Thankful Thursday

cheysave.jpgI would like to give a hearty thanks to all my dear friends in the Cat Blogosphere. Whenever I am discouraged with the whole human race, you are there to remind me that compassion still exists. You remind me that communities can still exist and that people can still care for one another. I applaud you.

I would also like to say I am thankful that the event of wearing this horrid horrid shirt is over!

Yes, THIS is what I got for Christmas. I think a lump of coal would have been better.


  1. I’m thankful too! For the same thing – lovely people in the Cat Blogosphere. 🙂

  2. Hee hee, i’s can’t quit laffin. What does that shirt say?
    Yes, we’s fankful fur tha same fing, tha Cat Blogosphere is wonnerful.
    Purrs, KC

  3. For you, My friends,
    I am so thankful to you as well 🙂

  4. Oh Chey, it is a very fabulous shirt! And it looks great on you, too. Even Gemini is admiring you wearing the shirt.

    I am very thankful to be a part of such a wonderful community, also.

  5. Hee! I am grateful for the blogosphere too – but you in that shirt??? I am grateful you wore it ’cause it made me giggle!

  6. We are both thankful for the Cat Blogosphere as well. That shirt looks cute, Chey, but you certainly don’t look pleased to be wearing it.

  7. It IS a pretty shirt though.

  8. I think you look stunning in your new shirt. I am sure you got it so you would look fabulous for the Iowa caucus next week.

  9. Well it does match your furs! And nothing could look bad on you.

  10. we is very thankful for the cat blogosphere too!

    you gotted CLOTHES for chrissymas? but….but….but you HATE clothes!

  11. ha! I think that’s a great shirt (ya know, if you’re into that kind of thing).

    you are the cat’s meow!!

    I have an award for you, stop by to pick it up!

  12. my comment – it disappeared!

    I said I like the shirt – you ARE the cat’s meow!!

    I also have an award for you – stop over to pick it up!

  13. ah! it reappeared!!

  14. Chey, you and my human artist must have ESP. She wrote a thankful tribute today to the Cat Blogosphere, too!


  15. We’z thankful fur all our frends in da blogosphere too! Really, Chey, dat shirt looks grate on you. We don’t think you could look bad in anything!

  16. Chey – you and me..what can i say..we are each as badly done by as each other. We need to act! Now! our humans are clearly insane and stupid too.

    Although you do look gorgeous. xx

  17. Cool Cat!! Happy New Year and a nice restful Thursday!

  18. I take it you don’t like the shirt. *understatement of the year* The shirt looks quite cute on you though but we cats don’t like wearing clothes in general.

  19. Fink pawsitive, Chey! Just fink how fun it’ll be to shred dat shirt wif yore claws!
    Um, if yoo can’t fink pawsitive maybe claw the person who gived it to yoo? (Not too hard tho — don’t want them to bleed on yoo or nuffin.)

  20. Cat blogosphere people are the best people because they are owned by the best cats ever!!! Sorry you had to wear the shirt. You do not look happy about it at all.

  21. Chey, you don’t look happy about that shirt, but it looks furry cute on you! And we Ballicai are thankful for the kitty bloggiesphere, too — it’s the bestest and sweetest and most caring place onna innernets!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. Hi, Chey! You are so lovely, even when you look irritated *smile*. I, too, am thankful for the Cat Blogosphere — what a supportive, loving group of kitty friends we are, and I am so honored to be a part of it.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, dear!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  23. Chey,

    Dis haz been a diffycult day. Da world events in Pakistan haz us wonderin’ justee what else iz gonna happen. Dis iz a sad day.
    We iz furry glad you are here & dat we iz gettin’ to know you & Gemini better.
    Mebbe we should haz a solstice ceremony at da New Yearz Eve partee, & you can burn dat shirt!!!!

  24. Maybe you can give it to Yao-Lin. All he got was a hat!!
    Howver,he also does not like his gift 😉
    Oh well,season’s over!!

  25. Why do beans buy us silly and ugly clothes. Our furs are the bestest.

  26. Your post made me smile.
    Happy Holidays!

    Time for a nap,
    Auntie Spooker

  27. thats a grate shirt chey. it brings owt your meezerness.

  28. I am thankful for the Cat Blogosphere too. I think this past year will go down in history as the year when cats brought their humans together.

    I got raquetballs for Christmas, by the way. As soon as my humans stop “working out,” I will get them to take my picture with them.


  29. Poor Chey. We see your pain.

    Luf, Us

  30. That will be handy if the heat goes out for any reason this winter. You can wear it and be cozy, just like your humans in their multi-layers of clothing.

    jan’s funny farm

  31. I, too, am very happy that the costume time is passing. I couldn’t believe that China Cat, Alice and Kara all happily donned the Christmas clothing. At least you don’t look pleased either! However, all of us are very pleased and thankful for the Cat Blogosphere!

    Purrrrrrs, Willow

  32. We commiserate with you Chey, fortunately the simian denizens of the House of Chaos don’t even think of dressing us up.
    We salute you with a can of stinky goodness !

    Zorro, Loup-Garou, Bean Sidhe, Hrimnir, Franky and Frankette

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