Thankful Thursday

img_2651a.JPGI would like to thank all my fans for all the memes that they have tagged me for and what they want to know about me.  Also I have been awarded some more awards.

My secretary is falling down on the job lately as far as getting those things written down so we can thank everyone.  I think popularity comes in spurts and I have definitely been showered.

I am thankful that Georgia is doing well.  In fact as one of the things that I would do in that meme that Yao-lin tagged me for (I have that down!) I would make her well!  That way I wouldn’t have to follow her all over the place making sure she is okay.  I am also hopeful that I get a bit of food as she often gets special treats.   She had to have another remedy.  The first dose didn’t work so they had to up the dose.  This isn’t good news in the long run, but she has lived nearly a year longer than they gave her on the outside.   We are always thankful for that.

She hates to be brushed and hates to have her mats trimmed out.  Anyone have any ideas?  She loves her pink blanket from the Meezers!

I would also like to thank all the cats that are out campaigning for me. I know that Miles said he would be out there for New York. I can only hope that his abilities are better than those of the Clinton camp!


  1. Have you tried a Zoom Groom on Georgia? I keep reading about how cats love it. That’s all I can think of that might help. I also am thankful that Georgia is still doing well. I’m sorry that the dosage on her remedy has to be upped, but I hope it will help her.

  2. It seems that we are all having secretarial problems. Good secretaries are hard to get these days, especially those that would feed you and only take purrs and headbutts as wages.

  3. I hope all of you doing well, including your secretary and Georgia~~

  4. Our secretary has been falling down on the job too – she hasn’t helped us recognize any of the awards we’ve received recently. *sigh*

    We are glad that Georgia is still doing well, even though one of her treatments has needed to be increased.

    If German cats could vote, we’d be out there campaigning for you, Chey!

  5. I am very thankful that Georgia is doing well, too! It is hard to have an older sister who is sick because you have to worry a lot.

  6. Perhaps you could try to paw the text in yourself?
    I can already write:

  7. Ah yes I’z got issues with my own secretary, though since she’s also my Mummy and can open tins and pouches, I’z tend to keep these issues to myself! 😉 Well I’z rather hungry of late and know where my loyalties lay!

  8. Yes, good staff is hard to come by, isn’t it? We’re thankful that Georgia is better. We hope are resting up for the next debate.

  9. Perhaps when you become president you can hire a full time secretarty. We could use one here too.

    Poor Georgia…i am not sure what could help.

  10. Well we have NJ covered for you!!! I’m giving my meeze-speeches all over the state this week.

    Georgia is amazing, if I were her I don’t think I’d want to be brushed either though. But I’m me and I LOVE to be brushed.

  11. Hi Georgia – that’s a nice pikshur!

    Trixie hated having her mats brushed out too because her skin was getting so thin. Mommy never really found a good solution for her – her furs were so long and it was very painful for her. With Norton, his furs were very short so it was lots quicker to get the de-matting brush on him and ease them out.
    I will report tomorrow on my campaigning. it was a ‘experience

  12. We are pulling for you in Florida!

  13. Chey dear, I’m catching up with everything today and wanted to pick up the award you gave me on 1/9, but your link to “older posts” at the bottom of your page doesn’t work!


  14. Hi Chey!!
    I have so much catching up to do!! I just LOVE your new wp-template, especially the comment “hints”, quite clever.. (I may have to sniff that out for my bloggie, too)

    I’m sorry to hear Georgia isn’t feeling well. When Kitty gets bad knots and matts my mamma will cut the furs as short as she can. He loves to be brushed, my grandmamma doesn’t do it often enough.

    I’ll campaign for you in Philly!! I think the Clinton clan is here now.

  15. I am so grateful about Georgia, too! You have a wonderful family, and I feel very lucky to have met you all. =^_^=

  16. Chey,
    PLEASE come to Italy ASAP! The Italian government has fallen (no kidding) and we are now without a Prime Minister. Please come to Italy to be our leader. We NEED you WAY MORE than America does!

    Opus and Roscoe

  17. Good secretaries are just so hard to find. If you find one, please let us know where you got it so we can get a new one too!

  18. Do you want us to cheer for you at your next campaigne meet?

    It seems that everyone is looking for a good secretary. I am eyeing out the Zoolatry human. Did you see what low scores Maggy and Zoey gave her in their annual assessment? And she is way better than my SS! Coo, some kitties are hard to please.

  19. We have issues with our secretary too. It would appear that since she no longer has a day hunting job she is busier than ever with everything but us! We’re glad Georgia is still holding her own and we’ll keep purraying fur her. It’s so hard when one of our fambly is sick.

  20. The Zoom Groom is great, as long as your fur is not to long. Empress was scairt of brushes before the Zoom Groom. Now she purrs at the sight of it. It can take a bit of practice to use right. I hated it the first time, momma caught my fur wrong somehow. Now I love it though, some treats while brushing helps A LOT! ~Queen Snickers

  21. I think you have it in the bag here in Virginia! Your last campaign fundraiser here was a mob, but the cake was good.

  22. Don’t talk about secretaries… I get 1(ONE) hour computer time a day, can you believe that?? What can you do in one hour with a typist that is so slowly on the keyboard these days?

    I am happy Georgia is doing well! I do not know much about furs, brushing and things, but Marlene says she knows ALL about it, and when a cat hates it there are only two options: 1) let do it the VET, 2) do it careful with scissors (beauty is irrelevant!:) just a few minutes a few times a day and give her a treat after every session.

    Give her a hug from me!

  23. I’m very glad Georgia is feeling better. I have no suggestions on brushing, I have short hairs and I hate it.

    I’ve had suggestions to try the Zoom Groom and the Furminator. I’ll get back to you.

    We feel bad when we don’t write everyone who tagged us too, but beans are, well, only human. We loves you all no matter what!

  24. We are tellin Beins to vote fer you in the Maryland primary.

    We think a meezer cat would unnerstand all the complicated innernational stuff. Besides, ya look better than all them.

    Our call is “The Beins screwed it up, give another species a try”!

  25. wes glad georgias still doing ok. we hope this helps wiff her grooming.
    i has to get shaved down once a minff. the beans basically shaves as much hair as che can off my back belly and neck. this is acause i is a big gurl (16 pounds) and have long and very thinck hair. its hard for me to manage so much meself.i love it now. 1 bean holds me up for my belly shaving and the other shaves. i lay flat on me belly fur the back and neck and rear end shavings…raven

  26. Well you could slip her a traqualizer no just kidding. I have found if you give your cat a little cat nip & a soft brush should do.

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