Photo Hunt: Skinny

img_2840a.JPGOf course this should have been a photo of me as meezers are wonderfully slender. The woman said my pouch of a belly from being too fat would show. Instead, we have this photo of my food. Skinny can mean not much of something and this food is certainly on the skinny side. In fact, if it’s not refilled soon, I too could be a very skinny cat! This is just wrong!

On Sunday, remember we are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging! Leave any links you like in the comments of this post (or Friday’s!)


  1. That bowl is very SKINNY!!! You have no food!!!!! Oh the horror!
    Complain now!! You are looking good now, you do not need to be too Skinny 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  2. I guess ‘The Woman’ is looking out for ur weight 😛

  3. That food supply is indeed looking a little skinny. Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. this is cool. cats can blog now. hehe! thanks for sharing! 🙂

    check out my skinny entry here: BLOGSILOG

  5. woohooo!!! that’s what I’m talking about, that is really a skinny one!!! nice post for this week theme, keep it up…

    check mine:
    Happy Weekend!!!

  6. Um,…that is not enough food! You should call CPS (Cat Protective Services)!

  7. My bowl gets efun worse than that. I am on a speshul diet, and Patches sneaks in and eats my food. Nefurr mind my tummy swings when I walk, nefurr mind that.

    Mittens Pollypaws

  8. That is quite a cute bowl and it matches your place mat. When I look at you, you do seem skinny to me. I wouldn’t listen to the woman’s claim that you have a pouch. And you are right, a “skinny” food bowl is unacceptable.

  9. We’re can believe the state of your food bowl – do you want us to notify the SPCA? Humans can be sooooo cruel,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  10. That’s a scandal how they treat you, you should complain at the cat syndicate !
    BTW I have a post for WCB, I saw on the list that it is your turn this week end ! Thanks for hosting !

  11. Your food supply is indeed getting skinny. You should complain at once.

  12. There is a newcomer to Weekend Cat Blogging – it’s their first time so we’re posting their linkie for them!

    Meet Maxx, the destroyer of venetian blinds! Their linkie is:

    Thanks! 🙂

  13. Now for Puddy’s linkie for WCB! Here it is:

    She’s showing off her favourite toy in the whole wide world – and it’s 100% free! 😀

    Thanks for hosting, looking forward to the round-up.

    Katie and Puddy

  14. Oh crikey – we should be feeding Trixie skinny food, but as we are ALL eating kitten food until Pye turns one…

    Then I suppose we will all be eating ordinary (Science Diet) and Trixie will NEVER end up with skinny food and how will I ever get Senior? I am turning nine next month.

    Oh, Mom was just about to reread the Trixie Beldens but she doesn’t have #27 so she will have to get it from ebay. So she is very happily reading the Harry Potter series again – um, for about the tenth time for some of the books but the second time for the last one.

    Well, she was, but then she got an idea for a post about it to put onto Kaleidoscope, and then she had to go start the photo layout for it! Why did she bother turning off the computer and getting ready for bed?

  15. Chey, I have a belly pouch and I barely weigh over 6 pounds! I agree that your foods are looking a little bit skinny there. Maybe you could get a smaller bowl and it will look like more!

  16. Oh no, Chey, it’s not right to have a ‘skinny’ amount in your food dish. Well, we have the same problem wif our mom too…..she measures our crunchies each day and her measuring cup is way, way too small. We discovered if you push the food container off of the counter an it falls on da floor, the lid will fly off and voila…

    Mindy & Moe

  17. I hope your food dish is filled before you get too skinny. Perfect for the theme.

  18. Wowww….great point~!
    It Does Skinny~!!!!!

  19. Oh man, if you’re fat, Chey, I’m about the size of 14 elephants! hehehe

    Here’s our WCB post for this weekend:
    Fanks for hosting!


  20. Thanks so much for hosting WCB. Our link is up!

  21. Oh no! Skinny kitties? That is not wight! There should not be any skinny kitties in this world! Get those beans to fill up your bowl wight now!

  22. Thank you for hosting WCB. I love big cats, so you are “Just Right”. Check out one of our BIG cats. I volunteer at our SPCA cat shelter, and one of our celebrity cats, Midday, was adopted this past week. Here is the link. Try to watch the video to see what we mean by the “Praying” cat.

  23. How awful! That’s a really skinny meal. A cat’s life is unfair, isn’t it? Here’s my entry for Weekend Cat Blogging:

  24. That is a SKINNY bowl of food!! We hope they put more out.
    Here is our post the WCB. Thanks for hosting Chey, Gemini and Georgia!

  25. Oh no! Upsie is on a diet and she is miserable too! I hope you get a few low calorie treats to take the sting out of it. Here is our link for this weekend:

  26. Well, I finally got the right spot! For Cat Blogging: I have this thing for people to make a Life Poster of their cat. URL:

    I hope folks find it useful!

  27. Skinny is as skinny does. Our first time to try this WCB out, so here are Zandakitty and her boy:

  28. Poor thing! I do hope your food bowl is no longer skinny, but filled to the brim. Blessings!

  29. Thank you for hosting WCB! Here is my entry into this weeks WCB.

  30. That bowl is sirtinnly looking skinny. It’s not good enuff. It’s the thin edge of the wedge.

  31. You’ve been royally tagged by the Queen of Memes. Please pass it on to as many as you’d like.
    Long live the dungeon.

    No Autographs, Please – The Band Meme

  32. I would get skinny on that food real quick!

    Have a great week!

  33. It’s dreadful that we’z got missing blog kitties… 🙁

  34. Thank you for all the info. It is sad to hear that there are a few lost kitties out there.

    We shall report your pet human to the authorities for starving you. Meanwhile we will fed-ex some ham to you.

  35. Ooh a bowl like that would get howls of protest from my masters! A belated happy weekend

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