Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_2597a.JPGChey’s Meezer Rule:

If you want to have a hero in the household, you must name them a one syllable name.

I have come up with this rule after watching Live Free or Die Hard. I realized that this was John MacLain as a hero (is that how he spells his name?). He’s only out there saving the world because Jack Bauer was busy protecting me. And then if you go off and get into trouble in a foreign country, you might need to be saved by Dirk Pitt or perhaps Jack Ryan…

I think the best bets for heroic names are John or Jack. However, I think it is a requirement that you have a one syllable name. Now two syllable names and your who goodness comes into question. I mean, is Jason Bourne really a good guy? He trained as an assassin. So no two syllable names.

Three syllable names, well those are up in the air.


  1. This is too complicated for me. I don’t want to be a hero. Just happy to munch on ham and cheese.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. This is an awesome template~! Chey~!! Awesome~!! I super love it~!! Light and Elegant~!!! I adore it~!!!

    I think your question is also very difficult to me, so I let you answer it by your own~~ Or let our other wise friends~!

    Happy New Year~!

  3. That is a very interesting rule, Chey! Our favourite heroes are Streaky the supercat and Comet the Superhorse.

  4. Mom watches Jack – Jack can save the world! So she says anyhow.

    Hope you’re having a happy New Year. πŸ™‚

  5. You’re all set then!

  6. Your observations concerning super hero names is astoundingly accurate. I think simply ‘ Chey’ is about the best hero (heroine) name out there. I have to confess that my super hero name is Master Yao, named so after the human discovered there is a kung fu master who lives in England that goes by the name of Master Yau. So my hero names seems fitting. Not that I engage in heroic acts, other than suffering through my life xxx

  7. Ok you can call me Ric or maybe Rik looks better.

  8. Well my name is 2 syllables but I think I’m a pretty good hero :). LOVE LOVE your new blog look, quite fitting of such a gorgeous lady.

  9. You are a hero even though you have lots of syllables in your name!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Mommy has been known to call me “Jack Meower” as my super hero name!

    -Captain Jack

  11. Naw…cause the good guy’s name in Snakes on a Plane is Neville, and that’s two syllables.

  12. we love the new template!

    your are right Chey – we both have one syllable names (well mommy calls me Sam most of the time because I’m grown up now) so we must be heroes too. we will have to remind her of that the next time something comes flying off the balcony and knocks her nicknacks off the wall shelf.

  13. Dat’s an interestin’ rule. We guess Mike will haf to be da hero in our house.

  14. I love you new layout! Wow, to cool! Hmmm I never knew that about heroes having one syllable names. Is it kinda like assassins all have three names? ~Queen Snickers

  15. You are lucky because Chey is a good hero-name, and for more serious occasions, you can use your long name.

  16. Chey, thank you for bringing this to my attention. From now on, I’m going to insist that my staff address me as “Rock”!

    (formerly known as Rocky)

  17. Happy New Year to you and yours, Chey! And yes, heroes have one syllable names like Han Solo and the ones you mention and from Lost, Jack Shepherd and John Locke. But there is an exception–Indiana Jones! πŸ˜€

  18. Arh…you’ve all it needs to be a hewo Chey! Go Chey go!

  19. Hmm, good rule but, as always, there are exceptions to every rule.

  20. All these guys make my mommy swoon. Have you read about “John Corey” from Nelson DeMille books? He is funny and a hero.

    Good thing you have a one syllable name Chey, you’re of course our hero!

  21. I had never notcied that before, Chey! Very interesting. You are one discerning Meezer!

  22. i think thats a good rule.. but then i guess i can’t be a hero. how sad… i kinda hoped to one day save the world!

  23. You’re right, hero’s should only have one syllable names. Like Mac, or Rick, or Spit.

    With your lazer eyes, you could be a hero, no problem.


  24. Wow, you’ve really thought about this. Now how many syllables do you have? I assume just one.

  25. We are glad your mom did not go skiing in the sleet either. That would have been no fun. I am glad you like the puppy pictures. I am also glad I am not running for president either. They expect you to be perfect, and we all know I am not even close. hee hee
    As gor being a hero, Superman has 3 syllables and he is mom’s hero, so I guess 3 syllables are okay.


  26. We don’t blame your mom for not getting out of bed to go out into the cold.

    jans funny farm

  27. You asked us, on our bloggy, if Winter was eating! Oh, wow, does she eat……two cups a day of crunches.

    Happiest of New Years!!!

  28. Gemini,

    We iz glad dat you gots a chancee to bloggie. It iz time dat a nice “non-meezer” such az yourself haz da opportuna-tee to say what iz on her mind. (Not dat I iz sayin’ dat da meezers of da world cannot tell us what iz on dere mindz…yes, dey do!)

    Love, Dr T

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