Meezer Monday: Cheysuli Stands Firm Against Animal Abuse

img_2831a.JPGFrom the AP

“Candidate Cheysuli with the newly renamed party Critters for Total World Domination (formerly Felines for Total World Domination) has an excellent track record against animal abuse.

Financial records indicate that Cheysuli has been an avid supporter of Best Friends and also the local Humane Society. Her family is active in fostering pets and speaks out against animal cruelty.

Rumor has it, her veterinarians hope to die and be reincarnated as cats so that her human can take care of them. Lamas and ascended masters have already taken time to join this family. However, Cheysuli states that many Lamas disincarnate early around their home as the health food gets to them. They are after all, on vacation.

Contrast this with Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee’s record on animal care.

Senator Obama has a far better record, although his voting records could be better, they do show a steady improvement and a growing concern with the rights of animals.”


We would like to thank Jan over at the Funny Farm for providing us with these links and information.

Also, purrs for my husband Latte who is not well.


  1. That is very good for all of us~~ I am very proud of you~
    We Stand Firm Against Animal Abuse, too.

  2. This is one of the most important topics in the campaign, and I’m proud of you!

    And I’m worried about Latte too…


  3. That’s a furry important issue, and we Ballicai stand with you.

    And thankies fur lettin us know about Latte! I didn’t know he was sickies — I will go to his bloggie and we Ballicai will purr for him.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. You have an excellent record when it comes to animal welfare issues, Chey.

    We are purring and praying for Latte.

  5. We’z take kitty welfare serious here too, so I’z impressed by your most recent disclosure about your own welfare record! 🙂 I’z shall add Latte to my purrs and hope he’s feeling way better soon…

  6. You rock Chey – soon the polls will show it too!

  7. these are issues that we take very seriously. thank you for pointing these articles out to us!

  8. I fully support you, Chey!

    My family stands firm against animal abuse as well. It is wonderful to see a candidate who makes that issue a priority.

  9. Viva Chey!

    We are sending lots of healing purrs to Latte.


  10. We are very proud and comforted that you and YOU alone are always focusing on the real issues!

    great picture. I am purretty sure, very certain that you are the only candidate that is not using botox!

  11. Queen Snickers says:

    I am confident you would be the best choice to handle OUR issues! We are purring for your hubby!! ~Queen Snickers

  12. Chey, I like the idea that you are including all creatures 🙂 I’ve had a few dustups with llamas, it took a lot of self control to continue to smile 🙂

  13. I will also stand beside you to support this important cause!

  14. Chey, Chey, Chey, have you seen Cato’s latest campaign video? I know you’re preoccupied with Latte’s illness, but as your Senior Advisor, I feel you should hold a news conference ASAP. Cato’s baring his chest may sway the female vote and you must act upon this!


  15. Yay for Chey! Your record on fighting animal abuse shows you have the experience, and your determination to fight even harder shows you’re the candidate of change. You’ve got it all!


    PS: If you get a chance on your busy campaign trail, could you come help us out with a special birthday blitz?

  16. You definately have our vote!!

  17. Yes, animal abuse needs to be prevented by all means! Thank you of informing us about the stands of other candidates – as long as humans do not acknowledge the soul and spirit of every living being we are afraid all measures will be lacking in total commitment. Let’s face it: most humans still have this notion of the human race being somehow special or superior. And as long as this will be going on there is really no hope for this planet…

  18. So sorry – I forgot to thank you for coming to Miss Peach’s tea party on board the cruise ship! It was great having you there and we hope you enjoyed it!

  19. You have our vote, Chey, on the welfare of animals. Sure hope Latte will get a good lab report and get better soon.

    Moe & Mindy

  20. You know we are 100% behind Animal Welfare issues Chey!

    Luf, Us

  21. Yeah, yeah, Hear, Hear! You have my vote. I’ll get Charlotte to vote for you too. She is with us at present and will do what I say!

  22. Thanks for pointing out where some other candidates stand on animal abuse. Of course, my humans wouldn’t have considered voting for Huckabee or Paul anyway, but they were pretty upset when they read about these candidates poor records.

    Oh, and, my dear, we all send our purrs and prayers to Latte!

  23. I am behind you, too, Chey! You are an excellent candidate.

    And thank you for letting us know about Latte. I will purr hard that he feels better soon!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  24. Chey, if I was a Mericky cat I’d vote for you, you know that right? I know your humans like Cornwall and I posted some photos today from my holidays which you might like to see.

  25. And this seems the purrfect post on which to comment, to inform you that I gave you and Gemini a Thinking Blogger Award! *smile*

  26. Chey for president of everything!! Sorry to hear about your hubby, I will go visit Latte too and give him purrs.


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