Wrap up Wednesday

img_1579a.JPGOkay, so this isn’t actually a wrap up but rather a free for all. My human and I have been quite creative lately and are starting some new things. Alas she is under the weather to day (although I would think we are all always under the weather as we tend to think of weather as coming from the sky!). At any rate, she is tired and cranky and is planning to get to bed soon–which is very early here.

We hope to be pink for October soon. Like sometime before October ends… Sigh. Also, we will be adding a couple of other things to the blog site as well. We have begun using Skeezix’ blogrolling list for our blog roll because we’ve been so busy adding people to our feeder subscription we were forgetting to update the blogroll.

One of my creative ideas is my Halloween Costume. Look for it soon! There’s a story that follows it.

Also, we’d like to apologize to Daisy Mae Maus and Adan. We haven’t been able to comment much at their blogs. For some reason Daisy Mae hangs our browser unless she is the only window open and Adan crashes our browser. We have been trying somethings to work around Adan’s but it crashes it about 80 percent of the time and we have to go in three or four times to try and comment. We have taken to just reading the feed via bloglines, although we don’t get to comment at your places. We try and think loudly though.

Speaking of crashing and problems–Leopard (OS 10.5 for non maccies) will be out this month and we are upgrading our whole system–computer and all! We’ll have that great intel dual processor that allows us to run on both platforms. We hope this will solve our problem and we are very excited about this. Now to decide on the desktop or laptop… Sigh.

Finally, the peacock is from Kew Gardens in London. The Woman would like to thank Derby‘s Mom for recommending it so highly. It was on the maybe list and part of the reason they went was because she kept telling the Male that Derby’s Mom said it’s really a good place to go! It was probably not as fantastic in fall as in spring, but they enjoyed it.

Finally, the Woman is working a bit more covering for another acupuncturist this month so we haven’t been able to be as solid on visiting anyone!


  1. Sorry to hear your mom is under the weather. My mom found out she has pneumonia, but she is on the mend – thank goodness! Mom has been trying to think of some good costumes for us, but since we don’t really like clothes, it’s going to be hard.

    Give your mom lots of headbutts and snuggles.


  2. Sounds like you are very busy, and to have your mom feeling bad on top of all that must be very hard.

    Lots of purrs to my adopted grandmom!


  3. A dinosaur costume would definitely qualify for the noms costume contest!
    Adans site takes an enormous amount of time to load here but usually doesn’t crash our computer…
    I wish the woman would get you the dinosaur costume… I wonder if it looks similar to Dragonheart’s dragon costume…?

  4. wow you haf been busy, what’s a leopard doin in yer compooper ~

  5. Busy, busy, busy! I hope your human feels better soon. Good luck with the new OS.

  6. I hope your Mom feels better soon. I know about the browser crashing problem. Monkey Bunkey’s site crashes both Opera and IE for me. I don’t even try to go there any more. Good luck with the new OS.

  7. Sorry to hear your mommie feels bad. I hope she feels better real quickly.

  8. I hope your Mommy feels better soon… πŸ™ That your new upgraded Mac doesn’t crash like the one you’re using has been doing and that you give your mommy lots of get well snuggles! πŸ™‚

    Oh and Kew Gardens is great according to my Mummy and Dad although Dad has a list of other places he likes better, including the Eden Project in Cornwall! πŸ™‚ He’s a horticulturist you see and very picky about his gardens and green spaces… But he does grow us good ‘nip! πŸ™‚

  9. Hope your human feels better soon and thank you for the update. FAZ

  10. I hope your mom feels better soon. I can’t wait to see your Halloween costume!

  11. That is a very big bird. I wonder if it is any good to eat.

  12. Wow you’re so busy!! I can’t wait to see your costume!! I know its going to be beautiful, like you! Its so hard keeping up with all of the new blogs, we try to rely on Skeezix or Daisy for the up to date lists.

  13. Chey, there’s never enough time to get the humans to do everything. And yeah, I admit, I’ve been slacking on my human training. Napping just took priority. I’m sure you know how that is sometimes.
    your bud Pepi

  14. The woman is an acupunctuwist!!!! How cool! (uhm…just as wong as she doesn’t stick stuff into me….)
    I had some twouble with Adan’s bwog too, but for some weason or other, the pwobwem sorted itself out and these few times mine bwowser doesn’t hang there anymore.
    I can’t wait to see your Hawwoween costume!

  15. Get well wishes from us to your human, Chey!

  16. I want to eat that picture.

  17. Not good enough Chey – sack the staff! Seriously, you need a human who is at your beck and call 100% of the time! x

  18. Wow! you sure have lots goin’ on. I hope you can get it done,especially yer costume.That is a very big bird. Does it taste like toona?

  19. Skeeter and LC says:

    Try Firefox for DMM. We have the same problem there an Firefox seems to work.

    Skeeter and LC

  20. Hope yer human is soon feeling better. We haf trubble visiting some blogs too. Mushue Pooh’s blog allus makes our screen freeze. We used to like visiting him but had to give up. Dragonhearts duz but only for a few sekkunds, and Adan’s and DMM load slowly. We don’t efun know who Pink Flamingo is cuz we haf nefurr been aybull to git there wivout the compooter crashing.

  21. I just found your site and think it is a pretty unique cat blog. I currently have a pretty random cat blog myself and wanted to know if you would like to exchange links with me? My address is:


    Let us know if you are interested.

    Rick and Kiki

  22. hmmmm.. i think there must be a flu going around hitting all the acupuncturists.. my pet human came home and took a nap…. that never happens. Hope yours feels better soon.

    We have the same problem trying to post on several blogs, like Daisy’s. We have an old old mac and some of the blogs with so many pics loaded seem to crash ours and we are not able to post.

    love the peacock!

  23. Wow a peacock. Mum says she didn’t see any of those when she was there. Sort of looks like you had a cloudy day, mum had a wonderful sunny spring day. In the 60’s and the spring bulbs were out and all. But glad you enjoyed it!

  24. Leopard?! That must mean you is a Mac kitty too! Mommakitty is gonna git da new MacBook Pro this month wif da duel thing-a-ma-jiggy!

  25. Computer problems are a real pain. Hope your mom is feeling better. Sounds very busy at your place.

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