Thankful Thursday

img_2608a.JPGI am very thankful that there are no more Tuesday Holidays for awhile and so Momma can write about ME!

I am also very thankful that Cheysuli had to wear the shirt that she got for Christmas and I did not.

I should very much like to have had my photo on the blog itself but both Cheysuli and I were tired of the old theme and are quite glad that Momma got a new one finally! She has been updating several of her blogs now so that is good.

I am quite glad that she choose not to go skiing in the sleet (it was saying rain at 33 on the mountain) and instead stayed home with us. This was good, even though some stuff happened that made her mad and made her wish she had gotten her behind out of bed to ski.

And finally, I am very glad that I am not the cat running for president.   This whole election thing is very time consuming. Chey is glued to the computer about the Iowa caucuses!


  1. Hahahaha, the reason you thankful for no more Tuesday holiday is very interesting~!

  2. Hi, Gemini! It must be very exciting to have a sister who is a presidential candidate! And I’m glad your Mom stayed home with you — I’m sure you got in some good snuggle time *smile*.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  3. i’s fankful there’s no more holidays, period. my fambly haf been so busy we didn’t see ’em as much as we wanted to.
    Hafn’t seen u’s in a while, Gemini, good ta see u’s.

  4. That’s a great new header! Love it!

  5. I love your new blog layout. I am glad that there are no more holidays for a while, too. I am also glad that your Mom didn’t go skiing in the sleet. That can be very not-fun-at-all.

  6. That is a lovely photo of you, Gemini. The new blog template looks good!

  7. I like your new blog format. But it would be even better with Gemini on the header, too!

  8. Your new header looks great – and you being back is even greater!

  9. Ooh like d’new layout here! 🙂

  10. We like the new layout a lot. We also really like this picture of you. it made Mommy say “Awwwww!”

  11. Sleet? Bleh!

  12. Our mommie is going figure skating today. Skiing sounds purrrrfect for her too.
    Gemini, your new layout here is lovely!
    Have a delightful day and try to keep the typist in a good mood…


  13. Happy New Year


  14. Meowmy is thinking about going skiing in a few weeks. They will go up to Maine to see our Grandpaw. Hey Gemini, will you do me a favor and take Chey to a spa day for me? I think she needs some rest.

  15. Too cold to go outside! We’re glad the hollydaes is over too!

    Luf, Us

  16. I am glad your mommy stayed home with you! The weather is icky this week, so it is a great time for extra mom snuggling.

    It is good to see you again, Gemini! I’ve missed you.

  17. Happy New Year to all. Hey your new header is looks great.

  18. mm you have a lot to be thankful for, it is always a good thing to have a human slave on tap. Well, a good thing unless of course you are stuck with MY human.

    I imagine Chey is frantically busy at the moment – please let her know she has my support x

  19. We like da new look but it would be effun better wif yoor piksher in da header too. Running fur office sounds like to much work fur us. After all, we is cats and haf to nap.

  20. You has such pretty furrs!! By da way what is caucus? Is it da white stuffs you puts in a leaky showers?

  21. I hope the Cyclone Cats are causing for Chey and me tonight.

  22. Thankful for no more Tuesday holidays… hahahaha!

    I love the new theme, but why are you not in the header, Gemini??


    ps — I type from the airplane, I am on my way to Karl, and surfing the internet at 35,000 feet… haha… some last visits before our cruise begins.

  23. That’s a great photo of you – it shows your pretty tabby markings nicely.

    Thanks for visiting our new blog – we’ll be back to see how things in Iowa work out for Chey,

    Purrs & Headbutts

    Gypsy & Tasha

  24. We would love to hear more about you, Gemini and we love your picture, too.

    Moe & Mindy

  25. Gemini, (ooopsie!) I posted dis on Chey’s Monday bloggie… what a messie-up! Obveeeously, it iz ‘cuz I yam not a meezer!)

    We iz glad dat you gots a chancee to bloggie. It iz time dat a nice “non-meezer” such az yourself haz da opportuna-tee to say what iz on her mind. (Not dat I iz sayin’ dat da meezers of da world cannot tell us what iz on dere mindz…yes, dey do!)

    Love, Dr T

  26. Isn’t that pic wonderful…. Lovely.. Can I have the cat for a day???
    I really liked it.

  27. Thanks for the great picture.

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