Sunday Guest Star

pepi-unimpressed.jpgWow, was it ever a hard choice this week. We had a lot of kitties who said some interesting things that intrigued us.  Of course, the Woman almost fell out of her chair when Pepi wrote his (although she was primed by the Fab Five, which was what made even that a hard choice!), but we still felt we wanted to choose Pepi (after all, Dr. Tweety was just featured!)

Pepi said:

Huh. I thought it meant “Unidentified Farting Oldie” but what do I know. I’ll think on these opportunities. The farting kind too.
your bud Pepi

Yes, Pepi, it does seem like the oldies do fart more don’t they?  And they do their best to not be identified… hmmm.   I wonder if that secrecy comes with age?  Hard to say.

Certainly I have to consider whether farting oldies is part of a campaign stand or not.   Perhaps I should put it under healthcare?

For all of you who weren’t chosen, well I can only choose one and I think nearly everyone who made a UFO comment made me pause for at least a moment. Pepi should be proud to have been chosen this week of all weeks!


  1. YAY Pepi!!!!! all the comments made us laff and laff

  2. Hahahaha – yes, that was a very good choice! It will never be the same now when we hear UFO – hahahahahaha!
    Come on over and check out the fabulous interior of our cruise ship and the wonderful crew we have!
    Karl and Ruis

  3. Jolly good choice there old chap.

    It is SO hot here! ARRRRGGHH!!

  4. Oh, that one is priceless. Good for Pepi. UFO will never be the same again.

  5. Onya Pepi! Score one for my(Gypsy’s) Secret Paw! Another angle on UFO’s that we hadn’t thought about. There are so many smart kitties and beans out here in the blogosphere – Mum loved all the comments,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  6. Congratulations, Pepi! You’re very funny.

  7. I think my Daddy is old – and well, I guess he’s a UFO!

  8. oh humans are so disgusting and they obviously get worse with age!!

    Great comment tho xx

  9. Oh, I sadly missed your post on UFOs when I was ill. Pepi’s comment was certainly funny! Great choice. 🙂


  10. Yup,good choice heehee
    I confess I do not fart.I’m an oldie,guess I better start 🙂

    Purrs Mickey

  11. yeah, that was a very good choice! lol… all the comments and the UFO thing is really hilarious Pepi.

  12. Good one Pepi. That made us laugh too.

  13. Oh yer ban cabbage and beans in d’same week! No self respecting cat can sleep properly with a human however warm they’z are or how soft the bed is iffen they’z been at the cabbage ‘n beans! 😉

  14. Yup, that one has us laffin an laffin!

    Luf, Us

  15. ha ha ha fabulous. Pepi is the perfect choice. Yu did have a hard decision. Those are funny. I do like trying to prevent Unidentified Feline Opportunities and make sure I am available to inspect all of them!

  16. That *is rather funny … congrats to Pepi!

  17. All we can say is good choice, congratulations Pepi and HAHAHAHAHAHAH!


  18. i’m glad thats not what it stands for… although… i guess that would make them a lot more common.

  19. btw… i tagged you for a game on my bloggy!

  20. Hahahaha!

    Ummm… how old is old? I mean I’m 8, but I’m not fartin’. Mine mombean farts, but she’s ancient.

  21. Pepis comment us too funny. uh we no fart though. owr beans did hear woofer Gus poot once though.

  22. Hello Cheysuli – Thanks so much for dropping by and seeing Simon and telling all the kitties out there about him! He sends your kitties some paw (high-five paw that is)! 🙂

  23. I loved Pepi’s comment — so funny! Congratulations to Pepi for being featured as Sunday’s guest star. 🙂

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  24. ConCATulashuns to Pepi fur bein yur Sunday Guest Star! His comment was hillaryus!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  25. Pepi is really awesome~!!
    Congratulations for the Sunday star~!

  26. What an excellent comment by Pepi!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  27. Pepi…he iz my main main..after all, he iz Mini’s bro!!!! & if we iz fartin’ in our old age, den we iz just a sailin; along!!! Full sail ahead mateys!

  28. Oh wow. Thanks Chey! haha Is this my 15 minutes of fame?
    your bud Pepi

  29. Hahahaha! Hilarious, Chey.

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