Thankful Thursday

img_2353.JPGWe are very thankful here this week that there is power (mostly). We are also thankful that we haven’t had any flooding. While we are worried that there might be a slight leak in the roofing area we are thankful that it’s not in an area that disturbs us kitties.

We are very thankful that we have lots of lovely Christmas gifts and that we have gotten some lovely Christmas cards already. However, no one has taken our photos looking at them. Something about there not being enough light and not wanting to use the flash.

We are happy that we stayed warm during the snow storm. We are also happy that Momma is very warm and that she lets us all cuddle with her when it is cold at night.

Don’t Tell: Now that Cheysuli is communing with Bast, we are thankful that she’s not around to be bossy for a day or so! YEAH!


  1. I am so thankful thankful thankful~!!!!!!

  2. we are thankful that you are all safe and dry! come on over for the ham party!!

  3. We are thankful you are our friends!

  4. I am glad to hear that you stayed safe and warm during the storm! My mom’s family is in Ottawa, Canada, and they had 40 cm (over a foot!) of snow on Monday. I’m glad we haven’t had much snow here in Munich, and that it’s all melted quickly.

  5. Those are good things to be thankful for. What a cute photo of Georgia, too!

  6. Those are all great reasons! And Georgia, you are the prettiest thing under the tree! You make a great gift!

  7. Oh it’s good you have power and are keepin’ warm! I’z like keepin’ warm lots too, specially if feets and toes are around to put the bitey on at the same time… 😉 I’z guess we’z thankful we’z live in the UK where it doesn’t often snow!


  8. Chey is not bossy!! You just have to do whatever she says and you’ll all be happy. Georgia, I am so happy that you are looking so beautiful!

  9. We are thankful that you guys are safe and warm from the winter white stuff. Having power is an excellent thing, especialyl when its COLD!

  10. Queen Snickers says:

    hehe all you need is a bow on you head to make the purrfic gift.

  11. All of those things are great things to be thankful for! You look absolutely gorgeous under that tree . . . what beautiful fur!

  12. Oh Miss Gemini and Miss Georgia

    I am so thankful that you did not suffer any during those horrible storms. This was a lovely lovely picture of you Miss Georgia. We hopes your Momma will take some pictures of you under the tree for Christmas…


  13. wow, you’re sure a looker under the tree!

    from your comments about the snow and rain, i wonder if you live in WA? we do.

  14. I am thankful for staying warm, too. All this snow is very hard on felines!

  15. Glad that power is back and you kitties are doing well! Sending you lots of warmth and purrs from us Snow and Forest 🙂

  16. That’s a very nice picture of you and good to see you Georgia. Stay safe and warm inside. If it gets too much, come and visit me! It’s summer here.

  17. Glad you are safe and dry, at least so far. Hope it stays that way.

  18. O, Miss Georgia, u’s a beeyouteeful girl. Glad to hear u’s staying warm and dry.
    Purrrs, KC

  19. We are also thankful dat yoos stayed warm and dry. We wish all da kitties in da world could be warm and dry…

  20. I’m thankful for all the snoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooows that i gets to plays with. And my snowbean!

  21. Georgia. Thanks for this uppiedate!
    We hope everything improves with possible leaks.
    Stay warm and happy!

  22. That’s a lots of good stuff to be thankful fer!

  23. I am also very thankful for many things. It really is nice to have family around the holidays.

  24. Excellent things to be thankful for. Especially the part about staying warm.

  25. G-

    Dis iz egg-zactlee why da momeez pix suck lately! She hates da flashy ting. She sez it makes tings “flat.” Hmmm. Izn’t dat what dey said abouts da world before dey sailed around it?

    -Dr Tweety

  26. don’t u long fer doze warm dayz uv summer wen we diden’t hav to yooz da flash thing?
    i hope u don’t hav any leekz … an dat u stay warm.

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