Sunday Guest Star

As usual I had some wonderful comments. However, I have to say that I was most intrigued by this comment:

“A golden star is appropriate given the year you have had ( you know the press,the accusations,innuendo etc.)yet you have persevered :) You have made sacrifices too, most recently wearing a vest “You are the Cat’s Meow”
What can I say? Life is short,then you get an wawrd!
Your 2 choices are perfect!!!
Yao-Lin is the longest suffering cat I know (poor bugger)
Diamond has a great blog and often leaves somewhat barbed comments that have Mom spewing coffee at the monitor while giggling hysterically. Diamond has a delightful sence of humor :)
Purrs Mickey”

Yes, the guest star this week is Mickey. I am sure it is not because he has recognized how long suffering I am (which is true) or that he recognizes that I made wonderful choices (in Diamond and Yao-lin) or anything of that nature. Alas, Diamond does not have the woman spewing coffee, but I believe we have had the nose chai comment before haven’t we?

I am looking forward to many more excellent Sunday Guest Star portraits in 2008. I plan to start my guest list over again (yes the woman was keeping a running tab so we could try and spread out the recognition).

As I am running as the only candidate in the party of Feline’s For Total World Domination, I do not have to take part in the primary but I can poke fun of them. May the best win (which will of course mean me!)


  1. Awww, Mickey is a fabulous guest star! He is a wonderful friend to everykitty, and he’s such a doting gentlemancat to my sweet sister Miss Peachy. *smile* I loved reading his comment — he is so astute!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  2. Mickey is a wonderful choice!! concatulations buddy!

  3. What a great guest star! Good choice.

    Mom was working on our Christmas post links while you were visiting. She’s finished now, so they all work.

  4. Excellent guest star choice, Chey. Although, unlike Mickey, we don’t find Diamond’s barbed comments that funny. But to each his own!

  5. Mickey is a great choice.

  6. We all here at the topcatrules house, have to say, that Mickey is one of our very favorite cats. Excellent choice!

  7. Hooray for Mickey! He is smart and nice, too.

  8. Good choice Chey. We missed the Friday comments and about a zillion others cuz mum hasn’t been giving us anywhere near enuff compooter time since befurr Chris Mouse. We haf given her an ultimatum. Fings change or we’re outta here and finding a home we’re we can blog 24/7 if we want to!!!!

  9. Hey Chey! Thanks for the nod 🙂
    Good luck in 2008 too!!
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Mickey’s a good choice, yep. Beans snorting things out their nozes is always funny too. hehehe

  11. Mickey is a great choice for guest star, Chey! Must go congratulate him.

    Moe & Mindy

  12. Hey! I fink ya should hadded a torti fur a guest star!

  13. Mickey is handsome, smart and well versed… is he single?

  14. Hooray for Mickey!

    Happy New Year to each of you!

  15. Another excellent choice, Chey!


  16. Mickey is a great choice! We really like him and his blog!!!

  17. Hi again –

    Instinct is what used to be called Prairie, by Nature’s Variety. Now Instinct is what the 95% meat/5% fruit & veggie/no grain food is called. I think Prairie still exists, but might have grain. ?

  18. Mickey is such a lovely kitty. Glad that you feature him but visiting you on Sundays sometimes befuddles SS who thinks she clicks on the wrong linkie.

  19. Mickey is a really cool cat!!!

  20. Congratulations Mickey on being the Sunday Guest Star.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  21. Mickey certainly the best star~!!!
    I am so happy to see him is your choice~!!!

  22. Congrats to Mick. dis waz a furry wize choice Chey!

  23. Happy New Year to you and your family! Hope your 2008 is great!

  24. Some one else who has remodeled for the new year.

  25. Lawn signs? Cool! Too bad we don’t live in your country. Or have a lawn!

    Happy New Year!

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