Meezer Monday

img_2785a.JPGFrom the AP

Evangelical Bast Worshippers turned out in ones to support Candidate Cheysuli at the Iowa Caucus. Although Cheysuli had no opponents in her newly created party of the Felines For Total World Domination, supporters were enthusiastic.

“It was a wild night with lots of feather toys,” stated one supporter.

Human supporters, who actually could cast ballots, as Iowa does not yet allow cats to vote (which could cause a problem in the general election), were towed in by their feline owners. “I think Cheysuli understands the pulse of the United States. She realizes that we all need change, REAL change. If anyone can bring us all together, Cheysuli can.”

The campaign was quiet, not generating the press or excitement of the huge democratic turnout. “I really need to conserve my energy for the general election,” state Cheysuli. “However, I am proud of my staunch supporters. I am pleased to have been able to count on my base of those who worship Bast. I view the uniting of the Independent feline lovers of the world as sign of hope. I am ready to unite the world under my paw! I look forward to being your leader!”

Candidate Cheysuli plans to nap until it’s time for the New Hampshire primary


I shall be graciously accepting an award from a dear friend on Wednesday. Until then, I’m off to New Hampshire!


  1. We look forward to NH! Buns for Chey! ~Fiona Bun

  2. Chey,

    NH will nevfur be da same. You iz gonna turn dis elec-shun on its ear! If dat geezer, da former BIG boy, gets da momynashun, da momee & I are movin’ to Nova Scotsha. At leastee dere, der iZ a artist colony. & evfurry buddy likes cats.

  3. Yay yay yay! We know you’ll be recognized as the face of change!

    PS. We like how you show off your fangs….it shows that you mean business and stand by your principles!

  4. I support you! But first, I want to play in your Follow the Leader game! Woo hoo!

  5. Good shot of you showing you mean business with your fangs. On to New Hampshire! Be sure to drop in on Roxy and Lucky while you are there.

  6. Great photo Chey! Look at those fangs! We wish you continued good luck with your campaign!

  7. “Turned out in ones…” – Snort!
    My, those are lovely fangs!

  8. Awesome fangs, Chey!

  9. Love the fangs!! We support you Chey! Good luck in NH!

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  10. The fangs are truly great! haha! Oh, my sister and I are taking your UFO’s to heart: this weekend we took full advantage of our lazy parents who left the fake Christmas tree in pieces on the floor from Saturday noon until Sunday night for whap and chase jungle games.

  11. Wow….I guess when you threaten me about messing with Latte you’re not kidding! I’ll try to be good!

  12. Chey, you haf AWSOME fangs!

  13. Viva Chey!!!!!!!!
    Pooses for Peace support Cheysuli!

  14. We’re stilling waiting fur cats to get da vote! When we do, yoor in Chey. Effun our dad thinks da cats could do a better job den dem beans…Chey fur Prezident!

  15. Chey for Change! Chey for Change! Chey for Change!

  16. Chey
    YOU are the best thing about NH!

    Purrs to my sweet Gemini!

  17. Those are some gorgeous meezer fangs, Chey!

    On to NH! Woohoo!

  18. Good luck in New Hamster!
    Maybe you will meet Darling Millie.

  19. oooh your fangs look sooooo diviiine i LOVES em!

    good luck in the next bit of your campaign (my Bean don’t really understand Amerikan politics and all the stages of voting that goes on, we only have one vote here in the YooKay for the PM and then local elections in between)

  20. Look at those fangs!!!!
    Go get them. Hmmm. We don’t really know whom – it just seemed the right thing to say…
    We will have a surprise guest coming tomorrow and a big party on Thursday!!!

  21. Wunderful photo of a great leader ~ it deserves to be hung in the oval office ~ love and purrs from the snowforest family 🙂

  22. Go for it Chey!

  23. We’re all showin’ our fangs for Chey! And we think you could abbreviate your campaign slogan into a nickname: “Cheynge”!

    Give us Cheynge! Give us Cheynge!

    & your Artsy Catsy supporters

  24. New Hamster for Chey!

  25. You are just gorgeous and very presidential!

    We have not been here or visiting around much anywhere for days!!!… it is good to visit your pretty bloggie today and see your lovely fuzzy face!

    Good luck in New Hamster

  26. Its the first sighting of the elusive “vampire cat”

  27. Oh boy I’z pretty sure I wouldn’t like having my butt furs trimmed too!

  28. Yeah Chey! Good luck tonight! Oh, and just for the record, we do not care for anything to be done to our bottoms. Just for the record. =^..^=

  29. You have my vote Cheysuli!

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