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img_2704a.JPGI must say, I did not do as well in New Hampshire as I had hoped. Of course, it is Clinton Country as Obama’s supporters say. Of course, Hillary has always been jealous of me and quite peeved that I did not choose her as a running mate.

I guess the fact that I got 33 votes wasn’t too bad. It was better than expected considering there are very few people registered with the Felines for Total World Domination party there. However, I think a few people from Pugs for Total World Domination came out to support me, as so far as I know, they are not running anyone for president as this time.

I think I’ll take a rest and focus on the positive. If I were president right now, I probably wouldn’t have time to play with FEATHERS!!!!

It is, of course, Feature Friday! Remember most intriguing comment becomes my guest start. My guest star will lead off Weekend Cat Blogging which is being held HERE!!!



  1. We are cats,
    maybe one day we could move our president.

  2. Feathers are so much fun to play with! We think 33 votes is an excellent result, Chey.

    We must admit, the way that Americans choose their president confuses us. In Canada, it is very simple. The leader of whichever party wins the most seats in the House of Commons (Canada’s main parliamentary chamber) becomes Prime Minister. There is no separate vote for the Prime Minister, like there is for the President.

  3. Hillary is just peeved that you are waaaaay more photogenic than she is.
    My WCB is here –

  4. 33 votes is very good Chey – heck, just counting to 33 is tiring for me! Also, lots of voters in NH were concentrating on electing Marty to live on the mountain there. So they were probably distracted by that. Or maybe they just had the attention span of a cat, started to go to the polls and decided they needed naps. – Sammy

  5. Chey
    We think 33 votes is great! I am sure that is more than Bill Richardson got in NH!


  6. I was playing with fev-vers last night and I thought of you and your love for them. 33 votes is great considering we cats still don’t have the right to vote. You’re going to make it my dear, all the way to the top!

  7. There is a Pugsident, Irving, as voted for on on Dogster. My friend tony is a pug, so I am Pugged into things, as it were. We just found out that Pug Idle IV has been postponed because they lost their venue. Some owners did not do their doo-ty. That is too bad, because I was thinking of entering Pug Idle IV as a Pugle-Puss. If you happen to see a stray venue wandering around, could you please send it over to the Lee County Animal Control so we can Pug Idle this year?

    Meanwhile, I can’t help but think that Doo-ty for all for would be a good platform if a Pug was running in this election. I should point out that most pugs don’t run, anywhere, unless there is food involved. So maybe pizza for all would be a better platform to get Pugs running.

  8. I don’t fink I’d wanna be purresident if there wasn’t time fur fev-vers. Yoo sure yoo wanna risk that Chey?
    Concats on yore 33 votes tho, dats good!

  9. Congrats on the votes, Chey! Stumping is hard work, so it’s always good to take some time out for fevvers..

  10. Do you think if you tried to cry a little bit you could get more votes?

  11. 33 votes is good, Chey. I’m glad you can take a moment to relax and play with your feathers.

  12. Once you’re elected, do you thnk that you be inviting us all to Cat David? That is assuming that your personal aide can clear your busy schedule, of course.

    We heard there’s lots of private cabins, private cat condos, cozy fireplaces and Temptations Room Service. =^..^=

  13. Once you’re elected, do you thnk that you will be inviting us all to Cat David? That is assuming that your personal aide can clear your busy schedule, of course.

    We heard there’s lots of private cabins, private cat condos, cozy fireplaces and Temptations Room Service. =^..^=

  14. We’s been stumpin fur you in Whiskonsin. Mom showed yur campaign site to an allergic Republican who said you looked “strange” but could get hims vote. Actually, I fink all the presidents haf looked stranger than you.

    Baby Shower Tomorrow! Baby Shower Tomorrow! Baby Shower Tomorrow!

  15. 33 votes is purrty good! Hang in there! I bet things will start looking up!

  16. 33 votes is purrty good! Hang in there! I bet things will start looking up!

  17. The votes are rigged. It should have been 33%, surely! x

  18. Hey, Cheysuli & Gemini,

    We like your idea. Critters for Total World Domination sounds like a better name. It includes us all.

    We finished the post we were working on earlier. We’re going to talk to Jan today about emailing the candidates’ offices and asking questions about where they stand on animal cruelty and protection.

    jans funny farm

  19. We’ll look forward to reading your post next week. Thanks for letting us know. We’re glad you’ll help spread the word.

    jans funny farm

  20. I think that they miscalculated the amount of votes you received. There should be a recount. Hillary probably only got 33 votes… then she cried and they felt bad so they let her win.

    Next primary we will send out the Bite & Run Brigade.

  21. Chey & Gemini! Because you always make us feel so warm and nippy inside, we’re presenting you with the “You Make My Day” award. Come see!

    & your Artsy Catsy friends

  22. I am sure Hillary is jealous of you and probably intimidated. I would be wary of her, look what happened to Socks! I think he was capturing too much attention so they pushed him to the background them gave him away! ~Queen Snickers

  23. oops ignore #22 furry paw slip 🙂

  24. I’m so in favor of Chey for President. I’m sure she would be a much better leader than any of the Hoo-mans who are running. Hillary is so yesterday! I’ve never joined a political party before, but would you accept me in the FTWD? I’m not a cat, but I admire the felines of the world very much.

  25. If I were you, I’d demand a recount. There can’t be only 33 meezer lovers in the whole state of New Hampster.

  26. I hope that bowl was filled up after the photo,….. lol. Have a good weekend.

  27. Wow, Chey, 33 votes sounds pretty good to us, but what do we know, we’re cats. This whole running for president thing must take up a lot of your time. If you run out of time to play with your feathers, just feel free to give us a shout and we’ll be there to help you out.


    Gypsy & Tasha (Providing a home to all unwanted feathers everywhere)

  28. Well I hope you got your refill of your food. 🙂

  29. Hey! Great to meet you!!!

  30. HA HA My boys are SO fat now that winter is here. Even my Meezer-cross! When I tried diet food they ate more and more and more.

    The weekend cat blogging? I have my LOL Cat Bible for the week at http://meeyauw.blogspot.com/2008/01/lol-cat-bible-lectionary-readings-for_12.html

    This week is the Ceiling Cat Prayer and Teh baptizum of Jesuz! Please remind people that we need Holy Kitteh photos every week — from you! From everybody. And to visit the Pet Prayer and Praise Blog because we have missing, hurt, ill and needy kitties everywhere.

    Thank you!

  31. OH Noes! I put in wrong place!! So sorry.

  32. Wow That is way more than our mommie gives us.
    We are always starving here.

    Happy Week-end Girlkitties

  33. Thanks for hosting this week’s WCB!

    You look very cute!

    If you want to see the cousin of Fridolin and Maruschka, here’s my link:



  34. 33 votes sounds good to us, but we fink you should be out kissing babies. We heard that’s sposed to git more votes.

  35. Well we’ll vote in the CA primaries for you!

    We have our WCB up http://divakitty.wordpress.com/
    Meme and a snooze

  36. Hi there.

    We have our WCB up as well:

    Thanks for hosting 🙂

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