Tabby Tuesday

I am ever so excited. Momma sent off our secret paw today! YEAH! This is so nice. I am so excited about it. I am also excited about getting to play in the next CCSI! YEAH!

I guess I am the kind of cat who gets excited about things. Here I am getting very excited about the tree and the presents under it. There are more now, but I was investigating everything when it got set up!

We had snow on Saturday and then by Sunday it had rained so hard that it was gone. There are flood warnings all over the place now too because there is so much rain. I am glad that I live on a plateau, which I guess means I live up high from the waters so there isn’t too much danger of flooding. This is a good thing because I do not think I would like getting all wet.


  1. Wowww…. I bet the reciever will be happy to recieved the secret paws from you~!!!

    I hope your weather could be better….
    we cats really love sunshine after all.

  2. Make sure you inspect each gift very carefully, Gemini. There might be some nip in there somewhere. I’m sorry that Turtle’s picture disappeared for you. I can see both pictures with Opera and IE. I know that you have a Mac, but I don’t know how I can check to see if my blog looks right to a Mac.

  3. Oh wow you’ve got your tree up already and presents under it! You’z so lucky!!!!

  4. You sent your gift already??? uh oh. We signed up but haven’t heard a word about it. Who do we need to talk to?

    Opus and Roscoe
    ps. Congrats on your win!

  5. Gemini, I have discovered that some of the best nap spots are under the tree. I have had to discover this because my stooooopid Sister Puff is hogging MY Gizzy!

  6. Queen Snickers says:

    It looks like ya’ll are a bit further along then we are! There are no presents under our tree. We have started shopping for our Secret Paws but are not though getting everything, we are also waiting for our cards to get here so we can put them in the packages. ~Queen Snickers

  7. We are worried about you! We hope you are up high and staying dry, cuz we have been watching the news, and it is awful. We lost a lot of the white stuff and got rain, but no flooding, just a mess. Momma says her Xmas lights outside suffered, and some are out and she gives up with them. She has spent a lot of time trying to get things to look good. Oh, well, we don’t care, as long as we have a warm place.


  8. Mom’s been reading about the bad weather up there, so I was going to ask if you were all right. I’m glad you are! Congrats on being in CCSI! That tree looks very interesting!

  9. you look very happy unner the tree

  10. Gemini, you are such a sweet kitty! I like that you are so excitable. It is very fun. We sent our Secret Paws package out, too.

  11. You are so brave to go near your tree! I’m still terrified of ours!


  12. You look adorable under that tree….. stay inside and keep warm. We had snow too….brrrrrrrr

  13. Secret Paws is so much fun! I get excited about things too. You look very interested in what’s under the tree, Gemini! We don’t have our tree up yet.

  14. Ya gotted yur secret paw, ya gotted snow, an’ ya gotted a Christmus tree!

  15. We have our tree up but no presents under it yet. We are very excited about Secret paws. We’re going shopping for it this afternoon we think!

  16. I am so glad you are safe, Gemini! I know the weather has been nasty. I don’t want you to flood, either.

    We will be sending out our secret paws this weekend . . . we are just waiting on our cards to arrive! We finished shopping over the weekend . . . boy, was it fun! Mommy has been lazy and hasn’t wrapped anything for under the tree yet, but I plan on putting the bitey on her this weekend until she does.

  17. All of our presents are wrapped but there is no tree. The Chip Man needs his live tree and he won’t get one until about 2 weeks before the holiday. Oh well, we can just plot to knock stuff off when it gets here.

  18. Oh my sweet Gemini I have been besides myself worried and worried about you in that horrible storm. I hope that you have been OK and warm and toasty and safe. You can always teleport ofur…we have sun and clear skies and about 68 degrees…it did cool off but not much…tomorrow we go back up into the 70’s.
    Come on down!


  19. Our resident tabby cat loves the tree also. She won’t stay out of it. (Hence the naughty cat t-shirt.) I can’t wait to see Chey in her t-shirt.

    -Jasper McKitten-Cat

  20. Wow, that’s a nice tree …….and presents too already, lucky you!

    Moe & Mindy

  21. It’s good fur us to get acited about stuff. When yoo stop getting acited about anything den our lives are no longer fun. We’z cats, fun is what it is all about!

  22. Your Chrismiss tree looks really great, so festive. Ours is getting better, needs more shiny stuff. I think you need to open those pressies now….

  23. Whatta purretty Christmas tree! I know what you’re talking about, gettin excksited… I get excksited about purretty much EFURRYTHING!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  24. We are all excited about the tree and presents also!

  25. What a lovely tree you have! And I am enjoying getting to know you lovely kitties too, *smile*.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  26. Gemini,you look nice under the tree,and presents! Mom got lights outside and that’s it! Do you see some with your name on them?

  27. That tree sure looks like a place a cat could have a lot of fun. And oh my, the bows on those presents, too much to think about.
    Stop on by I have the main characters in CCSI II featured. Thanks for all the long hours of resheral.

  28. My Lady is still waiting on something in the mail before we send off our secret paws. I can’t wait. I’m so excited.

  29. Fun! Target and Au like it when the human man of the house snores… they touch paws to his nose and see if he sneezes!

  30. That is cool that you sent off your Secret Paws already! Your Lady is very organized.

    We’re glad that you’re excited. It makes life interesting.

    Luf, Us

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