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img_2753a.JPGTesla tagged Cheysuli and I for the seven weird things about us meme. I got to do the weird things, because, well as you know, Chey is all caught up in New Hamster.

So Seven WEIRD things about me? I think I am very normal but Momma says some of these are a bit unusual.

1. I prefer my crunchies to anything else

2. Even though the Almost Dad visited every week when he and Momma didn’t live in the same city, I would always be afraid of him for the first day.

3. I can flip. Momma keeps trying to get a good photo of it, but they are always blurry.

4. I do not like to be brushed and then suddenly I do. Then I do not like it again.

5. I prefer to watch squirrels to birds. Maybe this is not too weird, but it is sort of interesting.

6. I will only sit on someone if Georgia is already on their lap. If she moves, I move. When Momma would be gone, I would only play with the pet sitter if Georgia was relaxing on their lap. Once she got tired of them, I left too.

7. I do not like to have my furs trimmed on my bottom.

I think nearly everyone has played but if you haven’t consider yourself tagged!


  1. I’m the same way too. My Mom would brush me and at first I hate it but then I like it and then I hate it again. I don’t know why I’m like that. The others either love it or hate it. Then again, they are weird.

  2. I had quite the wonderful day today with squirrel watching. It was 73 degrees and the squirrels were crazy all around my backyard. I also enjoyed being brushed today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring…

    Purrrrrs, Willow

  3. You sound somewhat like *me! (Although no one’s ever tried to trim the furs on my bottom!) 🙂

    ~ Ninna

  4. you have some lovely ear furs!

  5. I am smiling at No.4.
    Sometimes I really agree with you, hahahaha~!

  6. Georgia, we enjoyed learning more about you! Squirrels are fun to watch, but we have a lot more birds visit, so we like watching them the best. 🙂

  7. I wish I could see you flip! That sounds like a good trick.

  8. It’s good to keep them guessing with the brush!

  9. Cool! Chey caught a Hamster! Did she eat it? Those are probably as much fun as squirrels.

  10. Gemini

    Abby doesn’t like having the fur trimmed on her bottome eifur. Sometimes she gets cling ons because she is so furry and Momma has to clean them off for her and she doesn’t like it. For some reason she can’t reach her bottom because of how her body is shaped. I nefur have that problem. I am always well groomed. I will be purring for you…


  11. I don’t fink we would want our bottom furrs trimmed either.

  12. I love crunchies too!

  13. Squirrels are SO much more interesting than birdies. I totally agree.

  14. Oh, I am the same with brushing. I love it or hate it.

  15. That is a lovely close-up of you!

    I prefer to watch birdies, but Holly goes CRAZY when she sees a squirrel. Maybe the two of you could exchange squirrel-watching tips.

  16. Yeah, the skwerrels are more fun to watch. Da birds fly in, eat, fly out. Da skwerrels stay and play…

  17. Well of course you don’t want your butt furs trimmed! The indignity of it all!

    Luf, Us

  18. We are watching squirrels also!

  19. Georgia, you can FLIP? Wow, I have to try that … here goes …1…2…3….. OUCH!!!


  20. You know, I can’t say I blame you for #7!

  21. Wowie kazowie, yur seven things was fun to read! And how kool that you flip! I wanna learn to flip, too. That sounds like funsies!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. That was fun to learn more about you, Gemini! You are such a lovely and sweet kitty girl.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  23. #4 … intrestin.

  24. A bit derivitive but “cats don’t do BS”. 😉

  25. I like the last slogan best. I mean, it’s very important not to be disturbed by anyone!

  26. We’re with you on 1 and 3 but 7 has us seriously curious! Guess there are advantages to having short hair!

  27. We don’t find you weird at all Chey. Just stopped by to thank you for visiting our blog too.
    jackie, gidget and fritzy

  28. Karl doesn’t like brushing anywhere, hahahahaha. You are not weird, just funny!
    We like slogan 1 best. Don’t miss the BIG tea party tomorrow !!!!

  29. Ya Meezers are too cute, I so enjoye hearing all about ya. Oh,stop by my place tomorrow and see what Momo and I have been up to.

  30. You have very pretty eyes. I like your 7 weird things. But with us cats they are probably not weird at all.


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