Photo Hunt: Small

gemini4a.JPGLast week we did a lovely photo of Gemini with her long fur. This week we will show her when she is small.

I can’t complain so much about this photo because there are no photos of me when I was small. These humans didn’t have me when I was a tiny kitten like this so, I was never, to them, a small cat.

Gemini, however was a tiny little cat.  When we first got her, she couldn’t eat out of a little saucer and had to put her little front legs into it to get to the food.  She was a very tiny little thing, although her paws were enormous.   We thought she would be a much larger cat than she ended up being.


  1. Now that is SMALL 🙂
    Gemini is also very cute(still is)
    Mom did not do the pic thing much when I was SMALL, but now she has a digital
    camera it’s non stop! “sigh”
    Purrs Mickey

  2. Such a cute picture ! I also regret that I don’t have baby pictures of all my cats. I didn’t have a digital camera and I also never took photos.

  3. Cute kitten! Can I pet it?

  4. Oh Gemini, you were such a cutie. You still are!

  5. Ooo…Gemini is cute. Actually small size is ok. It takes time and the correct food to grow bigger. My cat shot up 1kg in less than a month. Must be the Friskies.. hehe 😛

  6. What a beautiful little kitten you were! Perfect take on this week’s theme. Happy weekend

  7. Oh, what a sweet, adorable photo! Gemini, you were incredibly cute as a kitten! So sweet! 🙂 You are a beautiful lady cat now. 🙂

  8. Look at that face, such a sweet expression from Gemini.

  9. Gemini was an adorable little kitten! I am very sad that my Mommie took hardly any pictures of me as a baby.

  10. Aw, Gemini, you were (are) a cute kittie!

    Mindy & Moe

  11. This picture is of a very pretty little kitty, so furry and fluffy. I could cherish her.

  12. Adorable shot and good for the theme.

  13. She was so small!! I bet it was adorable when she put her paws in the food dish.

  14. Oh.. She’s definitely a pretty cat (=

  15. Oh, Gemini, what a sweetie you were … and still are!


  16. Awe, Gemini was such a cute little kitten. Zippy is the only one of us to come to mom and dad as a kitten too.

  17. Gemini weawwy was such a small kitty! I was weawwy small when I first came home with mine Mummy too, pwobabwy even smawwer than Gemini was! But she doesn’t have photos of me then because she could afford a camewa when she was a poor student back then. Boo to mine Mummy!

  18. Gemini, you were a lovely little cat! Very fluffy and loveable!

  19. Gemini was small. Very very cute!

  20. Oh, I justee lovez itty-bitty kittenz!!! I can whaps dem around & den I can licks dere earz. If Gemini had been around here when she waz dis small, I would kissee her earz until dey waz purr-fectly clean. & den I would whap her if she gots too close to my food bowl. You has to bring up deze younginz right & so dey respectee der elderz.

    -Dr Tweety

  21. What a cute little kitty! Awwwwww!

    My Photo Hunt is up too! 🙂

  22. great picture.

  23. She was very, very cute indeed. Purrs FAZ

  24. Awwww. Maw wants to reach out and snuggle her! Gemini is so kyoot!

    Luf, Us

  25. Awww, Gemini is just SO ADORABBLE. Momma’s got itty bitty baby pickshures of Dorydoo since she came to Momma and Daddy as a baby gurl, and Momma’s got oldur kitten pickshures of me, since I came to ’em when I was about eight monthies old. But Momma wishes she had kitten pickshures of Marilyn and Brainball, too — she doesn’t know what they looked like as kittens since Brainball was three years old when he came to the housiehold and Marilyn was anywhere from ten to twelve years old, the vet said.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  26. Ohhhhh, Gemini is a beautiful little dear! What a precious picture of her. *smile*

    Mom likes to imagine what I looked like as a kitten. A little white, odd-eyed ball of fluff! I didn’t come to her and Dad until I was an older ladycat.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  27. Awww! Gemini looks like my first kitty, Petey. 🙂

  28. Oh she is soooooo pooooosie… we want to kiss her little nose.
    thanks for the cute pic

  29. Awww what a little sweetie. We love seeing baby kitty pikchurs.

  30. I can see you love kitty so much~ nice pic you have…

    Btw, I also post my Photo Hunter: Small , hope you would visit and say HI~

  31. It’s amazing how much floofier she is as an adult. She’s a cutie at both ages.

  32. The picture of Gemini when she was small is a purrfect use of SMALL! She was so cute… 🙂

  33. Gemini’s kitten picture is so precious.


  34. aahhh Gemini was a precious kitty.

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