Thankful Thursday

at-cheys-place.jpgI was going to be thankful that I had new blog look, however we realized that it doesn’t work in Internet Explorer and the lovely header with me on it was not showing up. Perhaps one day we will figure out what happened and make it work but not today. Sigh. We really did like that particular look too. Oh well.

I am thankful that Zoolatry thought enough of me to make this lovely picture of me in the Grinch hat. I like acting like the Grinch in hopes that I won’t actually have to wear such a hat. I hate having to be dressed up!

I am also thankful that the woman is getting her car taken care of today. The engine light came on. I am thankful that the Male is finally getting a new garage door opener. I am thankful that hopefully they will soon fix the leak that is probably in the roof but is showing up on the bathroom floor (it is probably from the first floor level roof that goes against that wall). I hope that happens soon so I don’t fall in through the floor!

I will be VERY thankful when all of that is over!


  1. Those are very good things to be thankful for. I do hope you find that leak soon.


  2. those are great things to be thankful for Chey!

  3. good thankful things.

    while i’d rather have mom at home full time, i’m glad she could go to work so i can continue to have temptations, and cozy places to sleep. mol

  4. Yoor life is furry trying isn’t it.

  5. That is a cute graphic of you and Gemini. Those are all good things to be thankful for.

  6. Maggy thinks Chey is quite awesome in the Grinch hat! Zoey is wondering if the roof leak is connected to her under-the-kitchen-sink leak… although she is not ever ever allowed in that cupboard (it has some nasty stuff there)… sometimes the bean leaves it open just long enough for a peek and a sniff… and gosh, there’s always wetness puddles there she’s wiping up! The dadbean in this house in not a harryhomeowner kind.
    We’s thankful to know you.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. Dat’s one cool hat! 🙂

  8. We really like your graphic. It is good to hear you have some thankful things – leaks in da roof are no fun at all.

    Mindy & Moe

  9. I hope that you never fall through the floor! That would not be a good thing! Not at all. Nope, nope, nope…

  10. I’m glad your mom’s car is getting fixed also. My mom’s car was sick last week. And I do hope you leak gets fixed soon. Leaks can turn into very bad things fast!

    I think you and Gemini both look super cute in your Christmas hats.

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  11. You both look very cute in your holiday hats!

  12. Sounds quite busy in your house! I will warn you- roof men are weird. When ours was done in the fall I just couldn’t figure out why they were up there. I hope the engine light is nothing serious. You should tell her to come to the Toy Man because he has a code reader thingy and makes those lights go away. But that might be a bit far to drive.

  13. We can see your banner pikshur, and it looks great (mombean says we’re using internet explorer).

  14. Just had to reply to your comment on my blog. Among the Christian faiths, Germans are pretty much equally divided between Catholics and Protestants (including Lutherans). Each account for about 30% of the German population. Parts of Germany, such as Bavaria, the province we live in, are largely Catholic. Bavaria still thinks of itself as its own “country” although it is part of Germany. Bavarians typically consider themselves Bavarians first, and Germans second. Since Bavaria is a largely Catholic province, a lot of the Catholic feast days are also public holidays here – it is the German province with the largest number of holidays!

  15. Those are all good things to be thankful for today. I would hate for you to fall through the floor so that sounds kind of important to fix. I really like your hats too!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat

  16. Those are very good things to be grateful for.

    I am thankful for you Gemini.


  17. Chey, Mom says she got my fleece sheets at Kohl’s but she also saw them at Target.


  18. You have quite a few things to be thankful for!
    You look charming in the Grinch hat! 😉

  19. I am sorry that you couldn’t get your Holiday Header up today. But luckily we can still see you on your current header. You do have a good list of things to be thankful for.

    Purrrrrs, Willow

  20. I’d be thankful to get leaks fixed too. Also the car,Beans are happier when the car works great 🙂

  21. Tonight is the big night! See you guys down on the red carpet!

    Opus and Roscoe

  22. Loving the pic Chey you look adorable!!!! xxx

  23. Chey,

    Da Grinch hat iz furry expressive. Iz dis your inner “kitten?”

    -Dr tweety

  24. You look ready for the holidays. Enjoy!

  25. i’m thankful that you’re so puuuuuuuuurdy.

    it makes me mao.

  26. I love that pickshure of you and Gemini! You both look so festive. Zoolatry does such wunnerful photo-portrayts!

    and Momma unnerstands yur blog-design frustrashun — fur her writing blog, she used to have a design that worked great in Firefox but then she founded out that the purrty graffick didn’t show up in Explorer! Dang nabbit. She’s got a design that works good in both now, but that kinda thing can sure be frustratin!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  27. you two look very cute in the hats 😀

  28. Very nice work by Zoolatry. They sure know how to make you 2 look your best.

    What you need now is a fix for all the things that need fixing, including Internet Explorer. (IE? Who needs that? Said the satisfied Opera user…)

  29. Very nice holiday look! And we are ever so thankful that Gemini is in the new CCSI episode!!!! Are you at the red carpet party? What an event! And Gemini Did such a fabulous job!!!!!!
    I’ll head back to the party now…..

  30. Wow, what a beautiful and festive photo-portrait! You two are stunning. *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  31. Adorable graphic!

    Those are good things to be thankful for.

    Yr friend,

  32. That’s a great Krissmouse picture from Zoolatry! We’re glad you are thankful for so many things even if you have a bit of the Grinch in you.

    Luf, Us

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