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extraordinarygoldstar.jpgI got a gold star from Icon Baxter Bentley!  I love getting presents. In fact, this almost (but not quite) makes up for the shirt.  Of course the shirt says I am the cat’s meow.  But we all KNEW that didn’t we?

At any rate here goes:

 he Extraordinary Gold Star Award was created by – Storm, The Furry Fighter – and is for Bloggers who have achieved or done something special. The award celebrates beyond what is ordinary or usual.
1) Post the explanation and rules of the award and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award and repeat the reason why you received it.
2) Pass the Award on to two other Bloggers who you fink deserve it and explain why!

Two other bloggers hmmm… there are so many…. who is most deserving?

I give this to Diamond, who is always visiting and commenting on people’s blogs and giving us interesting tidbits of information.

I also award this to to Yao-lin because he suffers even more than I do, yet some how finds the strength to continue on.


Don’t forget it is feature Friday and the cat who gives me the most intriguing comment will be Sunday’s Guest Star. I am looking forward to using some of those great post ideas for bringing in the New Year. Apparently the woman got distracted this week (I wonder why?)


  1. Congratulations for winning Extraordinary Gold Star ~!!!
    You are~!!!!!!!!!
    I am very happy for you~!

  2. Hi Chey, Gemini, and Georgia,

    We are definately lap cats. If there is a lap somewhere, we are in it. It has gotten us in trouble because we seem to find the person that likes cats least and pester them to the point of obnoxiousness (Mom’s words – not ours). We also demand to be picked up, especially if Mom is in a hurry or going outside. Tavi has gotten to where he just jumps into Mom’s arms from the ground if he thinks she is going outside.

    As for laziness, we are 14 years old, and cats to boot, so we are very lazy. We did like to play when we were kits, but we really liked to find mischief to get into instead. Mom says we were always scheming. She doesn’t remember the difference between us and the ones that came before – they were siamese. They were gotten when they were 5 wks old, and held and played with a lot, so they were also very demanding of attention.

    Tiki and Tavi

  3. BTW,

    We forgot to mention – Congratulations on your award. It is well deserved.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  4. Congratulations on your Gold Star Award. You picked some good cats to pass it along to.

  5. Congratulations and very well deserved my furrend. Purrs FAZ

  6. I think that the award is well-deserved! I was just thinking about the New Year and feeling a bit sad. Why? Lemme’ tell you…after all of the yummy treats that have been in the house over the holidays Mommy says that she (meaning all of us) need to eat healthier. No more bits of this and that landing on the kitchen floor. No more extra Meaty somethin’ somethin’ getting dropped from the dining room table, no more chips and dip in front of the TV. It’s enough to make this kitty break down and sob…Sigh…

  7. Congratulations on your award, Chey! You certainly deserve it. 😀

    We don’t have anything exciting planned for New Year’s. Merlin is still too young and too new to be left alone for too long.

  8. Congrats Chey!! I’m glad someone is making up for the shirt thing.

  9. concatulations on your award Chey!! Diamond and Yao-lin are furry deserving.

    We doesn’t do much on the new year – one year we was sitting in front of the tv counting down and then all of a sudden there was gunshots in the backyard! it seems our neighbor with the alien boxer dog had a “moment” and went running around the backyard shooting his shotgun off. well, the police came and took him away. that was exciting! but it’s been kind of boring since then – he’s not allowed to shoot his guns off anymore. stoopid police taking away our entertainment – Sammy

  10. Oh but it’s a cute shirt! 😉

  11. Congrats on your reward. It is wonderful you passed it on to two great pooses.
    We are so sorry to hear about that shirt you were forced to pose in. Is there somewhere we can report this abuse?


  12. Congratulations on the Gold Star! 🙂

  13. Chey – once again, thank you. You really are the only one who understands me.

    Others sympathise, but you- you are ‘there’ if you know what I mean.

    It is cats like you who help me go on.

    Thank you Chey and best wishes to Bast.


  14. Thanks fur comin’ to bisit us ofur Christmas! It was lots of fun!!! We’re not inthe pic-shut wif Miss Kitty a’cause that wuz taken in TX while we were havin fun in OKC.

  15. Chey, congratulations on your award. You deserve it because you are a true star!

  16. Congratulations on your pretty star!

    Thank you for your kind words. We have passed on ther purrs.

  17. Chey,

    Where doez dat saying comez from? Da catz meow? Dat iz a bit weak fur a meezer goddess.

    I suggestee a koan or two fur da New Year, worthy of a glory-ous meezer such az yourself:

    If you waz nuttin’ but a meow, would da bearz in da woodz hear dat? If you waz nuttin’ but a meow, den what iz da sound of one paw whappin’?

    Okeedokee Chey. congrats on da Gold Star! Now dat approachez worthyness.

    -Dr Tweety

  18. Concatulations on your Gold Star Award!

    Perhaps you might want to tell your Momma to buy Georgia a drinking fountain. The more that poodins drink (especially sickly, old poodins) the better off we are.

    Luf, Us

  19. Thank you very much for the award, although I hope you did not give this to me to because of comment I leave on Kitty Limericks blog. I not begging for award, really I not. Now Temptations I might beg for. Cat Candy I will beg for, but that entirely different matter. So now I have to figure out who to pass it on to, so I have thought about this all day.

    You are, of course, the Cat’s Meow – perhaps that should be your campaign slogan? I know e-furry-cat will be stuffing the balloting box to vote for you come election day.

    I also agree that Yao-Lin deserve award. He suffer so much, living in such terrible conditions with sub-standard lslave and stinky brofur. And he has such regal bearing and beautiful blue eyes too.

    Anyway, I am going to climb palm tree now. The one in the yard is much shorter than the one MoMo was climbing on the beach, but then you are not so tired out by the time you reach top that you can not catch and eat bird this way!

  20. Congratulations on getting the Extraordinary Gold Star Award! oh, and you are The Cat’s Meow – especially in da noo shirt.

    Moe & Mindy

  21. A golden star is appropriate given the year you have had ( you know the press,the accusations,innuendo etc.)yet you have persevered 🙂 You have made sacrifices too, most recently wearing a vest “You are the Cat’s Meow”
    What can I say? Life is short,then you get an wawrd!
    Your 2 choices are perfect!!!
    Yao-Lin is the longest suffering cat I know (poor bugger)
    Diamond has a great blog and often leaves somewhat barbed comments that have Mom spewing coffee at the monitor while giggling hysterically. Diamond has a delightful sence of humor 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  22. You are our shining star.

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