Meezer Monday

img_2635a.JPGAh it’s a great end of the year. After all, Dude has decided to join my campaign. After listening to Huckabee, I can understand why he would want to change to my campaign. I support those things that all pets do stand for: unconditional love, food, and naps. I don’t know why more candidates don’t work to support this. After all, it’s what is really important.

I am eagerly awaiting what happens in Iowa. After all, this is the beginning of the primaries that will determine who my human opponents are.

I have just noticed that Cafepress will now all me to make yard signs so that all of you can go there to buy your yard signs to show your support. How many of you have purchased your Cheysuli 2008 buttons?


  1. You haven’t lost your minds. The pool photos on our site are from Sassy’s Florida pool party. You do remember being at her party, don’t you? 🙂

    Jan’s Funny Farm

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