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img_2408a.JPGHave you seen the premier of CCSI? It’s taken Gemini away for awhile, for which I am quite pleased! HA.

At any rate, there I was the other night, staring at the door nob to the master bedroom willing it turn. I was about as successful as a plumber without a wrench. I had napped for awhile in the warm area, getting my toes toasty and then I wandered up. Georgia and Gemini were milling about, confused, as per their usual.

What had happened?

Georgia had walked on the male and fallen into him one to many time the night before. Rather than talk to her and explain to her the issue, like all good red blooded humans should do, he closed the door. I find that door closing as rude as a French maitre’d in New York. And as pompous.

I have high hopes that now that the male has had a decent night’s sleep, he will be a little more amenable to having us walk on him again–without falls. Perhaps my standards are too high. I mean this is an expectation of him and I try to have none…

At any rate, it’s Feature Friday. Most intriguing comment gets to be my Sunday Guest Star!


  1. Hi Chey, Gemini, and Georgia,

    First of all, thank you for the warm welcome. Secondly, how rude of the male. Mom learned long ago not to shut us in or out of a room, as we soon learned how to work a door knob. It is a team effort, but between the two of us, we can turn the knob and open the door. One of us works the knob and the other pulls on the bottom of the door to open it up. Maybe you should start learning how to open the doors up yourself, and then you truly won’t be dependent on the humans for anything but opening cans of stinky goodness.

    Tiki and Tavi

  2. I really hope that the male is now more amenable to having cats in the bedroom again. It’s terrible to be shut out. Tiki and Tavi have some good ideas on doorknobs. I know it can be done because I once lived with a cat who had mastered the art of the doorknob. At least I think she did, because she only opened the bathroom door when I was in the bathtub and couldn’t see how she got the door open. She would then walk in, tail high, jump up on the side of the tub and stare at me incredulously.

    Thank you for your kind words about my sister-in-law. They helped me tremendously.

  3. Skeeter and LC says:

    Isn’t it our cat-right to walk on the Beins? All over them an at anny time?

    Well, we do, annyway…

  4. Zoey also lives over at Cat In The Bag and we shall notify them to visit and comment because that is where the male speaks and the male will definitely have some words to say regarding this posting. Mmmm.

  5. Oh I’z would have wailed and wailed iffen I’z was shutted out of the bedroom like that!

  6. A closed door? Dat is an owtrage! I hopes you bited his toes fur that when he opened da door. How dare they do dat to you! Do dey not know da cats rule da world? Ooooh, dat makes me soo mads I could hissie.

  7. Lovely just lovely. you did the right thing.

  8. The door was closed? That is totally unacceptable. Humans are made to be slept on, walked on, curled up upon, and woken in the morning for breakfast. Like Ramses, I would be meowing at the top of my lungs if I was locked out of the bedroom!

  9. OK, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m sending you Kaze. I know…..she’s a pain and you might have to fight for the death for toys but she is getting really good at opening door knobs! Men don’t get it anyway, they think kicking us out helps, we just get revenge.

  10. Being shut out of the bedroom is an outrage. There ought to be a law against shutting cats out of the bedroom.

  11. Being shut out of the bedroom is the worst snub of all! Here is something that I recently learned. When your Daddie has had surgery on his foot and it is all wrapped up in big bandages, he will not like it if you jump on it. I cannot wait until he gets his cast, because I might get to sign my name on it!

  12. They nefur seem to like to be walked on. There is no door to the bedroom (it is in the loft) so I have free rein, and nobody can shut me out. However, Precious has her own bedroom (which makes me a tad jealous) and Mittens has her own bafroom, complete with fancy bed (which also makes me a tad jealous) so I feel walking on them is a small price to pay.


  13. Jinx just hangs out at the bedroom door. He knows Miss Boo gets to stay inside all night and he bound and determined to get in there somehow. He usually waits until the Momma opens the door when she is not awake and he runs in. You should see her try and chase him down at 4am….


    Have a good weekend Miss Gemini. I Loved your appearance in the movie.

  14. Same thing here… bedroom door is closed! The staff says there is not enough room for 10 cats… Do you understand that? Only the two oldies (13 and 14 years) may sleep at the staff. I think it’s not fair, I have to wait another four years…


    Gemini you are sooooooo good as Mrs. Santa!! You are a celebrity now! 🙂

  15. I’m a little confused. I thought people expected to be walked on. I do it all the time. Your human male thinks this is wrong?!

    . . . . Chey, tell me the truth . . . is he Borg?

  16. All doors should have cat sensors so they automatically open when we approach! They have them on cars! We walk on beans,we just do . They should get that by now.Sheesh!
    Purrs Mickey

  17. pffft. We have been locked out soo long now. Our beans got us our own bed.
    Still, What better entertainment is there than walking on the beans.

    Perhaps you should stand outside the door all night and wail like the house is on fire!
    Or do what we used to do, just start knocking stuff around downstairs. make it sound like a bowling alley 😀

  18. Chey,

    Iz dis male dispozabull? If not, I suggestee dat you gets Zippy to drives you to da nearest hardware store where you may “swipes” a medium screw-drivefur. Simply apply da tool to da hingez & remove da offensive door. Mebbe a nice Christ-must Eve yule fire?

    -Dr Tweety

  19. Queen Snickers says:

    We hardly ever get locked out of the bedroom and never all night. Sometimes momma shuts us out when she light all her candles, makes the noise box play music and wares her fancy pajamas. I don’t know what game she and daddy are playing when we get locked out but one time I found fev-vers later so it must be something fun! ~Queen Snickers

  20. Yoo got the door shut on yoo??? Our Beans wouldn’t dare do that. They’d be hearing us scratching and yowling at the door all night, and in the morning they’d fink the horsies had got indoors when they see the mess. Anyhows, walking on Beans all night is what’s sposed to happen……isn’t it?

  21. Mum never closes her sleepy spot room door to me. I am alway welcome, even if I am playing or walking on the bed. It is simply rude that you be excluded from a room in your own house.

  22. I am confused. Why on earth would you human close the door on you? I think somebody is getting WAY above their station and desperately needs to be taken down a peg or ten. Chey – you have the claws, you have the power. May the paws be with you!


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