Meezer Monday

img_2432a.JPGI am so angry. Can’t you see?

Long ago, Kukka-Maria swallowed her pride and introduced me to her estranged friend, Oprah. I was offered a spot on Oprah’s show. As I spoke about my dreams as a candidate, Oprah was very supportive and seemed excited to know about what I was doing. She made promises that included assisting me with fund raising.

And now what do I see?!

She is supporting Obama! She didn’t even bother to call to tell me that this would not be forthcoming!

Kukka-Maria you were right!!! This woman is a snake.

Oprah, you are dead to me.


  1. Oh we are so sorry Chey

  2. Oah….Chey…
    I am so sorry for that…

  3. Chey,
    I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s terrible when a thing like that happens.

  4. O, Chey, polyticks is a dirty game.
    Purrs, KC

  5. How dare she? Has the woman no sense at all??

  6. You poor meezer… πŸ™ But I must say your Kissmouse collar is cute! πŸ™‚

  7. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Fickle woman, how dare she?

  8. That indeed was not nice? Give her a big claw!

  9. Arh…that’s tewwible!

  10. Poor thing! mean old Oprah!

  11. Oh Chey, I’m sorry to hear that. How dare Oprah go back on her word! You look lovely in that Christmas collar, by the way. πŸ™‚

  12. That is terrybull! We will nefurr lissen to a word that woman has to say again!!!

  13. Chey, she promised me the same thing! Such a cruel betrayal……her popularity as caught up with her, I guess.

  14. wanna know what else is terrible? our mommy’s cousin’s son (is that like our 3rd cousin or somefing?) is werking for the Obama campaign IN DesMoines! They paid for him to move from Chicago to DesMoines! We was trying to recruit him to werk for YOU, but he chose Obama. He is dead to us!

  15. Poor Chey. πŸ™

    Mommy wants you to know that she’s been hoping someone would put the bitey on Oprah for years.

  16. This just proves that Oprah is not trustworthy if she does not stand by her earlier pledge.

  17. Please do not be too hard on Oprah. It was probably her evil producers that made her support Barack and besides, he needs her help way more than you..

    I like the photo!

  18. We’z not sure dat Oprah is gonna be all dat big a help to Obama…mom sometimes thinks dat da O is just a large puppet!

  19. Miss Gemini I want you to know that Ping is wanderin around in a total daze after he saw that gorgeous picture of you from Saturday. He just kept muttering look at that floofy tail….ooooooooooooooo….I actually feel sorry for him, you knock him for a total loop.

    Oh and we agrees with you about the big O!

  20. So sorry Chey. Just say NO to “O”!

  21. Oh that sucks, Chey. But what do you expect from a snake.
    your bud Pepi

  22. Oh chey…i think this calls for some whapping..come on, you have powerful contacts in high places…? x

  23. What a shame – “O” is off our tivo.

  24. How awful! We will never watch, nor allow Mommy to watch, Oprah again. What’s that Mommy? Mommy says she will only watch if she is invited to Oprah’s Favorite Things show but only in that case. How’s that?!

  25. Everyone involved in polyticks lies! But you look so cute in your collar!

  26. HA!
    If she tries to apologize to you, insist that she give your human a CAR.
    You sure look cute when you sulk and pout.

  27. Silly Oprah. She is wasting her time with Obama. Why can’t she see this!

  28. Oh! and your Christmas collar is adorrrrabibble

  29. It’s speciism! Sue her! Make her give you all her money. Or at least some primo kitty crack.

  30. Chey, that kind of catcrimination is just what makes politics so dirty! And to do such a thing to a loyal cat like yourself — for instance, you took time from your political travails to comfort me in my time of need after my disheartening photo shoot. I, for one, will never ever again read one of Oprah’s picks!


  31. You know what Chey? It won’t be long before she finds out the error of her ways. Then, boy, she will be so sorry she didn’t support you!! We don’t likes to see you looking so bummed.

    Moe & Mindy

    PS – I was watching a hawk this morning!

  32. Yeah,you look bummed, and for good reason!!
    So,how trustworthy is she ?
    Just remember,it’s her loss!!!

  33. Chey,

    I hopes I did not offendz da Bast & dis iz why you did not gets da nomynation from dat Oh-fra women.

    Dr Tweety

  34. Chey, it’s nice to see you’re picking up where our dear Kukka left off. Tell me, are there any other celebrities on your s**t list?


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