Meezer Monday

img_2372a.JPGAll these gifts are for me, I am sure. After all, who else would they be for?

The Male hasn’t been that good.  Certainly I think he’s been horrible. In fact, he should get a big fat lump of (you know) in his stocking for locking me out.

The Woman fails to stand up for me against the Male.   She is a poor substitute for a decent staff.

Gemini sits in the bed that Latte sent her under the guise that she won his contest when it was really meant for me.

Georgia, well she’s still around and isn’t that gift enough?

I would like to tell everyone to go over and visit Storm today. One year ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  She has made it a year when the doctors gave her only 6 to 9 months. I think this is a milestone to be celebrated. In fact, I might even consider allowing her to sniff at all my gifts…

I know, my generosity knows no bounds…


  1. Quite the haul!

  2. ohh all those puurrrsents must be fur yoo. yur trees bery pretty and yoo luk lovely against it. we agree the male should get coal ifid he aint nise ta yoo. maybe hes jealous of yur beyyoooty. and the mom should stand up fur yoo. thats whut staff fur right???

  3. I don’t doubt that all those gifts are for you. I hope you have fun opening all of them.

  4. Lots of pressies. Too bad you got locked out. You should have given the Male a big bitey! Very happy to have SS back. Her sister was a bit of a grump and complained bitterly about having to feed me breakfast at 5am. Doesn’t everyone feel hungry at that hour? So what’s the problem with having a warm ball of fur sitting on the face?

  5. You certainly deserve lots of gift~!!!
    Can’t wait until Christmas, aren’t you~!

  6. You look lovely next to the tree and all the presents, Chey. You certainly deserve to receive most of them!

  7. You look extra-lovely under that tree!

  8. Wow thats a lot of gifts..
    We have to share, or we get stuck in the corner
    and ignored.

  9. Oh yes you’z very generous… Now can I’z have some gifts please?! 😉 Well it seems we’z not gotted any as yet and I’z purrty worried about it!

  10. Oh yes, haffing Georgia still with yoo is a lovely gift. Chey, yoo shood keep in mind dat Man beans are rather dense and female beans need pashents to train dem properly. Men must beleeve dat something was their idea before they will allow it. Luckily they’re mostly stoopid and easily fooled.

  11. Chey – those gifts had BETTER

  12. Chey – those gifts had BETTER be for you!!! And as for your humans, they deserve nothing but a swift swipe of a siamese claw.


  13. You look very nice under this tree. Looking also terrible.

  14. We can only hope that all those gifts are for you. Shall we send over the Bite and Run brigade?

  15. Don’t worry my love! I’ve been furiously nibbling through wrapping paper making sure that all of the gifts in our house are for you!

  16. wow. you gots lots of nice pressies!!

  17. The spirit of Christmas is in the giving of presents. Surely the Male and the Woman must be giving all those present to you to make up for all their failings!

  18. Spoken like the royal meezer you are, dear Chey!

  19. I am pretty sure almost all of those gifts must be for you, Chey! But I hope there are a couple for Gemini and Georgia, too.

  20. Queen Snickers says:

    Those must be for you! A whole bunch just appeared under my tree for me last night.

  21. Of course all those gifts are for you! Only the gifts for a royal meezer should go under the tree. The rest can be in the closet or something.

    I found a bunch of gifts for me last night! Then I walked on them to check them out (ooops, wrapping paper tears) and now my gifts have lots of extra bows on them!

  22. All good gifts are for royal meezers. The unwanted leftovers go to everyone else. I thought everyone knew that.

  23. Da more generous yoo am da more fings yoo get back. Therefore all those gifts must be fur yoo.

  24. fanks for mentioning my milestone Chey! it is indeed a special time – and i reckon even if those presents aren’t all yours, you certainly deserve them so you should just rip them open and claim them as your own xxx

  25. That’s a lovely tree wiv a lovely Chey beside it. We aren’t allowed to have our gifts unner the tree cuz we can’t wait until Chris Mouse befurr we open efurryfing.

  26. The beans not up to snuff?? Are you going to be like Yao-Lin and put an ad in the paper for new staff? Heehee
    That’s a lot of presents 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  27. Chey, you are truly a magnificent Meezer Girl! And what a grand pile of presents! I’ve no doubt Santa loves kitties. *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

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