Meezer Monday: Three New Things

img_2394a.JPGStorm has tagged me for the Three New Things Meme. I have had so little time to play with memes and I apologize for those who have tagged me for other things, however this one fit nicely into my post for today.

1. I have a new bodyguard, Nubi Wan Kenobi. Of course I have also hired Rangeman Enterprises to help with general security. It’s just that Nubi will be my primary bodyguard.

2. I had the most delicious honey baked ham the other day.

3. I am snoopervising my humans as they get started on the great kitchen remodel. I can only hope that this will mean that they will offer me more honey baked ham and I won’t have to wait for generous cats to actually send me some.

And a bonus item:

I now know who all the Janet Evanovich fans are out there!


  1. Sigh, Ham. Stoopid Veggie DKM… Ham, sigh

  2. Hmmm…honey baked ham…just the thought…


  3. Good luck with the new bodyguard, Chey. We hope the kitchen remodelling goes well!

  4. Remodeling can be very adventurous. There are usually ladders involved, which are quite fun to follow up to the top. And boxes.

  5. Oh cool snoopervising! 🙂

  6. mmmmmmm,ham. We snoopervised some construction this weekend, but had to go stay in our room for a bit when it got too dusty.

  7. are they going to make a GIANT cupboard for all the stinky goodness and ham?

    we just hope that Nubi’s cloak will not get in the way if he has to jump in front of you – it would be very ‘barassing if you both fell over it. He’s a great choice for bodyguard though!

  8. I think i shall you send a ham a week as insurance that you will keep Nubi on as a bodyguard. This way i can have the pillow all to myself!


  9. I think that was a good decision for your bodyguard, Chey . . . I hope the good Doctor isn’t too hurt that you didn’t choose him.

    Good luck with the kitchen remodel! I hope more ham comes your way soon.

  10. I think the Bite and Run brigade can also back you up, Chey! I am having the same problem viewing images on blogger and it is making me very upset.

  11. Do you think I’ll get my own security detail? I could hire Chase but he might eat me. Remodeling sounds exciting. Maybe they will make you your own elevated eating station?

  12. You are so lucky – honey baked ham!

    Mindy & Moe

  13. Ooo ham, we used to not get that. Momma does not eat pork and then her boss gave everyone a honey baked ham for Christmas. Daddy was just as happy about it as we were so he gives it to us when ever he has a sandwich. I will be sad then the freeze is empty of baggies. We will have to wait till next year to get more.

  14. Any thoughts on moving to Italy? We STILL don’t have a Prime Minister! Please come over! You would be great for this country!

    Opus and Roscoe

  15. mmmmmm honey baked ham….

  16. haaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm? I Love ham!

    Oh Miss Gemini I sure hope you are warm and safe…I can come and get you and bring you back here. We have nice warm sunbeams outside.


  17. That Ham sounds very interesting. How can we get our paws on some?

  18. Excellent three things Chey – whilst the humans are remodelling the kitchen, you need to ensure you whine as loudly as possible – I have a feeling this will ensure lots of ham for you! x

  19. You will ,of course, invite us over after the kitchen reno?!
    Hammmmmmm 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  20. Mmmmm yummy, not just any ham, but honey baked ham.

  21. Mmmm on the honey-baked ham! And that’s fabulous you got a bodyguard. 🙂 And happy snoopervising with the kitchen remodeling!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  22. We’re very glad you have a new bodyguard. Hopefully he’ll take very good care of you.

    Good luck with the kitchen remodel. We hope you get lots of ham too, it sounds delicious.

  23. Shoooosh I love ham!

    This is a deeelightful picture of you


  24. ah Rangeman. all in black and with the sweet black cars. mommy loves Janet Evanovich! those were her words.

    we’ve had some bad news about Sonny so any continued purrs are appreciated.

    i think you’re safety is very covered Chey!

  25. COLD is yucky!

  26. Chey, you have my complete sympathy. Our bathroom remodeling (and my snoopervising duties) are almost finished and yours are just beginning. Better get your rest in now, ’cause you won’t get any once your humans need you to check on everything they do!


  27. Gemini,
    Of course yer momee shoulda done doze fishee pix. What waz she tinkin??? Didz da snow rattle her brain? It certainly did mine. She could hardly evfun babbull tonight when she gots home. It waz all, “Oh, dat snow & ice! Oh, da carz waz in da ditch! Oh, da zamboni must haz been der beforez me! Oh, I can’ts takes dis commute any morez!” No, dis justee izn’t right. Your momee needz to do your pic & she needz to do it right. & den we will set da momee here straight az well.

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