Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_2897a.JPGMeezer Rule Wednesday: When trying to win an election make sure your hair looks better than your opposition.

I think I have no problem against any of the candidates. There’s not much to say about Obama’s hair. It’s hair.

John McCain: Georgia has better hair and half of hers is gone because the woman decided to clip out all her mats. She had better hair WITH the mats. There is not question that I am superior on this one.

Hillary Clinton: I have far better hair.

John Edwards: I would never have to pay $400 for a hair cut!

My hair is always perfect, although I do wash it frequently so that it never looses it’s lustre. In an election year, it is important to look one’s best.

I should go see Daisy about some good fashion tips.


  1. MOL Mommy! Your hair is purrfect the way it is, your opposition CLEARLY have no idea what gurreat stylin’ hair you’ve got!

  2. Ya definitly haf better fur than any of the other cannidates! They don’t efen mostly HAF hair in mos places. An yers is better colors.

  3. Oh yes Chey, you definitely are head and shoulders above the rest!

  4. Your hair is just perfect. 🙂

  5. There was a little gurl
    who had a little curl
    smack in da middle of her 4-head…
    and whenz she was good…
    she was vewwyvewwy good,
    but whenz she was bad, she
    be horrrrrid.
    You gots no curlz… you are sleek, try some curly irons and creme-de-la-style stuff.

  6. I’z tagged you for a meme Chey! 🙂

  7. You definitely have the best hair out of all the candidates, Chey. 🙂 Of course, we are partial to the bald look ourselves. 😉

  8. Chey

    YOU do have much better hair than any of those candidates…Miss Gemini and Miss Georgia we have a surprise for you!

  9. We defiantely think that you have the best hair!

  10. You hair always looks fabulous! Thanks so much for the Biting for World PEace day idea… my pet human has to work today but maybe tomorrow she will help us organize it.

  11. Your fur is perfect! Part of being a meezer is having perfect fur so I don’t think you should worry. Meowmy got an e-mail today about why not to vote for someone. Well besides the fact we’re all voting for you of course!

  12. good grooming is important for a candidate. Oh, we are hitting the campaign trail for you today and tomorrow – we will post about it on Fridy

  13. Cheysuli, I believe you should win hands down . . . you are never seen any other way than perfectly groomed.

  14. Chey, if the election was decided on hairs, you would win in a landslide! The only hair fashion advice I can give you is to avoid wearing any kind of headband.

  15. You are always beautifully groomed, Chey. no need for expensive hairdo’s, either.

    Mindy & Moe

  16. Your hair is better for sure. No contest.

  17. You know what. Your furrs are naturally beautiful, that says a lot about you.
    Hillary is all about botox and haircolorglob and pancake makeup *shivers*. Same with Edwards… Obama, well, he keeps his short so what. the others… oh good grief.

    Thank you for being our friends.
    It is reallllly hard over here today. I am not so crazy about mom hovering over me, but I actually liked having her sleep on the floor with me in all of my blankies, instead of her nice soft bed last night just to keep me company.

  18. Chey, your hair looks perfect every day, not just election time – and you are right, your hair is truly better than those other sucky candidates.


  19. It isn’t even a contest – your furs far outshine, out-thick, outlustre and probably smell a lot better too!
    They all need to hang their hair-challenged heads…

  20. That is a great rule and one that is so true about cats in general. But I have to admit…your hair looks alot nicer than most cats.

  21. It kind of says something when image means more to some voters than a candidate’s stand on the Big Issues.

    Still, you are impeccably groomed, Chey!

  22. You didn’t even mention Romney! Now that is some hair to beat! 🙂

  23. Oh, there is no question – Chey, you absolutely have the best hair of all!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat

  24. Dear Chey,

    Mebbe you should rub some Row-gayn into da furz…den you will have da thickest hairz of all!

  25. We Meezers are always perfectly styled, even when our furs are a bit messed up (not that yours are).

    Happy Wednesday.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  26. Chey, I’ve tagged you for yet another meme, but it will allow potential voters to learn more about your platform!


  27. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog to introduce yourselves. We’re really looking forward to getting to know you.

    We think you have fantastic hair!

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