. Parker is a handsome kitty.

  15. Thanks for hosting this week and sorry about the lateness. I have China Cat & Willow in their waiting for treats positions today. Here’s the link:


  16. Great weekend kittyblog roundup!

    And we agree with Parker, you ARE way more photogenic than Hillary!

  17. Parker’s got a mega pouch of temptations, wow!

    I have a little award for you on my site when you come to visit again.


  18. Well of course Parker is more photogenic than Hillary. Sheesh. Parker is lots purrtier!
    Grate job wif WCB, Chey 🙂
    Sanjee and the Hotties

  19. Mommy! – I nominated you for an award! Pls come to my blog for da details of da award!


    PS. Your WCB is pawesome – a nice list for me to follow!

  20. Candidate Chey,

    Since we are very interested in knowing where each Presidential candidate stands on the issue of animal welfare, we are grateful that you have taken the initiative and spoken out even before being asked. Thank you for being on our side.

    jans funny farm

  21. Naturally you have a great record on animal welfare! You are a wonderful cat!! Good Luck too!!
    Purrs Mickey

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