Photo Hunt: Messy

img_2618.JPGNow this is a stunning little theme for the Woman. Where should she start–besides having an entire photoblog devoted to the theme? There is a mess in my litter box, always. No thanks to me. There are TWO other cats here you know.

There is a mess downstairs due to the holidays. It’s a great excuse because it’s a mess there anyway.

The kitchen is often a mess, but that didn’t happen today.

The Male’s desk area is the worst, but we decided not to pick on him today. No our mess is the Woman’s desk, which annoys her. See, right now she is transferring files and getting her new imac set up with Leopard. Lots of things don’t run so she had to wait so she could either import things to the Windows side (which she can do now) or until the software comes out for Leopard. At any rate, she is slowly getting stuff ported to the Windows side so that they can wipe the hard drive on the old mac and get rid of some of the mess on her desk!


  1. Oh! To me this is still very tidy. hehe…

    Happy New Year , my friend! See you next year! 😛

  2. I don’t like it too if all the cords of all those computers and other gadgets are spread on my table. They really look messy.

  3. At least the cats didn’t get themselves tangled with all the cords 🙂
    Have a great 2008 ahead 🙂

  4. In spite of da mess, we’s glad you can still find da keyboard so’s you ken still post to alla us!

    Mindy & MOe

  5. I think I’m messier than you are. This is a fun theme for getting our messes on display.

  6. Gosh, my work area is messier than yours!
    *rushes to clean up my mess*

    Happy New Year!

  7. You are better~
    Michico’s table is much more messer than your beans~!!

  8. We had the same dilemma.Which mess to use,hahaha!! The place always looks Messy and litterboxes are too gross to post 🙂 But tonight we got a treat…catnip! That created a Messy situation too,soooooooooooooooooo…..
    Purrs Mickey

  9. wooohoooo!!! that’s really a messy one! indeed you have a great picture,keep it up…

    mine is up here:
    Happy New Year!

  10. Interesting post. Good luck with that.

  11. Whoof!! Catz are invited to my blog… it’s a safe place fur all critters. Bark.

  12. Shhhhh!
    You’re going to give my cats ideas.
    They’re already experts at making messes. 🙂
    My photo hunts include road construction, a bad restaurant, and a driveway full of snow.

  13. You see that’s why she has no time to make order in other places, lol ! Rosie is making order every night with her mice !

  14. You would cry if you saw the mess over here.
    We feel your pain.

  15. We have little messes all over our house. Mom says her New Years project is to try to get organized. We’ll see that when and if it happens!

  16. Where is the mess …????
    Great photo!

  17. It’s not dat messy, you’z shoulda taken a photo here before My Mummy haded her KissMouse tidy up! 😉

  18. That doesn’t look too bad, Chey! Sometimes projects make little messes until they are all done.

  19. Hehe. I should take a picture of mom’s desk. That’ll really piss her off. That’s the second most messy place in the house. The worst is dad’s. I love to jump up there and knock things off just to get a reaction. Classic!

  20. Well, that doesn’t look too messy, Chey, but we can see how having lots of cords around can feel very messy.

    Points on a Sphynx are very subtle, and some say breed experts say that there is no colour difference between the points and the rest of the body colour in mature Sphynx (except areas that have fur, such as the nose, the ears and the scrotum on some entire males). You can see Merlin’s points on his nose and his ears right now. They are a little hard to see, because of the “and white” part of his colouration, so he’s not a solid, dark seal point over his entire nose and bridge of his nose. His nose itself is actually pink in the middle, while being a dark brown around the edges. He also has very little hair on his ears, compared to a “typical” Sphynx, so his points are hard to see there too, since they have very little fur.

  21. Well, our house sometimes looks pretty messy too.
    Mommie hates mess but she does not do much about it!

    Happy Happy Christmas and enjoy all of those Apple products.
    We certaily love them here too!


  22. oh humans are sooo messy. Honestly, they are really rather disgusting. Chey, I do hope you chastise your human thoroughly for being so messy!


  23. If mommy tried to post all our messy spots, she’d shut blogger down! ha ha ha I hope your mommy starts tidying up your box better. Bendrix makes sure mine gets done daily or else.

    I guess as long as your mommy is spending her spare time telling you how stunning you are it is OK to be messy.

  24. oh boy, Beans and technology! my one just got a MyBook hard drive and has been staring at it for three days now wondering how she formats it for a Mac! usually stuff just plugs into Macs and work but not this blummin hard drive! and yes, the resultant mess is just BEYOND what is acceptable xxx

  25. hehehe, that isn’t messy to me! My housie’s got all kindsa stuff in it — but Mom’s workin on declutterizin it so at least it’ll be less messy.

    Interesting onna pooter stuff! Macs are kool. My mom’s gonna be switchin furry soon from Windows to Linux! 🙂

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  26. Our boy’s room is so messy, I sent Bonnie to get a pictor an she’s still not back!
    PS maybe I can give you a hint bout the acronym in the werd search? It’s a term Karl an Anastasia started. So it’s not CotC, WCB, HotMBC, or PTU.

    If you bisit us, stay outa the boy’s room. Shtuff shifts alla time an you mite get trapped. Purrs!

  27. Gee looks kinna organized to us. 😉

  28. Gosh, that looks tame compared to our Paw’s desk. Maybe we should have used his desk for the theme instead of the wrapping paper. Oh well.

    Luf, Us

  29. The litter box! OMG! She didn’t clean the litter box before she went to work today! What was she thinking???!!!

  30. Well, my computer desk is much more messy than that. Where are the canny wrappers, the soda cans, the half eaten sandwiches?? Man, I need to clean!!

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