Our condolences to Caesar’s family.   He was a fine cat.  It was quite a shock to wake this morning to hear that he had left us.

May we all pass as quietly as Caesar and may we all be as missed.

Our Sunday Guest Star post is below–please don’t miss out on Rocky (or as I like to think of him, The Rock).


  1. Thank you for your lovely and gentle words to comfort us. You are special friends and we appreciate the special attention to our pain.

    We just read the Friday post and it made mom laugh and cry at the same time. You will be the winner for certain.
    Hillary has nothing on you, tears poots, nothing!

    Thank you for your friendship
    You actually made mom laugh today! That is remarkable

  2. thank you for amioing Caeser’s Mum laugh today – that was very important thing to do. what a sad day eh Chey? xxx

  3. thank you for making Caeser’s Mum laugh today – that was very important thing to do. what a sad day eh Chey? xxx

  4. We never met Caesar but we learned about him over at Parker’s and dropped over to leave his family a message. It’s hard to lose one of our own.

    Jan’s Funny Farm

  5. My human started to cry when she heard that I made Caesar’s person laugh a bit today.

  6. What an excellent post. You are such a special cat, Chey. We are so glad that you made Caesar’s sweet Mommy laugh through her tears.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  7. I do not think mommy can vote because she is a German kinda purrrrrson. If she could it would be for you of course.
    Thank you for spreading sunshine on a gray day…

  8. Very well put Chey! 🙂 We’z all very sad at Caesar’s passing, but we’z also taking the time to fink of all d’amazing fings he taught us – like how to snuggle with your sister properly and how to be a great mancat… All of us here will miss him fur sure!

  9. We’re happy that you could brighten Caesar’s Mom just a little!

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