Tabby Tuesday

img_2922a.JPGOh! OH!  [Gemini jumps up and down on all fours. ] I get to do a public service announcement for Cheysuli!!!!!

Ahem.  Ahem.  MEW. MEW!!!! MEEEEEEWWWW!!!!

Okay.  Cheysuli would like to say that she did not mean to suggest that race and species relations in the US are as good as they can be.  She just wanted to focus on the positive.  However, she says we still need to do more.

And in the interest of full disclosure, she herself did not think of the John Edwards thing. It is something she heard and quoted.

Okay, so that was my public service announcement. Was I good?  Was I good?

Oh maybe I have a career!  I could be a cannouncer!  It would be ever so much fun!

Have a happy tabby Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. you should be Chey’s public relations cat! I mean, you’re cute and floofy and you would get lots of attenshun for it. PLUS, unlike me, you would not poot on the people of New York State.

  2. Hahahaha~!
    You are so cute and very good at your job~!!!!

  3. You were great Gemini! I’m very proud of you, of course you should be Chey’s spokescat.


  4. Yoo did a fantabulus job Gemini, we see a future fur yoo as a spokescat!

  5. I’z got a public announcement to make too! 🙂

  6. Excellent message, Gemini! You definitely have a future as a spokescat. 🙂

    That is also a lovely photo of you. 🙂

  7. Gemini, you are a natural! Smart and pretty are a wonderful combination!

  8. You did an eggsullent job Gemini. We fink you should make a career of public nountsmunts.

  9. Nice work Gemini! Great announcement and awesome tabby photo.



  10. Gemini, you done good!

  11. That was a great announcement! You could be Chey’s Press Secretary!!

  12. Miss Gemini

    Did you not tell me that you were modelling on the current cover of CAT FANCY? Is that not you my dear sweet Gemini? I about fell outta my cat tree when Momma showed me the cover and said it certainly looked so much like you and did I know you were modelling? Your lovely picture today was nearly a ringer for the one on the cover of that magazine.


  13. Great job, Gemini! I definitely think you could have a successful career as a spokeskitty.

  14. Hey Gemini, you were good!

  15. Oh Gemini, you are so talented! Yeah!!

    And except for having a long tail, you look a great deal like our friend Feather. Hey, maybe we should post her picture tommorow!

  16. That’s great Gemini! You can be the national spokescat! Yay!

    Luf, Us

  17. Gemini dear, I believe you may have a career covering politics for all us cats.

    However, I disagree about John Edwards biggest obstacle. It’s that the public remembers his $400 haircut fiasco!


  18. You would be great and look cute too!

  19. You should convince Chey to run in the curreny presidential election and then you could be press secretary! We need leaders like the two of you!

  20. Most excellent work. You are welcome to come work for Pooses for Peace anytime you would like.
    We pay in ham and tuna currencies.


  21. Pet Classifieds, I am running in the current presidential election. That’s what this blog is about? I hope.

  22. LoL! That vas great! Nice work!

  23. Oh,I think you did a great job and are nice to look at as well 🙂
    For what it’s worth, I knew what Cheysuli meant 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Your hair is fine. You are perfectly groomed, as far as we can see.
    Lucky says that I do the reading in the house, and that’s how she knows what the blog says. But mom makes sure I always “read” the truth.


  25. We’ve been catching up on your posts and notice your campaign is doing well. Keep up the good work.

    jans funny farm

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