Meezer Rule Wednesday: God-O_Meter

img_3138a.JPGMeezer Rule Wednesday: If the Corporate Media Ignore you, Bite them.

Despite being the Right Paw of Bast and speaking openly about it, I have not managed to make the God-O_Meter over at belief net. I think that is specist, else it is religious discrimination.

As the Right Paw of Bast, I am a preacher of hope. In my poorly publicized (I blame the corporate media) Iowa Caucus speech I spoke to my follower of my faith and my hopes for the country.

“It reminds me of the day when I stood with a cat who had never heard of Bast. Her humans were very conservative in their Christianity and refused to discuss the concept of a Goddess for Cats. I spoke to her of the love of Bast and what it meant to me to be her Right Paw and that cat fell down there and was filled with hope–hope that cats CAN do more than beg for food, hope that cats CAN do more than just plead for treats and a nice place to sleep. Cats have the power to create the world that they want!

That moment of filling that cat with hope–that is what being the Right Paw is all about.”

I have spoken to you many times of being the Right Paw. I have taken criticism. Yet am I heard? I am not heard by the mainstream. I am tired of this! It is time to take this back! I will form my own bite and run pose (unless Pooses for Peace wishes to assist me) and I will bite the Corporate Media (and beliefnet) for not paying more attention to me!!!

Are you with me?!


  1. Perfect rule!

  2. I will bring the tequila. those corporate media types are vile tasting. – Sammy

  3. We like Sammy’s suggestion. We think we would have to have something to drown out the taste.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  4. I am with you, Cheysuli. Be sure to take something good along to drown out the horrible taste after the Bite and Run.

  5. Oh you say I can put the bitey on people?! Can I bite their toes please? They’re the best part of a person to put the bitey on, especially if they’re asleep! The results are quite amazing! 😉

  6. We are here to serve you. Our Bite Patrol is yours to command.

    In the name of Bast , we will bite!
    Of course we will need more tequila to get rid of the corporate media taste in our delicate mouths!
    Pooses for Peace

  7. He he.. will be fun to bite someone!

  8. I heard you have knocked John Edwards out of the presidental race. Good going!

  9. Big Bitey or Bust! Can we bring Wine? Mom prefers wine.

  10. We’re with you, Chey! It’s horrendous that the mainstream media is ignoring you. We like your rule!

  11. Sign me up Sistah’!

  12. We’re all for putin’ the bitey on the bad guys.

  13. My sisters and I are ready and willing to help!

    I’ll pack my temptations so we will have something yummy to go with the tequila after the biting is done.

  14. Right on! I am with you Chey!

  15. We agree, Our momma has the belief of the christains and is totally ignoring the great Bast! We has a small statue of her here in the house, we is hiding it…but if you come out and run, then we can be free to share it wif our Momma.

  16. Grate rool!

    Hello sweet Gemini…


  17. Chey i am SO with you! Honestly, readin gthat..I was overcome, I swear I almost flung myself on the floor and started convulsing! All in the name of Bast!

    Praise the bast! x

  18. We’re with you, Chey!! yur postie was furry inspirashunal! And I love yur Meezer Rule.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  19. Count me in, too, Chey! How dare the mainstream media ignore you. That just isn’t right!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  20. Of course we are with you, Chey!

    Mindy & Moe

  21. It’s me again, dear Chey! I have given you an award, fit for a caring cat who wants to be our next President. *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  22. We are with you, Chey!! I will bring my tent.

  23. Those Corporate Media Beins dont like non-main-creek beliefs and get nervous tryin to write about them. Ya should demonstrate “The Power of Bast”…

    1. Miraculously produce balls of hair from yer tummy.

    2. Go behine a chair an they dont see ya come out, but they cant find ya behine the chair either.

    3. Make a cryin meow soun from one room an let them see ya are clearly in anoffer room.

    4. Make small fishies dissapper right before theyre very eyes.

    Thatll show’em!

  24. Excellent as always Chey. Come on by our Blog, we have an Award for you!
    Your FL furiends,

  25. We’re definitely with you, Chey … in fact, we’re all putting on our sandwich boards and going out to stage a mass purrotest against the biased media!

    Fracas put links to you in his post on our blog today, and another link to a song you might want to adopt as your campaign song.


  26. We iz with you Chey ~ all the way ~ it’s hard to imagine why you iz not attracting greater media attention – we agree it is conservative on their part!
    Love and purrs from the SnowForest family 🙂

  27. i would love to hear your speech! I’m sure it was magnificent.

  28. Aye,I’m with ya!!
    Purrs mickey

  29. Yes! I am definitely with you!

  30. I had no idea cats were so religious or political! thanks for sharing!

    Keep your cat-thoughts coming and I will be back!

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