Tabby Tuesday

img_2511a.JPGLook I got a post card from my friend Skeezix! I am so excited. I think it must smell a bit like Mothers Milk as i have not smelled this smell before and it is very interesting.

Have you all been over to see me in the latest CCSI? I played Mrs. Claus. I thought I would have a bigger part than I did but it is okay. Acting is very hard work. There was so much to do.  In fact, maybe that is why I find the Mothers Milk so interesting.

I am quite ready for Christmas now.   We have all our presents I think. There are lots of strings and stuff to play with under the tree. I like that.  I am looking forward to getting my Secret Paw. It was very exciting to get Ping‘s sisfur Boo for a Secret Paw so I got to send him a picture.  I was so excited, even if it was just printed out and not a real photo photo.  I guess that when you are between computers there are lots of things that only one computer can do and not the other and then you don’t have all the stuff you need on both computers. It is very complicated.

I think I need some Mothers Milk and a nap.  I wish Skeezix had sent me a sample.


  1. I’m glad the postcard finely got to yoo! I wish I had sum Mother’s Milk, too. I reely miss it!!!!

  2. You are so lucky to have received a postcard~ Even better than email!

  3. That Skeezix is pretty great isn’t he? We got one too!


  4. Your Mrs.Claus is the most beautiful Mrs. that I have ever seen~!!

  5. What’s mothers milk? This sounds VERY intriguing….

  6. You did a great job in CCSI as Mrs Claus, Gemini. 🙂 I had a lot of fun acting in it too. 🙂

  7. Ooh we’z gotted our card from Skeezix today too! 🙂

  8. Gemini, you were a great Mrs. Claus! You have a future in cinema!

  9. Somebody once said, and we can’t remember who, their are no small roles only small actors. Yoo were grate as Mrs. Claws Gemini!

  10. Somebody also said once that it was da (movie) screen dat got small…sum famous actress…Gloria somefing.
    Yu is da purrfect Mrs. Claus. I am so proud of yu! Yu is also dee most booteefull Mrs. Claus too.


  11. It was a great play we really enjoyed it.
    You were the perrrrfect Mrs. Claus Gemini!!

    Happy tuesday

  12. you were purrfekt as Mrs Claus!

  13. I wove weceiving mails as well! And oh, I weawwy enjoyed the CCSI too!

  14. We gotted a Skeezix postcard on Friday, it was very interesting smelling! I think we could all use some Mothers Milk.

  15. You should be nominated for a Golden Globe for your outstanding performance. May Santa Paws bring you everything you want!

  16. Skeezix is the most thoughtful cat, ever!

    I think you were outstanding in your role as Mrs. Claus. You are a natural actress.

  17. What a nice surprise to get a postcard from Skeezix! You were wonderful in the rol of Mrs. Claus, Gemini. I found you very convincing. Purrrs!

  18. Gemini,did ya lick the whole card? I bet it smells good 🙂
    I did love you as Mrs Claws!! You were so good 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  19. Mother’s milk? Is that like when we drink Mommy’s milk out of her glass or is it something else? We are very interested ion this!

  20. You were fabulous in your role as Mrs. Claws, dear.

    But um, I don’t think the “mother’s milk” Skeez was talking about would be good for young girls like us. I hear it’s not the same milk as Mom shares with me in the morning. It’s a (whispers) “adult beverage” and it makes you feel weird.

    Your friend

  21. You were a wonderful Mrs. Claws!!! Every actress believes that their role is never quite big enough, so don’t fret too much dear.

    Luf, Us

  22. You were a spectacular Mrs. Claws! Mother’s milk? I think that’s what my human put in a bottle to feed me when she rescued me at one day old. (Don’t spill the beans, but I still like to hit the bottle now & then, even after 8 years!)


  23. I will send you some mothers milk! They sell it in all the shops over here! it isn’t as good as nip though xx

  24. Good job as Mrs Claus!

  25. Are you getting the storm? We are, it is snowing and snowing and snowing some more! Momma loves it, she says it isn’t the same without a white Chrismouse; well we certainly will have that. But, it is purty.

  26. Its always great to get mail!
    And the ribbons & wrappings are the best part of Christmas!

  27. Hi Gemini,

    We thought you did a great job as Mrs. Claus. You dazzled us so much with your role, that if it had been any bigger, you might have blinded us.

    I don’t think you really want some mother’s milk. You might become addicted to it, and we have too many young actresses with addictions right now, who make fools of themselves. As the sister of a meezer, you need to be above all that.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  28. You do look just like Sadie from the top of your head, especially the long white furs sticking out of your ear!

  29. You were really good as Mrs Claus. I enjoyed being on the set with you. What is Mother’s Milk?

  30. My card from Skeez came today, too – it was very exciting! You’re really checking yours out!

  31. Your part at CCSI was not big enough?? If you tell no one I can help you with a bigger role the next show! But… we don’t have mother’s milk at the set.:)

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