Sunday Guest Star

poosecongress.jpgWell, once again this was a tough choice. We had a number of people who liked Worf. One who liked Sara Connor. We had some write ins, amongst them Dr. Who and the Incredible Hulk. I did like the suggestion about the Whapinator, but I think I have other plans for Sammy.

So, in that sense, I was most intrigued by Zevo Calamari. Zevo said:

I nominate my roomie, Nubi Wan Kenobi. He is one of the generals of the Bite & Run brigade, a Jedi and a great biter. He is strong with the Force, so Borgs should not be a problem.

I would be happy to Fed-ex him to you with a honey baked ham. I should mention he is a pillow hog.

Now, there are a number of things that I like about the idea of Nubi. First, he has a proven track record of the Bite and Run. Second, he is a Jedi. I have had to fight off and assimilate the Borg. As Miles has pointed out, those show tunes get old FAST.

Finally, I liked him because he came with a honey baked ham. No one else offered food. I can’t believe you didn’t think of it!

I should like to thank everyone who offered up family members. I would like to thank Captain Jack for offering himself and I will have to chat with you. I don’t think a Pirate Cat stands out too much. I mean, it’s not like you dress like an FBI agent or anything.


  1. Great choice, Chey, although with still think Ronon Dex would make great bodyguard. 🙂

  2. Great choice!!

    I think the reason you like him ” came with a honey baked ham” is very interesting.

  3. Yeh Chey! Good choice. Guests bearing gifts are the best. And ham.. oh my…

  4. Well, since Nubi came with a ham, there was really no other choice!

  5. Oh well, if he’s bringing ham he’s the obveeus choice, speshully honey baked ham.

  6. He had me at HAM!

  7. Ham…hmmmmm…no cat could compete with a honey baked ham!

  8. A wise choice. Food is an important consideration.

  9. Honored i am, chosen i have been. Protect Cheysuli i shall. New Ray-Bans will me you give? The ham enjoy you did?

    May the Force with you!
    general nubi wan kenobi
    jedi poose
    New Body Guard to Presidential Candidate Cheysuli

  10. you have chosen wisely, madam candidate!

    ben fuzz
    lucy fur

  11. what a great bodyguard. Also you can use some of the others to protect your family too

  12. I can’t believe I didn’t think to offer food either!! jeez, I must have been slacking or something.

    Good choice, Chey.

  13. maybe the Ham swing it 🙂
    ise do bite and run too – Castle is a bit bigger than me so it is not too surprising xxx

  14. How does an FBI agent dress? Perhaps I should ask Tigger instead.

  15. ps – you’re tagged! 🙂 xx

  16. Well … honey baked ham. No contest! 🙂

  17. did i heer u say h-a-m?

  18. We can see why the honey baked ham put you over the top. Ranger only eats organic, healthy junk.

    Luf, Us

  19. Hard to complain about anything that comes wif a ham…

  20. Ham AND a bodyguard! What a life!

  21. Hunny-baked ham? Man oh man, that sounds yummiferous!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. Mmmmmm, ham!
    Excellent choice!

    By the way, snoopervising is a very important duty for all cats and for presidential candidates!

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