Feature Friday

img_2547a.JPGFiona and Orlando picked me for five random things

It’s a tough one–I’ve done the seven before. I’ve done seven for thankfulness, now five more?

So, seeing it’s the holidays, I am going to give 5 facts you might not know about Georgia.

1. Georgia is an excellent huntress

2. She found the Woman when the woman was living in apartment. Someone moving out had always fed her and called her George (thinking she was a male) and asked the Woman to be sure she got fed and had a box on a porch when she left.

3. Georgia bullied her way into the house and became a house cat the day before the huge wind storm of 1995 that toppled trees and was partly responsible for the big flood in Portland in 95/96. We think she sensed the weather coming.

4. Georgia hated the Siamese who came before, but she’s rather fond of me (no surprise)

5. Georgia really didn’t want another cat in the household and wasn’t happy when the Woman adopted Gemini. Still they had a talk and Gemini helped win over her affections!

So that was a wonderful Feature Five on Friday.


Feature Friday always offers the opportunity for the most intriguing comment to be my Sunday Guest Star. In case you weren’t sure what to say? Does anyone have any suggestions about good keywords I could try and post about to see if I get any visitors who use them? You know like pink dragon elephants for something weird like that! I will try and post about the best one sometime next week!


  1. Ya do what ya haf to ta find a home. Sometimes it is harder than other times. We’re glad Georgia found her home.

  2. We suppose you could always talk about Flying Purple People Eaters or those people called furries who want to be animals. We don’t have a very good imagination like some of the people who look up weird things online. Mom is usually the one who everyone asks to find stuff on the internet for them because she seems to know what search phrases to put in so she isn’t sent somewhere off topic. BTW, what do you think about beans who train their cats to use the human litter box? That could be something you could address in your presidential campaign.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  3. I can see Georgia is grate at huntin the elusive Temptations! Looks like a grate bunch of gifties, especially the Temptations. Did you know I like Temptations the bestest? Bonnie likes them too an efun has trained Mom to sprinkle them on her food. Bonnie won’t eat it until Mom sprinkles Temptations on it. Bonnie’s good at trainin Mom.

  4. Dirty babies…aunty LeAnne talked about giffing da little beans a baf and mom sed dat would be a weerd google. Dat was when google first started and dey used to google all kinda weerd things.

  5. 5 very interesting things! We just hope she doesn’t hunt fluffies…

  6. I am so glad that Georgia managed to get herself inside before the big windstorm. I do believe that she sensed the weather coming. Weird things for peope to Google? You have already had some of the weirdest I could think of, like ants in the dishwasher. You could always mention the Flying Spaghetti Monster. That will take you some interesting places.

  7. Georgia is very lovely, thank you for let me knowing more about her.
    I think there are only a half cat like share beans with other cat~!
    But, I think Georgia is doing great enough~!!!!

    Kiss Georgia 10 times a day~!!!

  8. Hahaha Georgia certainly LOOKS like an excellent huntress sniffing out that cat food! Excellent meme 🙂

    Re: search terms – please PLEASE post about human slavery/training your slave/ farting on slaves – I am FED UP with having the dregs of the internet google these terms and arrive at my blog. I think you should share the burden, being the right paw of Bast and all.

    He he xxx

  9. I enjoyed learning more about Georgia. 🙂 For search terms, maybe you could talk about UFOs (unidentified feline opportunities).

  10. Georgia is not only gorgeous, she’s smart too! Hmmmmm, I need to think about the search part…I may return.

  11. Merry Christmas to one and all.

  12. Ooh lotsa goodies! 🙂

  13. Cats always know exactly if they can move in, lol ! You never choose a cat, she chooses you !

  14. thats a good list for Georgia. wes glad she became a housecat just in the nick of time and accepted yall.

  15. Georgia is a smart girl – she picked a good human to bully. Not feeling to creative for interesting search terms but I really like Dragonheart’s idea of UFO.

  16. That was a nice post! Merry christmas!!

  17. Georgia could have had a great career as a weather-bunny (or would that be weather kitty?).

  18. Georgia is a terrific huntress…she found your Momma what better hunting could she have done?

  19. Well I have to say if you want visitors…post about camel crickets. Seriously…even though I deleted the images Google has them cached and at least every 10th visitor keeps coming looking for those nasty bugs!!! Ugh.

  20. So Georgia is a weather poose.. perhaps the Weather Channel should hire her.. maybe then they woul dget their forcasts right!

  21. George is really a Georgia. That is good to know.
    we are glad all three of you live in harmony with your mommie.

  22. How do you find out what key words people use to find your site? I do not know how to do this.

    Then again, I hide my site very well, so I do not think it found very often.

    Xanga tells me on the control panel what words people use, but most people come in looking for this post. I did get someone looking “caterday holiday” and “teen kissymouse” but nothing else really noteworthy.

  23. We’re glad that Georgia was able to get inside before the huge storm hit. It’s nice that she likes your blankie too. If you share, it opens your heart. Hhhmmm, open heart surgery, open head surgery, opinionated purple pig-eating elephants.

    Luf, Us

  24. I liked learning more about Georgia. I cannot believe somebody called her George because she is clearly a beautiful girlcat.

    ps: Gemini, you were a very lovely Mrs. Claws! You should be proud.

  25. Queen Snickers says:

    Hmm…funny goggles? How about furry bums or cat house? I would not suggest pink dragons, you might get people looking for naughty anime movies. *blush* Don’t ask momma how she knows this, she promises it was a mistaken order online! ~Queen Snickers

  26. Good job Georgia knew about the storms coming and moved in wiv you in time to miss them.
    We wuz getting some reely strange Google searches to our blog like “amateur secret sex pikchurs” and worse, so mum Googled it back, and it wuz furrom the beginning of November when we wuz gitting about 150 spam comments a day. We had to put our word verryfurrkayshun on to stop it.

  27. I would be interested to know how Georgia created that big flood???? Green tea??
    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  28. Well,Georgia sounds like a straight to the point type of cat!
    Storm coming ; step aside I’m comming in!
    Siamese cat; REOW,get lost !!!!!!!
    Another cat called Gemini; make your case to stay!
    Cheysuli in the house,OK siamese, you got one chance to make it work!!!
    Good thing one was all that was required 🙂
    Good thing for Cattitude.She must be a member of the Red Hat Cats!!!
    Purrs Mickey

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