Meezer Rule Wednesday

img_1823a.JPGMeezer Rule Wednesday: When one of your Friends is in Trouble, go to bat for them.

My dear friend, Yao-lin is having a hard time getting what he wants. I was incredibly displeased to read this. Therefore, I am taking the next few days to commune with Bast as her Right Paw to see if I can’t mediate for him.
At any rate, no matter how long it takes, I plan on proving my worth as the Right Paw of Bast to get things set right with Yao-lin.  It’s going to be a tough challenge as he has so many hardships in his life.  A royal prince should have only the best and things often fall short and I have no idea why.

I realize that humans are fallible in ways that are unacceptable to the most discriminating of meezers. I also realize that some humans are more fallible than most. However, mine is a used older model that was set in her ways.  She was certainly not to my cup of tea being into organic, all natural food when I wanted premium stuff.   However, I am slowly training her and finding that organic, all natural food isn’t too bad.

The Male is beyond training. I ignore him whenever possible. If that’s not possible, I leave the room.   My human is getting the clue that I am very sensitive and she frequently tells the Male to stop bothering me. Alas she does not understand that it’s his very existence that bothers me, but she is learning. Last night, she told him that his breathing bothered me.  She did not, however tell him to stop.  I know, however that acknowledgment is the first step to solving the problem…

I cannot only think that talking to Bast to solve Yao-lin’s problems cannot be any more difficult.


  1. If anycat can set things right for Yao-Lin, I am convinced it is you, Chey!

    Best wishes,

  2. Oh Chey we too worry about Yao-Lin being treated so badly… I’z certainly glad that you’z on the job now! I’z also understand your dislike for the Male, it took My Mummy over a year to train Dad, so he remembered to bow down in my presence at all times… This makes him far less yucky, horrid, scary and tall as well as shows me his deep respect for me and my claws! After many months of his bowing and scraping I’z decided that as long as he keeps it up I shall let him fuss my purrfect golden furs and feed me treats as long as he’ll agree to take the blame for all the bad things in life… So we’z gotted an understanding, either my life goes along smoothly and I’z fussed and treated with much love, or I’z get sick and hiss and scratch him ’cause after all it’s all his fault! 🙂 This is a most satisfactory arrangement…

  3. Gemini stoppin is as I saw ya had visited the set today. Do I have the correct photo on you for the feature I posted today? It is good that Chey is watching our for Yao-lin, ya cannot have to many looking out for ya.

  4. The light effect is wonderful. It made the pic more attractive.

  5. Rudolph’s letter to Yao-Lin was very rude. But then, what can one one except from a vishus reindeer? I am going to see THE MAN himself on Sunday, so I will put in a good word for Yao-Lin.

  6. Hahah, his breathing is bothering you!! We too feel very badly for Yao-lin and he should not be treated in that manner. He’s really a very sweet and generous meezer and puts up with a lot.

  7. His BREATHING is bothering you? WOW, mommy’s breathing bothers me too – espeshually when she breathes ON me. Let me know how you get him to stop. – Sammy

  8. Only a true friend would go to bat for Yao-Lin! Everyone should be so lucky to have a friend such as yourself.

  9. His breathing bothers you?!?!?! Chey, you are a hoot!

  10. If anyone can help Yao-Lin, you can, Chey. Chey, the all-powerful one!

  11. That is an excellent rule, Chey. It is nice of you to try to help Yao-lin out.

  12. The dog’s breathing in our house bothers Dante so he knows how you feel.

  13. All human breathing bothers us! Poor Yao-lin, such strife.

  14. Maybe you should tell the man to stop bweathing. I told mine Mummy to do that a few times before but all she did was give me weird wooks.

  15. Chey

    I can relate. Believe me, the Dad is not overly fond of me. I for one cannot understand this, but he keeps saying “wide load coming through” whenever I walk by. YOU know that actress that is talking about a size 2 is not fat, well how can a 6 pound cat be fat? I mean I have a LOT of fur. He always pokes fun at me, and even though Momma always intervenes for me, it’s embarrassing. So I try to bite him every chance I get, and naturally Momma goes to bat for me. She always blames him, never me. THIS is a good thing. So, I am totally devoted to her. In fact she is my property and I don’t like sharing her at all.

    Ping is telling me he can’t wait to get Miss Gemini’s card! He is so excited he is running around with his tail on fire because he is so happy.

  16. Queen Snickers says:

    The breathing offense is very serious, some times when my daddy eats something smelly he breaths in my face! It’s terrible! At least momma yells at him for doing this. I have got him back though, when I have to “pass wind” I make sure I’m in his lap and well aimed. hehehe ~Queen Snickers

  17. Hey Chey, my advice is to let your human continue to breathe, they seem to struggle if they don’t. FAZ

  18. I do hope that he at least tries to hold his breath when around you. That is only fair.

    Perhaps you can speak to my pet human. She has a very annoying habit of kissing us.

  19. It is wonderful of you to help out Yao-Lin like that, Chey. I know he appreciates it! I’m sure someday you both will manage to be treated as you deserve.

  20. Thanks for stopping by to meet me, that was really really nice!

  21. Chey, it is so good of you to watch out for Yao-Lin!


  22. So good of u’s to help Yao-Lin, Chey. Furry nice of u’s.
    Mommie breathes on me sumtimes ‘n it’s furry annoying cause it ruffles my silken glossy furs :: shudders :: ugh.
    Purrs, KC

  23. Oh Chey I am touched!! I think it is wonderful that you are taking time out of your very hectic schedule to help a fellow siamese in need. I feel – quite simply – validated! YOU understand and acknowledge how awful my life is! YOU are the right paw of bast and your word is final. At last I have ammunition to use against the human – do you know, she ACTUALLY accused me of being – *sniff* – melodramatic!!! I swear I almost passed out!

    Incidentally, I think that you, too, have your share of hardship. If the male human’s incessant and annoying breathing is bothering you, he really should either stop, as you suggested, or vacate the premises. How DARE he offend the right paw of bast with his inhale/exhale noises!!

    Chey – you are a star!

    HRH Yao-Lin x

  24. Chey,

    I tink I might be justee a bit scared when I read about you meezerz & what you tink inside. You are furry good frendz, but no-ONE should evfer cross a meezer!!!!

    -Dr Tweety

  25. I read about Yao-Lin’s troubles. I feel real bad for him.

  26. Ahhhh. A furry profound statement that acknowledgement is the ferst step to solving the problem. We will ponder that ofurnight.

  27. I think male kitties are almost as bad as male humans. I can’t train Guy either
    – Sultanfus.
    Ma said that wasn’t nice and that I should take that back. I will not cause Guy is a stinky boy.

  28. Skeeter and LC says:

    Bast is truly inscrutable in her ways…

  29. my little pointy faced mouse is fond of everyone and every quadroped in his life. do i have a defective meezer?? XD

  30. We happen to think this is a fantastic rule! Every now and then our kitty brothers and sisters need a paw. Happy Holidays~

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