Feature Friday: UFOs

img_2507a.JPGDragonheart suggested I talk about UFOs. UFOs are an acronym for Unidentified Feline Opportunities. So often we cats miss opportunities because we are focused on other things. A UFO may happen when your human is in the kitchen cutting up food. Do you see the opportunity? Food might fall to the floor. It becomes unidentified if you are napping and do not catch on to this.

If you human is doing the laundry, it is important to be where they are folding clothing, lest we miss the opportunity to enjoy the warm fabric of the freshly pressed laundry. This is another potential UFO.

UFOs do not have to happen.

Each cat who is not receiving enough satisfaction in his or her life, should re-evaluate his or her priorities. As we do so, we might find that there are more opportunities to annoy the cats the around us, get more food or to nap in warm places. The priorities for each cat will be different. However, as we look around at our life, we can identify areas where we are missing out on UFOs and make changes.

Now, having a decent human helps reduce UFOs but as we know, humans are imperfect. Humans, in fact, are the whole reason there are UFOs. After all, if humans were perfect, no cat would be the victim of an Unidentified Feline Opportunity.

As for me, the whole fact of starting a party called Felines For Total World Domination started as an Unidentified Feline Opportunity. I have had my campaign planned since I began blogging nearly two years ago. Since that time is has transformed from a UFO to an IFO, which is an identified opportunity. We did well in our caucus, but as the only candidate in this particular party, well I was pretty much guaranteed a win. Alas the only person getting less publicity about this than I is John Edwards.

Do these people not understand that I am their best hope for change? I guess in that sense, I, myself am a UFO… If only they knew.


Remember it’s Feature Friday. Most intriguing comment will be my guest star on Sunday! Consider it!



  1. Oh tomcat – we had no idea! My (Karl) maid actually tried to tell me something about little green men when it comes to UFOs – no wonder there are no IFOs in this house here!
    But that will change as soon as I am back home from Antarctica!!!
    Come over and check out our cabin! Super duper cool cabin!
    Karl and Ruis

  2. Another opportunity for a UFO comes if the kitty is sleeping during human mealtime. You never know when a tasty bit is going to fall to the floor, or even be offered to a friendly cat. Then there is the opportunity of getting into the closet when the human is dressing, but be careful about that one. It can lead to a shut-in problem.

  3. I think Hillary had a UFO tonight (an Unidentified Female Opportunity). In short, she blew it! More room for you my dear Chey!

  4. Due to the ineptitude of my human slave, my life is FULL of unidentified feline opportunities. For example, on Sunday the human brought a large container of party food back from her sister’s house. The idiot left it on the counter overnight and when she awoke? NOTHING LEFT! Ha! She is quite astounded that I managed to remove the lid. Er, hello? What are claws for?

    Last night as the human settled down to sleep, I watched as she began to drift off, then grabbed her exposed arm and hastily bunnykicked it, whilst licking off the toothpaste residue on her hands. Another UFO brought about by her slovenly hygeine.

    Oh my goodness, there are too many to list, I could go on for hours.

  5. Oh yes I’z make d’most of UFO’s specially ones that involve chicken and gravy! 🙂

  6. I am happy you winned the Cactus. We have a Cactus in our back yard, but it comes with the house and I did not win it. Where will you put the cactus now that you have won it?

  7. Wow, you are one ambitious kitty, and also very purrty. You may count us amoung your staunchest supporters. You and Derby may call upon us to help you in any capacity you see fit, as long as it does not interfere with our naps. Your Campaign button is now on both of our blogs. Chey for President 2008! =^..^=

  8. I always wondered what UFO stood for – now I know Chey. FAZ

    p.s. Hey Chey – have a great weekend!

  9. Hmmm. Felines For Total World Domination. I like that. I really like that. Heck, us kitties can’t do any worse than the stupid humans who are already running the country.

  10. Chey, I feel both enlightened and empowered! I will have to take stock and make sure that all of my UFOs turn into IFOs ASAP.

    Chey for President!

  11. Chey!!! I am sooooo good at keeping my UFO’s at a minimum. If you need a member for your future cabinet to help with this it would be me! Trash is always a UFO that cats tend to not even be aware of. I mean, bits of cardboard, band-aids, plastic, feminine *ahem* products. These are all UFO’s that I’ve dedicated my life to understanding.

    I hope I haven’t rambled too much but this is something I’m very passionate about!!!

