Sunday Guest Star

Well this week was a bit of a slow week for comments. I guess you all are a bit afraid of upsetting Bast. Hmmm?

At any rate, Dr. Tweety stepped up to the plate as he often does and gave me this great observation:


Considerin’ da amounts of ham dat haz been consumed, & da high sodium content of dis deelishus meats, are you sure you wazn’t communin’ wit a sea bass instead of Bast?

PS: Pleaze do not reports me to da Meezer Goddessez, ‘cuz I yam just kiddin.’ I takes deze whappin’ cats furry seer-reously!

-Dr Tweety (& da Seerz of da Himuhlay-ants; NO, not da same ants dat waz in da oevfun!)

I will not report you to the Meezer Goddess (I am the Meezer Goddess, I think Bast is for all cats), so there is no worry about that.

Have a good week,

Cheysuli, the Right Paw of Bast.


  1. Surely you are coming to the party . C’mon, you’re part of the cast!

  2. I have some difficulties with your cat language and don’t have a dictionary for cat english, but I still can admire your beautiful eyes !

  3. That Dr Tweety is a mighty fine looking cat!

  4. Great choice of guest star, Chey.

    When it comes to Bast, I think you are correct – most of us don’t want to offend her.

  5. Dr. Tweety is very perceptive!

  6. Dr.Tweety made a furry good comment. You are right, we were skeered of gitting a whapping furrom Bast.

  7. Excellent choice for this week’s Guest Star. I nodded and smiled when I first read Dr. Tweety’s brilliant comment!

    Purrrrrss, China Cat

  8. Hey, Gemini,

    Thanks for coming by. Don’t feel the least twinge of guilt. Percy is only grounded for the weekend for leaving rehearsals and running off to Paris without calling home to let Jan know he would be late.

    The rest of us are grounded for the weekend because we helped Percy sneak in late and didn’t tell Jan he was home sleeping on Merci’s pillow. Jan isn’t much for crawling under furniture so she thought he was still missing.

    Percy will be on the set tomorrow morning ready to work hard for the CCSI premier.

    Jan’s Funny Farm residents

  9. Praise be to the Poose Gods.
    Praise be to Bast.

  10. At the end of my post today there is information about the new CCSI Badge, ya can come on over to my place or Opus & Roscoe’s and pick yours up if ya want. Hope to see ya on Tuesday, big day!!

  11. Dr.Tweety knows what he’s talking about – we kitties should take this whappin’stuff very seriously!

  12. Oh Dr Tweety is smart as well as handsum.

  13. hehehe, I’m laffin about Dr. Tweety’s BASS comment! Dr. Tweety is such a fun feller, and we Ballicai love him!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  14. Oops, that was my little brother above, using my information to comment! I assure you — my spelling and grammar is much better than his, *giggle*.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  15. Gemini,

    Thanks for your nice comment on my new hat. I think it’s cool too. Momo kitty thinks it’s too small for me and Jan should put flaps on it – um, straps, not flaps. But as long as I don’t sneeze, there should be no problem.

    Jan’s Funny Farm

  16. Thank you for being part of the Pooses for Peace movement and sending something to your congressmen.

  17. Excellent choice.
    Wise words from the Doctor!
    We hope you had a delightful week-end.

  18. I like Dr Tweety 🙂
    That was good!!

  19. Dr. Tweety is bery smart sownds lyk. an we must mention his handsomeness.

  20. Chey & Gemini!!! I missed my own guestee star day. can you BELEEVE it? I tink mebbe I should get out a few meezer emailz & you guyz can take some furry serious whaps at da momee fur goin’ away & me missin’ out on dis furry special honor. I haz nevfur been on dis meezer bloggie before. I yam awful glad you saw da humidor in my smikey tail of da sea & excessive ham usage.

    -Love, Dr Tweety

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