Photo Hunt: Delicious

img_2711a.JPGI figured all the cats would be doing Temptations. As a matter of fact, I am not such a big fan. I don’t like anything that requires my teeth to crunch.

Photos of cans of cat food were boring.

How about Feathers?! I love feathers. While one may not think they are delicious in the traditional sense, I prefer them to breakfast. I prefer them to just about anything! I love them. I do eat them. I guess this means I find them delicious!


  1. Those feathers do look delicious. Mom caught camie playing with, and licking our nip, feather carrot earlier today – We did not know that dogs liked nip too.

    Tiki, Tavi, and Cody

  2. My mommy, you are right as always…um, however, I featured temptations on my post and Marie featured fancy feast. Ooops!

  3. Hmmmm – Mrs. OZ would so TOTALLY agree with you! The maid just has to pick up the whirley bird and Mrs. OZ cames from wherever she is!!!
    We will meet some feathered locals on Monday!!!! And today we are at the South Pole!

  4. Oooh, I hope we can have some feathers for dinner!

  5. You and Kaze should get together. She prefers feathers to breakfast, too.

  6. Yeah~!!
    Great choice~!!!!!
    Delicious could have so many meanings~!!!

  7. Anything soft and fluffy would be nice to play with. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. For my four masters delicious is anything in anyone else’s bowls and everything on our plates! Happy weekend

  9. Feathers are wonderful! We both love feathers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for your good wishes yesterday. I am doing much better. Dragonheart

  10. Awwww – such a cute picture. Your feathers look delicious ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Well, I do not think anything could be as good as Temptations. But you make feathers look good!

  12. Will you please teach us how to keep the feathers out of our noses when the feathers are in our mouths? That makes us sneezy and then the feathers float and fly about… is there a secret trick you have for this?

  13. Chey, you do look as if you are really enjoying those feathers. We can’t get enough Temptations, though. When mom makes herself coffee, the bag she gets it from sounds exactly like the Temptations bag and we come running full of expectation. Then she feels bad and voila we get our treat – we are so glad she feels bad, hee, hee.

  14. feathers are great! i am not a playful cat, but a feather is guaranteed to stoke a reaction out of me. good choice!

  15. wooohhhooo!!! thats really delicious mmmmmm… indeed you have a very nice picture, keep it up!!!

    check mine:
    Happy Weekend!

  16. Cool shot and I can see how that might be delicious if I was a cat.

  17. Fev-vers are deelishus….hehehehe

  18. We love Temptations and feathers, but we eat the feathers up, too!

    ~ The Bunch

  19. oh yeah, fev-vers are the most important of the food groups. – Sammy

  20. I think feathers are delicious too but not when the Meow Mix is out.

  21. Sorry Gemini… but we are definitely planning on rooting loud, long and strong for our Redksins this afternoon! And hoping the Seahawks just get served up as more feathers for Chey to chew on!

  22. Feathers are delicious! And Kavan eat one!


  23. cute cat u have here, wish we can have a cat one of this days…thanks for sharing.

    Mine is up at 4SeasonsOfmylife and
    2Cents Worth . Hope you can visit me too. Happy Hunting.

  24. dearest Chey

    Please accept my apology for not awarding you the jewel in the crown.

    I am busily updating my blog to amend this GLARING error. I can’t believe I made such a mistake.

    Sincerest apologies.

    HRH Yao-Lin xx

  25. Arh…feathers are indeed dewicious! But I unwike you Chey, I do pwefer mine bweakfast much more than feathers.

  26. Delicious is all about how it affects the senses.The fev-ver toy piques your sense of fun amd is therefore a delicious delight!!
    Purrs Mickey

  27. Feffers are the BESTEST efer ~Ko Ko

  28. Yummy, we don’t have that color feather. Lucky kitty. =^..^=

  29. Chey, feathers are about the greatest thing in the world, but…they are still 2nd to Temptations in my estimation!

  30. I think red dots would be delicious, too, only I’ve never been able to get one inside my mouth!

    Love your new blog look!

  31. Chey – us siamese do moody better than any other feline, as well you know! .

    I know you will enjoy the award after a good night’s rest, and possibly some chicken.

    Ta ta for now *moody air kisses*

    HRH Yao-Lin xx

  32. i’ve just got to play this delicious game! sounds wonderful!

  33. Hey Chey: pass the word (not the football) to Gemini and all the family — we’re not sore losers,
    so we send Big Congratulations
    to all you Seahawks. (And Chey, sorry that means to new feathers for you…)

  34. Chey that is a great Delicious Photo Hunt! Feathers are fun to eat, too! We wouuld have never thought of that!
    Hi Gemini and Georgia!!!
    Your FL furiends,

  35. Oh, I do agree totally. Feathers–Yummy!

  36. Hi Chey! Mom says I can vote for you for president because you never bothered us. Mom just told one candidate that there wasn’t a chance in h-e- double hockey sticks that she could forget that Tuesday is election day. Thanks for being considerate.


    I think Pepi’s UFO definition was really funny.

  37. who hoo meow and feathers are great and tasty for the early hours…oh president you have the votes!!!!

  38. hhhmmm why not try something else at my blog instead of feathers? jahahha what do you think?

  39. If they are delicious to you, then well, they are. When I see feathers ON a live bird, well then that’s when I see them as delicious. My sister Cookie doesn’t enjoy treats. The only exception is fish flakes. I LOVE treats, but I sniff them for a minute and 13 seconds before eating them. I’ve seen what my mom stuffs in those pill pocket things for Kali.

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