  12. Thanks for opening my eyes. I think many, many UFO’s have been passing me by.

  13. Excellent hints! We definitely need to be more alert!

  14. Chey,thanks for pointing this out.
    It is so obivious now that I think of it ! I must work to avoid UFO’s
    Purrs Mickey

  15. We can only hope that an actual UFO comes soon and takes away all those insane candidates and leaves only you and perhaps John Edwards. Also… while they are here perhaps they could also just pick up the white house!

    pooses for peace
    viva president cheysuli

  16. Well, I guess that means I had some ICO’s the other day when mom was cutting the broccoli and a piece flew off the cutting board. I never let an opportunity like that go to waste.


  17. Felines for Total World Domination? We would like to join this movement. We are pirates, we make a living out of dominating the high seas. We think we would easily be able to help you on the worldwide quest. Of course, we are not sure that a presidential candidate should align themselves with pirates – that could mean impeaching later….

  18. Oops.. you are so right.. we LOVE Dennis Kucinich and would love him to actually win!!!!!!!! However it would take one of your UFO encounters to pull that off i think!


  19. UFOs…hmmm. I likes da Unexpected Fartin’ Opportuna-teez. Deze makes me furry happy indeed. nutitn’ likezs aboatload of hot air, justa eazin’ on out. A itty-bitty likes da debates!

  20. Huh. I thought it meant “Unidentified Farting Oldie” but what do I know. I’ll think on these opportunities. The farting kind too.
    your bud Pepi

  21. An excellent post, Chey! All kitties must be extra-vigilant so as to minimize the occurrence of UFOs. As many potentially savory or pleasurable feline opportunities should be seized upon as possible, preferably with claws enthusiastically out! *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  22. and here I thought that UFO’s were responsible for my being assimilated by the Borg, and then responsible for 3 days of singing show tunes.
    I know what you mean about UFO’s in the kitchen – you can make your own by using the claw of doom to poke your human in the hiney and make them scream and drop (or throw) food onto the floor.

  23. We all must work to make everything into an IFO. I think we have a chance to rule the world.

  24. Wow, you are such a smart kitty – I guess that’s you’re running for President. We hadn’t really thought about UFO’s before. As cats, we’re always on the lookout for unattended food, or (in Tasha’s case) stuff that needs to be converted to cat toys, but we never thought of ourselves as UFO hunters. There could be future on Discovery Channel if we work this right.

    Gotta go now – UFO’s to hunt,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  25. Now see, that’s why you should be elected, Chey. Here is an issue that affects all cats, and you listen to others and then speak out about it. That’s real leadership!

  26. We had an IFO just last night. Mom came in last night with a bag of fast food for dinner, and left it laying around while she went and took Camie out. She didn’t think I would get into the bag of chicken strips, but I did. I haven’t done that in a while, but what did she expect when she put it right in front of my face. The good thing was that she gave me the whole piece of chicken to share with Tavi.


  27. We neerly had an IFO yesterday. Ever since dad built the huge purrizzen fence around the garden, we can only go furr walks wiv mum when she sez so.(Befurr it wuz built, sumtimes we used to sneak out wivout her seeing)Sumbuddy came to see mum yesterday, and when they went they furrgot to shut the gate. Mum came outdoors just as we wuz about to creep out and hollered, “And where do you two fink you’re going?” If we had been 10 seconds quicker we would have scarpered.

  28. i love the concept of eradicating UFOs! this should be mandatory. Castle is quite good at keeping UFOs to a minimum as he follows my Bean around like a no-brained doggie, whereas I tend to remain aloof and make my Bean approach me. perhaps i should learn a thing or two from my brother…

  29. Great shot here..hes really enjoying that delicious looking tpy of his..;)
    Mine is up too

  30. My menagerie could help in identifying UFOs in other homes. I think they should hire themselves out as consultants. A UFO in most people’s homes would be straws–but not in mine. Anytime a straw is taken from the cabinet the kittehs Mo and Jasmine stalk the straws waiting for their best opportunity and then snatch them from the glass at their first chance. No straw must be left unattended or else it will suffer the consequences and certain annihilation at the claws and teethus of the dynamic duo.

  31. Don’t those little feathers sometimes tickle your inside of your mouth? Makes it feel funny sometimes, huh?

  32. We read about a different kind of ufo on Darling Millie’s blog. Maybe you should explain to Millie’s mom what a ufo really is. She’s been misinformed.

    Are you planning to take over the world, or just the country?

    jans funny farm

  33. We figured all the kitties would be showing pictures of treats of cans of stinkey goodness. That’s why we decided to use only empty cans.

    The unopened cans are onyl potenshul goodness, the empty ones are known goodness! An we only included the ones we not only ate but considered “Delicious”. MOL!

  34. Thanks for joining CotC this week, Chey!
    Robyn & Sanjee

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