Sunday Guest Star

shoppingbags.jpgWell this week, while we laughed at many many of the comments, we were certain Rocky from Artsy Catsy was the winner. You might ask why when I think all of you had us laughing. Well, he has added to our slogan and I’ll explain that in a minute.

Rocky said:

Chey, I think that was a very well thought out ’spontaneous’ poot, ripe with symbolism. It exhibited that you are a candidate who will cut the hot air in this campaign and bring Winds of Cheynge to the Whitehouse.


Now, I think that I like the Winds of Cheynge idea. In fact, it has me debating the slogan. Does it become

  1. Paws for Cheynge
  2. Paws for the Winds of Cheynge?

What do you cats like? I will be working on the Woman to get her behind in gear to turn out some bumper stickers and more buttons with my slogan on them!


And I would like to thank Miles Meezer for graciously agreeing to poot at the New York voters while campaigning for me. I suspect this is what will garner me more delegates than Hillary her home state!


  1. Rocky is indeed a great choice! What a way with words,hahahahaha!!!
    I wish I could be so witty 😉
    I’ll go with ‘Paws for Cheynge’
    Short & sweet,beans like that 🙂
    They’re lazy. Besides,it uses less ink and keeps costs down,heehee
    Purrs Mickey

  2. We like Paws for Cheynge!

  3. I like Rocky as well~!!!!!

  4. Rocky came up with a really good comment. I like “Paws for Cheynge” better, too. I mean, you can’t always have the wind going.

  5. Fabulous comment from Rocky! 🙂 Great guest star choice. 🙂 We like Paws for Cheygne.

  6. Rocky is so cool! I will go with ‘Paws for Cheynge’ too.

  7. Looks pretty yoonannymouse up to now. We like Paws furr Cheynge best as well. Well done Rocky!!

  8. I agree with my Mickey completely on this topic!

  9. Paws for Cheynge! Love it! Rocky rocks!

  10. Very nice slogan!

  11. Paws for Cheynge! Whooopee!

  12. I ate ham and bean soup so I’m all ready to campaign! Miles

    Paws for The Winds of Cheynge

  13. I’m honored, Chey, thank you so much. It’s a relief to know someone appreciates my wit. When I use it on my staff, they just look at me sideways, like dimwits.


  14. The Winds of Cheynge! That’s very funny!

  15. We like “Paws for Cheynge”.

    “Paws for the Winds of Change” has TWO whole thoughts in it, which is 1 (or maybe 2) too many for most voters to figure out.

  16. You could do much worse than getting Rocky as your campaign director – witty, an experienced CEO and handsome into the bargain!

    All paws up for Cheynge!

  17. Paws for Cheynge!

    Moe & Mindy

  18. It strikes us as mildly ironic that the beans aren’t Pooting.

    We like Paws for Paws for Cheynge-It takes more than talent & intellect to be able to Poot on demand.

  19. That was great work by Rocky – you can see why he’s a successful CEO. He makes an excellent choice for Sunday Guest Star. Purrsonnally, we like slogan # 1 Paws for Cheynge, but what do we know – we’re cats.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  20. We love Paws for Cheynge!

  21. owr woofer gussie poots. the beans laff when he does.
    oh an if the meezers ated the ham and bean soup, back away cawse theyll be tooting all ofur the place.

  22. we lyk Paws for Cheynge.

  23. I like this cat! It’s a star!

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