Tabby Tuesday

img_3013a.JPGI am every so excited. Did you know we got snow here again? Well Momma went outside and took some photos. She opened the door and I looked out. I did not like what I smelled and saw but Momma was there so I went out and SHE CLOSED THE DOOR! I meowed really really loudly so that she knew that I was locked outside with her. Then she opened the door and I ran back in.

I do not like the cold. I think I will go to my handsome Ping’s and stay in Florida.

I am happy that Zoolatry said if I was a fish I would be a sweet little cherubfish. Momma was going to make a fish photo but she got busy… I think there should be nothing more important than making cute photos of me.


  1. This winter is colder than last year, I think it’s not so bad. I hope the earth is not so heat~
    But, it is not funny when the weather is too cold~! Because might get cold or something~!

    This photo of you is so adorable,
    please stay warm!

  2. RosieAndCheeto says:

    whoa, she almost locked yoo out in the icky smelling, horribul luking snowie owtdoors!?! Gud thing yoo skreemed supur loud!

  3. I’ll pass on the snow, but send the rain any day.

  4. You have snow too?! WOW the world must stop up in the Emerald city! We have about 8 inches. So pretty but cold…I would rather stay safe and warm tucked inside my blue fuzzy blanket!
    Mommy just oooohed and ahhhhed over the Old Fashion photo of your beloved who came before you. Thank you for sharing that with us…

  5. You are very cute, Gemini! 🙂 Snow is definitely cold. We don’t like the cold at all, so we are very happy that we are having a very mild winter here in Munich. We’ve had practically no snow to speak of!

  6. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to stay warm!

  7. I agree photos are most important!

  8. Awh, a sweet little cherubfish cat.

    Yes, taking pictures is very important. I hope your mamma get her priorities straight.

  9. Snow? We have never seen snow. Occasionaly we have frost in The Deep South. It makes a crunchy noise when we step on it that makes us shake our paws and run back in, just like you did. Stay warm and cozy.

  10. Oh goodiegoodiegoodie Miss Gemini is going to come ofur and bizit me! YAY let me go and tidy up and get all my toys put away and put out some nice treats and catnip milk….oh yes Miss Gemini is comin to bizit today!

    We has a nice surprise for you…


  11. I got shut in the garage yesterday, usually I don’t mind but I was freezin’ my pads off!

  12. A bit of political humor from my NMSSF Tony:

    I don’t know whether or not you watched the memorial service for Ronald Reagan, BUT….. if you did, you probably noticed that Bill and Hillary were both dozing off.

    President Ronald Reagan, who never missed a chance for a good one-liner, raised his head out of his casket and said…..

    “I see the Clintons are finally sleeping together.”

  13. Gemini you wented out? oh my, please don’t go out!

  14. I’m with you Gemini, I don’t like the snow! Its nicer in where it is warm.


  15. We have been getting way too much snow too. You deserve a nice vacation somewhere warm.

    Thanks for you help last night!

  16. I’m glad you went right back inside!!! We did see that you got snow out there!

  17. Snow=Bleh!

  18. Gemini, I think you have got the sweetest little face. A cherubfish is perfect for you because you look like a little angel!

  19. I didn’t like the cold when mommy let me go outside and pat the snow with my paws, either. Brrrrrr!

  20. I have seen lots of snow when I was with Karl in Antarctica. And it was cold!! Snow outside is beautiful, but my advise is to watch it from a warm place INSIDE your home!

    Only for closing the door when you were outside, Gemini, your Momma has to make a big series of cute photos of you… and publishing them all here, of course! I am looking forward for it!!:-)

    a very happy Ruis:)

  21. Awwww, Gemini, my mum is sitting her going oooh and aaah because she thinks you have such a sweet little face.

    We haven’t had a single flake of snow in London so far this winter. Lots of rain though.

  22. She shut you outside!!!!??????? She is in big trouble! I am on my way to put the bitey on her!

  23. Gemini dear, you must never, never go out again! What if your Mom didn’t see you out there?

    Your friend

  24. Yikes! Snow is too cold for kitties, even really fluffy ones like your adorable self. And, by the way, you’re looking especially adorable today.

  25. Goodness Gemini, stay inside and stay warm.

  26. Snow is REELY WEERD and scarey! We gotten used ta it sometimes, but inside is better than outside when that stuff is around..

  27. We occasionally get snow, but not much-I have never been out in it, it’s just too brrry cold!

  28. O dear, Gemini! I’m sure glad you got back inside!

  29. Good thing you were locked out with your mommy and not without her. It might have been a while before she found you. 🙁 We hope you got nice and warm fast.

  30. Thank heavens for a loud voice!!!! 🙂
    Snow is cold!
    Purrs Mickey

  31. Yoo already haf a cute foto, Gemini! All yoor foto’s are cute cuz dey are of yoo.

  32. Oh Gemini, you are so cute! We love your floofyness! We have never seen snow! But if you did not like it then it must be icky!
    Your FL furiends,

  33. You showed good sense. Stay inside where it’s warm!

    jans funny farm

  34. Huh?

    jans funny farm

  35. The Right Paw Of Bast will surely triumph soon!

  36. Your photo is sooooo cute, Gemini! Oh, and don’t go out.

    Mindy & Moe

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